“In order to integrate our conscious and unconscious, we need to bring totality to every moment of our lives. To do this we need to deepen our capacity to stay present. This capacity is a direct result of our willingness and ability to feel and experience ALL of what life brings us.”

~ Dr Shakti Malan

Founder of Shakti Shiva Academy

What we believe

The Academy is founded on the principles of vulnerability and humanness. Together we walk alongside each other in this discovery, supporting each other through our mutual openness and availability to listen and respond to life.

We all take responsibility for our own experiences while holding up a mirror for one another as we traverse the warp and weft of the tapestry of life.

Our Founder - Shakti Malan

Dr. Shakti Malan

Shakti Malan, founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy, was an internationally recognized teacher of Tantra and embodied sexuality. For many years she guided and supported individuals, couples and groups across the planet to awaken consciousness in their sexuality and in their bodies, utilizing their sexual energy for personal and collective awakening.

Shakti understood that Sexual trauma can occur through the subtlest of means and that its impact on our individual lives and on society is vastly underestimated. Shakti had an intuitive and unique ability to listen to the songs being sung by these old wounds.

Shakti shared her wisdom on evolutionary sexuality and awakening the liquid body of light until she passed from this life in July 2017. May the power of her vision continue to shine its light out into the world.

Explore & Study with us

At Shakti Shiva Academy, we have 4 pillars: Sexual Shadow Integration, Sexual Awakening for Women, BlissDance and Community.

Depending on what it is it you are seeking, you are invited to explore any of these pillars either as a focused certification track (3-years) or as standalone personal development courses for your own exploration and evolution.

See these pillars as various entry points to doing this work at Shakti Shiva Academy.

Circle of Fire

Join our transformational community at the intersection of sexuality, psychology, and mysticism. This is a community for open-minded and heart-centered humans who want to ask challenging questions + explore relevant topics related to our sexuality and spirituality.

Feel supported, present, and awakened
to who you truly are

Join our private Circle of Fire community for FREE

~ Regular Faculty hosted events
~ Regular monthly embodiment meditations
~ Regular Gather ‘rounds with a guest teacher on the cutting-edge of sexuality and spirituality
~ International connection in community

What our students say...

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