Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence

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Discover how to release your old sexual patterning, come home to your body of bliss and live your full power as an embodiment of the Feminine. A 7-Week Online Mini-Course to Initiate Your True Sexual Awakening

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It is time for the sexual essence of women to wake up on the planet.

SHE is calling you. And you are feeling it?

Like so many women we have met across the world, you probably have a knowing that there is more to your sexuality as woman — so much more — than what you have accessed thus far.

You feel under your skin that there is so much bliss that wants to wake up in your body, so much love and aliveness that wants to radiate from you.

You realize somewhere deep within that sex is more than gratification of your need or someone else’s.

You know it is a powerful force of Awakening. And you sense that there is something awesomely unique about Feminine Sexual Essence.


However, the essence of female sexuality is not much understood in our world. We have forgotten how our sexuality can express our spiritual essence as the Feminine.

As successful women in the world, we have become more focused on achieving — even in the bedroom — than on feeling. Many women are confused about what it even means to be a woman.

Underneath the confusion is a secret fear of the immense power you sense in your sexuality — and a frustration about how to access that power in a healthy way.

You may be feeling a conflict like this in you: on the one hand, sex can feel so awkward and exposing that we prefer not to bring too much awareness to it. And on the other hand, you yearn for the pulsating aliveness that perhaps you may have tasted in moments of exquisite lovemaking. You yearn to let your life be infused with that quality of bliss


The good news is:

Your confusion about your sexuality as a woman is not as personal to you as you think.

You have been raised with an outdated masculine model of sexuality that is focused on performance and appearance in bed.

Furthermore, the world's patriarchal heritage has left us with the virgin-whore split in our sexuality as women: you fear your potent passionate sexuality because you don't want to be seen as a whore but you yearn to express the fullness and freedom that is your birthright as woman.

Or perhaps as a form of rebellion, you wildly express your sexuality and find that you have at some point lost touch with the sacred essence of who SHE really is in you — SHE, the sacred Feminine.

You compromise sexually and make do with what you know is not the real thing. You feel driven to have or give orgasms, and frankly, sex can be uninteresting or exhausting. You know that there is more to feel in our bodies, you know you are more - magnificently more - than what you are currently accessing.

Our sexuality as women has been asleep.  For a long time.


But SHE, the pure sexually-alive Feminine, is waking up. She is ready to give birth, through you, to a new evolution of humanity.


You can be part of this Awakening.

The way through our limited perception of feminine sexuality is to go within. The way of the Feminine is the way of feeling, from deep inside. From deep inside our bodies and our hearts, we start to feel again the sacred essence of the Feminine.

• Imagine being deeply in touch with your body with every breath...

• Imagine feeling an undulating aliveness through your body all through the day...

• Imagine resting into your own sexuality with deep contentment while being radiantly open to the world around you...

• Imagine being able to taste the nectar of life in your intimate relating...


These are states that this journey with us could open for you.

This work is a collective healing. And it is deeply personal as well. This experience will help you in letting go of that which no longer serves you sexually.

It initiates the opening of your true sexual flowering — your Beautiful Breathing Body of Bliss.


Discovering this feminine sexual energy can set every moment of your day alight with bursting creative spark, inspiration and luscious enjoyment of life.

When a woman’s sexual energy flowers, she radiates an irresistible inner beauty which turns her into a profound muse and inspiration for her love partner, as well as for everyone in her queenly realm.

Energetically, her sex center is the same as her creative center, and thus an opening in the flow of her sexuality can reveal a fountain of spontaneous creativity that can transform her world.

In the workplace, she radiates inner power coming from her heart’s knowing and her deep intuition. Reality begins to magically transform into higher possibility when we walk the walk of the Feminine instead of trying to be like men.


Awakening the flow and flowering of our sexual essence is where it all begins...

SHAKTI MALAN, founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy, was the original creator of this course.  Here is her story.

Shakti grew up in Apartheid South Africa with parents who were intellectuals and who questioned the regime. In her twenties, she was driven by the desire to change the state of her country, and attempted to do so through working in the fields of poverty and environmental management.

By the time she was 28 she had a Ph.D. AND Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This, together with the end of a significant relationship, took her into a depression and deep questioning of everything in her life… a dark night of the soul. It was a breakdown that led her to beginner’s mind, into deep meditation and a committed desire for spiritual awakening. Alongside this was an arising desire to discover what the feminine was for her.

From this decision followed a decade of deep initiation into the feminine, the path of awakening and Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality.  At age 33, she (Liezl Malan) went through a ceremony in the wilderness where she was given the name Shakti, which means Feminine Sexual Power or Energy. She was told that her name signified that her work in the world was about what it means to be a woman.

Shakti lived alone in the wilderness for 18 months, worked with profound teachers and awakened masters, allowing her life to unravel and open into a new place of deep inner knowing. 

Her great wisdom culminated in the writing of a seminal workbook entitled Sexual Awakening for Women, which continues to catalyse women around the world into rediscovering the feminine principle in human sexuality as a vital, undirected life force energy, connecting us to the Earth & liberating consciousness.

Shakti came to see that the quest she'd had in her twenties to change the state of humanity required a true awakening of the masculine and the feminine on the planet — for us as women, an opening to a deeper level of the feminine, and a more profound opening to the masculine. 

You can read more about Shakti Malan and her work in the world here


Shakti's years as a professional woman in academic and corporate settings gave her a keen sense of the challenge women are facing today in getting in touch with their sexuality.  And now her senior students, Claire Rumore and Rhianne van der Linde, continue bringing forward her legacy with this work.

Over the course of seven modules, you will be guided through visualisations, subtle movement and breath, as well as other practices to drop deep into your sexual body and discover the sacred essence of the Feminine in you.

You will be taken through creative practices to remove some of the main blockages in women’s sexual flow that Shakti found in her years of working with women across the world.




  • Discover what Feminine Sexual Essence is, and start to live from it
  • Effortlessly enter into your sexual body as woman
  • Have an opportunity to clear some of the major blocks that dam up your sexual flow
  • Experience the radiant, juicy aliveness of your true sexuality
  • Learn how to find right relationship with men and the masculine in your sexuality
  • Open into the Beautiful Body of the pure Feminine
  • Turn your sexuality as woman into a blessing to yourself and all beings

You’ll experience what it is like to live from inside an awakened heart and a body open to full sexual flowering.

The profound Feminine in you will open to the deep Masculine, and learn to trust the transformation this attraction brings.

Join a movement of women who are ready to wake up, each moment, as the Beautiful Body of radiance, deep feeling and love. 

Time and time again, when we as women come together and open to receive the transmission of the Feminine — she starts to live through us, as radiant blissful aliveness.

The world needs this awakening at this time.



In this first session, you'll learn what the true Feminine is, and how she is met by the true Masculine in ourselves and in men. The dance of divine attraction happens when we don’t just live out the old patterns of man and woman in our attraction, but relate from the essence of Masculine and Feminine.

You will discover:

  • The difference between masculine and man, feminine and woman
  • How and why women have lived their sexuality as an imitation of man's sexuality
  • A practice that supports the healthy integration of the Masculine and Feminine in us


You'll be guided into feeling and developing presence inside your body and into your yoni or vagina. Through breath, sound, movement and awareness, we cultivate deep presence in the yoni and discover her as a flower that opens and closes. We will introduce you to a meditation practice that we'll continue throughout the course.

In this session, you'll learn how to:

  • Relax into your womanly body
  • Enter deeply into sensation throughout your entire body
  • Visualize and feel your yoni/vagina as a flower that opens and closes


Building on Session 2, we explore a creative process in which we map the ancestral and other social contracts that have defined our sexuality. Through some deep clearing work, we have the opportunity to remap our sexual landscape to reflect what is true for us now.

In this session, you will discover:

  • How ancestral and other cultural voices have shaped your perception of yourself as a sexual woman
  • Your capacity to choose what is true for you
  • A creative process to help you recreate the social landscape
    within which the flower of your sexuality will thrive


In this session,  you will experience the possibility of coming to trust your own body of sensation and the wisdom of your blazingly awake heart. You will be guided to move through places of numbness or resistance to full sensation in your body.

You will experience practices assisting you to:

  • Move deeper into sensation so you can feel ALL of you as woman
  • Come to trust, listen to and communicate with your own body of sensation
  • Open to the deep wisdom of your feeling heart


Our sexual organs have secrets to tell us. In this session, you will be guided in learning to listen to what your yoni is saying. You will make a connection and start a relationship with your vagina in a way you have never done before. You have a sexual muse and you’ll learn to listen to her.

You will discover:

  • That your yoni/vagina has a voice
  • How to listen to, and truly hear, the wisdom of your yoni
  • How to let her sing and bring forth a new sexual energy and power in you



We will explain the virgin/whore split in post-patriarchal women's sexuality, and introduce the concept of the Women's Union. You'll get to identify your own patterns in relation to these three archetypes, and find ways to live the dream - the potential - of the shadow archetypes.

In this session, you will discover:

  • The virgin/whore split in post-patriarchal women's sexuality and how that lives in you
  • The women's Union - that collective voice in us that is viciously critical of the feminine, and how this expresses through you
  • The dream - the potential - of the shadow archetypes, and how you can live them


When the feminine opens up to feel fully, she starts to feel all of life. Her love grows in magnitude, and it connects to the wisdom of her sexuality. She becomes the Beautiful Body of Love - the body of life - feeling everything, beyond her personal self as well. This is an awakening to the pure Feminine.

In this final session, we will explore practices to:

  • Open your awareness of subtle body sensation
  • Experience the connection between sex and heart
  • Know yourself as profound love and beauty - the essence of the feminine



  • 7 Teaching Modules in pdf written format, for those of you who prefer to learn through reading, and in audio format, for those of you who prefer to learn by listening.

  • 1 live 90-minute teaching + Q/A session per module on Thursdays @ 10am PDT / 6pm BST / 7pm SAST

  • ★BONUS★: 2 Live Bonus Classes facilitated by guest teacher Valentina Leo (a.k.a. Mrs Love). Initiated into the embodied wisdom of Human Sexuality by Shakti Malan, Valentina is a leader in the field of conscious sexuality, relationships and intimacy on the path of awakening. (Details of the two bonus classes can be found below)

  • A copy of Shakti Malan's ebook: The Secret Gateways of Sexual Energy

  • A selection of practice and case-study videos to demonstrate some of the experiential practices from this course. 

  • A selection of guide-along audio meditations to support you to connect to both your divine masculine and divine feminine principles.

  • Access to a course website portal to retrieve all materials and access to our exclusive course community forum to engage with your fellow students and share your assignments, reflections and questions

  • Homework Assignments and supplementary materials with reflection questions

  • Private Facebook group to share and explore with fellow participants (optional participation)

  • A Student WhatsApp Group for support and sharing (optional participation)


The dates for all of our Teaching and Bonus calls are as follows:


• Module 1 - THE DANCE OF DIVINE ATTRACTION: Thursday 6 May 2021 

• Module 2 - DROPPING DEEP INTO THE BODY: Thursday 13 May 2021

• Bonus Call with Guest Teacher Valentina Leo (Skydancing): Tuesday 18 May 2021

• Module 3 - SEXUALITY AND BELONGING: Thursday 20 May 2021 

• Module 4 - DEEPENING INTO SENSATION: Thursday 27 May 2021

• Module 5 - LISTENING TO YONI TO TAP YOUR SEXUAL MUSE: Thursday 3 June 2021


Bonus Call with Guest Teacher Valentina Leo (Tandava): Tuesday 15 June 2021

• Module 7 - AWAKENING THE BEAUTIFUL BODY: Thursday 17 June 2021 


** All live calls will take place on Thursdays at 10am PST (6pm UK, 7pm SA) and will last approximately 90 minutes. Calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course website for those who are not able to attend the live sessions.

Teaching PDF & Audio Recording Release Dates:

• Teaching PDF’s & Audio Recordings for each module will be posted to the course forum on Saturdays (1 May, 8 May, 15 May, 22 May, 29 May, 5 June, 12 June) 




In one compact e-book, Shakti shares the wisdom of many traditions that have studied the flow of sexual energy through our bodies. The basic principle of all these flows is that sexual energy wants to move through our bodies in stead of being compacted in our sex centers and lost through unconscious orgasm.

In this e-book, Shakti guides you:

  • To understand the sexual anatomy of our subtle bodies
  • To discover five unique pathways through which subtle bliss energy flows in the body
  • To open these flows with exercises that enliven and awaken your subtle body



Shakti created 7 short 5-10 minute videos in which she guides you into the key practices of this course. These video clips give simple, clear guidelines and also carry a transmission of the energy of the Feminine that flows through women’s bodies. In watching the video’s, you will see how awakened feminine sexual energy moves through Shakti’s body — and how it touches the women who are practicing with her on the recordings. These practices will help you to release your old patterns of sexuality and open to the radiant divine Feminine that you are. The desire and intention with these practices is to open deeply to our own Feminine as she awakens in our bodies and also to support this awakening in each other - because this is the work that will transform the world - this is the work that will touch our world so that it can become the home for the Bliss that is our Birthright.


BONUS CALL 1 with Guest Teacher Valentina Leo: Tuesday 18 May 2021



In these crazy times of global insecurities and dubious "truths" the only True knowing we can find refuge in is the SELF. To know how to be intimate with your innermost Self, your True SELF - is the golden key for inner stability, expansion and deep transformation.

Knowing how to be intimate with the erotic flow of pleasure in your body will bring you confidence, purpose and a sense of deep belonging. When the body relaxes in its divine emptiness, naked as the darkest night and aware of its intrinsic brilliancy, it becomes a portal for Endless Cosmic Orgasm - the essence of Reality. Your true nature.

In this bonus call, Valentina will share a traditional tantric practice for women called Sky-dancing: the dance of the Dakini’s breath. You are invited to explore the meaning of Spiritual Eroticism through breath, undulating movements, silence and erotic companionship with your divine self.

Valentina Leo -a.k.a. mrslove- is a contemporary Dakini ~ holder of the freedom lineage from the Tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment that spontaneously births female teachers of the pathless Path. She is uncensored and untamed. Her teachings are intuitive and direct. Void of linear evolution, they only require a deep desire to become truly intimate with Reality. She is the creator of the Tantra school of Erotic Wisdom.

Learn more about Valentina's work here 

BONUS CALL 2 with Guest Teacher Valentina Leo: Tuesday 15 June 2021


The traditional mystical dance called Tandava is believed to be the oldest form of Yoga known to us. 

Often depicted in the traditional iconography of Northern India, Kashmir and Tibet, Tandava is a very slow and spontaneous dance that leads to the perception of the Cosmic Body and attunement to our infinitely Empty Nature.

Although very simple to perform, it express the ultimate wonderment of our human experience. It requires thousand of hours of practice to master its elusive simplicity. Its the Yoga of Mystical Union with the vast emptiness of pure Space. It is our Majestic Magnificence making love to the Unknown.

In this bonus call mrslove will share this traditional practice with the intention of catalysing the experience of spiritual arousal in the awakening of your Beautiful Breathing Body 

Valentina Leo - aka mrslove is a Mystic and spiritual maverick madly in love with the Mystery & the traditional tantric revelations of Kashmir Shivaism. She teaches the Yoga of Presence, Unbounded Freedom and Mystical Union with the vast Emptiness of pure Space. It's the mystic's path of endless Devotion to the Unknown. Working with her will require everything of you. She is the Mother of the Tantra School of Erotic Wisdom.

Learn more about Valentina's work here 



Aisha is a woman who lives the realization of the awakened Feminine. This special audio workshop is an opportunity to explore with her what it takes to fully and passionately live the path of Truth and Love as an awakening woman.

In this supplemental course session, Aisha shares with us:

  • Where to turn our attention to deepen in love and access our True resources
  • How to resolve aspects of our lives where we are only partially giving ourselves to love
  • What it means to realize your essence as Love
  • How to embody this essence in a True perspective

Aisha Salem is a woman in deep intimacy with Truth. A radical and life-long journey has brought her to the very Heart of what it means to be a real human being. She is an inspirator and guide for people on the path of awakening and self-actualisation – as an embrace of reality, which is rooted in the open-ended surrender to Truth – as compassion and deep intimacy with our disappearance.

Aisha has been teaching across the world since 2003 and is the founder of Gateway, which is a growing community of people resonating with her sharing and the invitation to true co-existence on a ground of surrender and responsibility – all-inclusive reality. Aisha’s being and guidance holds keys of unlocking us to the hidden Core within all of us. Inviting us to Truly Blossom into reality by our becoming and unbecoming.

Learn more about Aisha's work here




“I grew up in a very confusing environment. One parent was very sexual, and the other was not. I could feel the tension between these poles and often wondered what it was. It was the erotic charge of the forbidden, the gigantic attempt to deny it and the intense friction between the two. And I absorbed the whole lot. I was made in this friction - the sexual union of opposites. This aspect of life became my fascination and my greatest fear. and absolutely - lead to my Awakening and Embodiment. I feel it is time to truly and innocently explore our sexual image, how it got there, who does it work for, does it still serve us and how true to this are we being?”

Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author and initiator of Sacred Marriage and the Mystical Teachings of the Feminine Christ. She is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships, Divine Sexuality and the Awakening of the Sacred Body. It is in this spirit that she imparts her touch and it is in this spirit that she helps people transition from co-dependent relationships into a thriving union based on Love and Freedom, held within a holy sanctified container.

Her work is streaming forth through the Feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness, which includes the Tantric, Virgin and Mystical expressions represented by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Black Madonna. Her skills reside within the knowledge of the Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Bodies, culminating in an alchemical rebirth of quantum proportions.
Anaiya lives in the Cathar region of Southern France, a land shrouded with myths and legends of Mary Magdalene, Cathars, Troubadours and the Knights Templars. It is here in this heartland that she receives small groups who feel the impulse to explore this work in the safety of her home. Together in union with the land – an immersive initiation into the Sacred Feminine is guaranteed.

Learn more about Anaiya's work here


Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence Mini-Course is open for those with (or who have had) uteruses only 


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Claire Rumore
Claire has been on a multi-decade journey of reclaiming connection to her feminine essence, which she cut herself off from at a young age, favoring her perception of the privilege and power of masculinity over the seeming weakness of the feminine. Meeting Shakti Malan in 2010 further inspired and strengthened this reclamation and empowered Claire in ways she could have never anticipated. Now more than a decade later Claire is a skillful guide for individuals and couples into understanding their sexuality, gender, and identity through a Tantric lens. She’s a particularly helpful resource for other women who rejected or never were in touch with their Feminine sides. Claire has a background in human sexuality, Tantric spirituality, and sex education, as well as coaching, counseling, and dance. She was a senior student of Shakti Malan from 2012-2017, and has been teaching with the Shakti Shiva Academy ever since. Claire is based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

You can learn more about Claire's work at

Rhianne van der Linde

My Tantric journey of deep transmutation started 15 years ago with the break-up of an important relationship which brought all of my cherished concepts and beliefs about Truth, Love and Reality into question. This shattering of the glass-jar of my ego and the falling away of old energy structures that no longer served was a rich time of taking back projections and taking radical responsibility for absolutely everything in my experience.

I participated in the initial series of weekend workshops for women out of which the book Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook, was birthed and I'm delighted to now be playing a part in continuing the offering of this very important work. The Women’s Union is the Heart of the Patriarchy and when we do this 'work' together, we come to clearly see how we are the ones that are creating the world!

I’m eternally grateful to have walked alongside Shakti managing all of her in-person workshops and retreats from 2010 until her death in 2017. Being in Shakti’s flight path has been one of the greatest gifts in my life and as a co-director of the Shakti Shiva Academy, I remain totally in-service to continuing and supporting the sharing of Shakti’s work in our world which surely needs it now more than ever before…

Now based in Redhill, Cape Town, I live a simple life with my partner in synch with seasons and cycles and continually exploring the ever deepening, ever revealing Truth and Beauty of love between equals.

Learn more about Rhianne's work here



  • Do I need a partner to do this work?

    No, this course is designed to be a personal journey, tapping into your own personal desires, your individual blockages and obstacles and your personal connection with your feminine sexual essence. For those who are in a partnership, you may find that this work will bring a greater dimension to your relating and intimacy with one another. For those who do not have a current partner, you will find a greater depth of relating to your own inner beloved as you step into who you truly are as SHE, the sacred feminine. You do not need a partner to participate in this course.

  • Is this course for straight women only?

    No, this mini-course is open to all woman-identified beings with (or who have had) a uterus: gay, straight, bi-sexual, fluid - whichever way your sexuality flows. This course is designed to open you to your unique sexual feminine essence so that you can step into who you truly are with utter acceptance and fulfilment.

  • I'm a man - can I purchase this course for my partner?

    Yes, even though this course is only open to woman-identified beings with (or who have had) a uterus, men are welcome to purchase this course for their beloved - a precious gift to give your lover on the path of intimate relating and awakened sexuality.

  • I can't attend the coaching sessions live - what now?

    Not a problem – sessions are recorded and will be available within 24 hours so you can download and listen to them at your own convenience. 
  • What if I need more support, are you available for sessions?

    If you find you require additional support aside from the group coaching sessions provided with this course, then you are welcome to approach any of the facilitators and book private sessions. These sessions are booked and paid separately and negotiated between you and the facilitator in their private capacity. 

  • Is the course for women of a certain age?

    No. Women of all ages and during all stages of their sexual cycle (Maiden, Mother, Crone) have, and do benefit from doing this work.

  • Do I have to finish the course in a certain time period?

    No. Because you are able to download all the materials, you can work through them at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the community website so that you can continue to interact and learn with the course participants even after you have completed your sessions. 

  • What physical abilities do I need to have to do the course?

    The practices are supremely gentle. No matter what your physical limitations are, they will help you to come home to a deep rest in your body. It is possible that you may even experience less pain and discomfort through participating in these practices.

  • Terms & Conditions

    You can read our full terms & conditions here

  • What about confidentiality?

    Your journey remains completely confidential. If you wish to share on the community website, there is a confidentiality agreement in place. Participation in the course Facebook and WhatsApp groups is entirely optional.

  • Do I need good internet or internet skills to do this course?

    Only for downloading and interaction in the Q&A aspect of the live coaching calls. We will give you all the support we can – and you’ll see that, once you’re in the flow, it’s really easy.

  • Does the course require specific knowledge or experience?

    No. In fact, sometimes the less you know, the better it is – this opens you to beginner’s mind and enables you to meet the materials in a fresh way.

  • Do you provide refunds?

    Withdrawal from the course is only possible during the first week. Should you decide to withdraw, your future payments will be cancelled however no refunds will be provided. After 8 May 2021, de-registration is no longer permitted. If you find yourself unable to keep up with the course then no problem: You will have lifetime access to the course portal and can also retake the course when it is offered in the future at 50% of the course fee. All materials are also downloadable for you to work through at your own pace.


After the Awakening Your feminine Sexual Essence 7-week mini-course ends, the Shakti Shiva Academy will be offering a 9-month course called Sexual Awakening for Women (starting July 2021) that will provide a deeper dive into the same themes as well as introducing some new themes.

You can read more about the Sexual Awakening for Women 9-month course HERE.

As a student of the Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence 7-week mini-course, if you sign up for the 9-month Sexual Awakening for Women Intensive course, you will automatically receive a coupon code qualifying you for a discount of $195 (the early bird cost of the mini-course) off the course fees.

~~~ We look forward to sharing this journey of sexual awakening with you! ~~~