What is BlissDance?

BlissDance is a profound Tantric Movement Practice of Awakening: awakening in us our universal desire for Truth, Presence, Love, Connection, Beauty, Freedom, and Pleasure!

BlissDance, like Tantra, supports the powerful integration of all seeming polarities such as the sacred, profane and the sexual; the light and the shadow; and the masculine and the feminine.

One of the first principles of BlissDance, as a Tantric movement practice, is Presence – being present in the here and now, in our bodies, in our senses. Another is the connection between our desire, our sexuality and our hearts.

Who is BlissDance for?

BlissDance is for those yearning for authentic presence, intimacy, connection, pleasure, love, freedom and truth. It’s for brave spiritual warriors unafraid to fly their freak flags and have their vulnerability witnessed by others.

All it takes is a little willingness and a lot of curiosity. The music, the facilitation and the group carry us along into what we really, really want: a deep heart opening into this present, precious moment.

Any body in a body can move.

"Blissdance is an exploration of intimate presence with ourselves and with others, in movement and in stillness, music and silence. We find the authentic expression that comes from within. From the inside out, we let life dance us. We follow the breath. We follow the heartbeat of the earth pulsing through us. We rest in the amniotic fluid of being. We follow the spark of our bliss."

~ Shakti Malan

Four Ways to Experience BlissDance:

From the freedom and joy of a single BlissDance class, through to the deeply soul-shifting BlissDance Retreats, from a year long intensive study, through to a 3 year long facilitator’s training, we invite you to dance to the depths of your needs.

BlissDance 90-Minute Classes

BlissDance Retreats

BlissDance Workshops

BlissDance Certification

BlissDance Certification


BlissDance Foundation Training

May 2025


Fundamentals of Facilitation

May 2024 / May 2026


BlissDance Focused Facilitation

May 2027

Certifcation Overview:

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