Dancing with the Dead…

By Tiffany Bowns | July 4, 2018

In my post last week, “from Tarot to Tantra and back again”, I mentioned the tendency that those aspects of ourselves which have been relegated to the deep underworld of our unconscious have of finding their way to the surface and wreaking havoc with our consciously constructed lives…until we stop and consciously embrace and face…


From Tantra to Tarot and back again…

By Tiffany Bowns | June 29, 2018

Recently I have taken a foray into the discovery and learning of Tarot…   Tarot was always something in the field of my awareness that held an enormous attraction, but was not something that I felt confident to explore, or learn. Something I told myself that I was not skilled or intuitive enough to do…let…


What is Sexual Trauma?

By Tiffany Bowns | May 10, 2018

We have just emerged from a glorious deep dive with our fellow sentient beings on a 4-day rustic dolphin encounter exploring Intelligence, Breath & Heart in Malongane, Mozambique – the place where Heaven meets Earth. Our time spent on the wide expansive ocean, dropping into our liquid bodies, feeling our breath and connecting intimately with…


Are you paying attention to your dreams?

By Tiffany Bowns | October 5, 2017

I absolutely love my night-time dreams. Often they feel like my very own “mini-series”, however despite them being enjoyable to experience and interesting to witness, I don’t pay nearly enough attention to the wealth of valuable information they contain or in the symbols they offer as I feel quite unskilled at interpreting them.   Occasionally,…


Tantric Fantasies and Realities

By Shakti Malan | June 9, 2017

In the public imagination, it seems Tantra is still synonymous with happy-ending massages, wild sexual orgies and staring into the eyes of strangers who are butt-naked, just like you. While this version of Tantra is certainly doing its bit for shaking up rigid sexual mind-sets, it’s a far way off from the essence of Tantric…


Discovering a deeper meaning to the word Acceptance

By Shakti Malan | June 9, 2017

I wake up this morning in the house of friends who gave me shelter after evacuating my home in the forest with massive fires raging all around. It’s dark outside  – midwinter darkness at 5.30am – and a perfectly full moon is occupying in the sky, like one bright, all-seeing eye. I will remember this…


Call Me Daddy’s Little Girl

By Shakti Malan | May 22, 2017

I’m deep in the throes of what I thought was a passionate sexual attraction. Clothes are coming off, hearts are beating fast, lips and sexual organs are colliding. I’m looking deep into his eyes – and then I discover – he’s not really looking at me. Suddenly, I remember: ah, we’re doing that again. We’re…


Relationship Hygiene 101

By Shakti Malan | May 17, 2017

When it comes to relationships, dare I say probably you, like me, have embarrassing tendencies, like getting really co-dependent or commitment-phobic? Of course the easy solution is to blame your partner for being a narcissist or some similarly impressive-sounding psychological misfit. Looking around in my own life and on social media gives me enough evidence…


When the feminine takes over

By Shakti Malan | May 16, 2017

In my last post to you, I’ve described what happens when your inner masculine is in balance – and what it looks and feels like when he gets out of balance. Now you’re probably wondering about your feminine. Yup, we all have an inner feminine (guys, spend a moment entertaining yourself by imagining her). When…


When my masculine gets too strong

By Shakti Malan | May 15, 2017

Ok, so we all have an inner masculine. When he is in balance in us, life develops an awesomely streamlined simplicity. The balanced masculine is on target, has one pointed focus and operates from an inner clarity that cuts through the bullshit and gets to the point. Things get done. Goals are achieved. Life runs…