The Moon Whispered to Me….

By Shakti Malan | July 20, 2016

On Sunday night, I found myself lying naked under a blanket on the earth, tears rolling down my face, red embers burning in the fire pit and a sky covered in stars shining shyly next to the brilliance of the almost-full moon above me. It was an icy mid-winter’s night but a warmth was washing through me because I was being so intimately present with my tender self, and with this magnificent moment on planet earth.


A Brief (and Contrary) Description of Tantra

By Shakti Malan | May 20, 2016

Tantra is a collective term for spiritual traditions that focus on practices which integrate transcendent awakening and embodied realization of the Self. The premise of Tantra is that we are not in a body only to realize our true nature beyond form, but also to bring that realization back into form and into our everyday living. Can we realize our divine nature and then let that realization shape and direct every choice we make on the earth plane? That is what Tantra invites us to.


Lovers Unite Beyond Identities that Divide

By Shakti Malan | March 29, 2016

There is a force in this world stronger than any attempt by any superpower to create division, animosity and war between people. It is the force of Love. Whether we live in the Amazon or New York City, whether we are 14 or 94, black or white, straight, gay or transgender, rich or poor – Love is what makes our humanity sing.


She Who Remains Hidden

By Shakti Malan | March 10, 2016

For a woman to truly open to her sexual nature as an embodiment of the feminine, is to embrace the veiled and hidden quality of it. Our sexual ambrosia is hidden within the inner folds of the yoni (vagina and vulva). It cannot be seen through the outer gaze, but only through the inner. That one who disregards the temptation to play with woman as an object of beauty and truly devotes him/herself to seeing the shimmering soul-essence of Her – only such a one will be given entry in beyond the veils, and will learn to ‘see’ in this space that which remains forever hidden – like a night creature that has eyes to see in the dark.


The Pathway to Erotic Pleasure

By Shakti Malan | February 8, 2016

conditioned and trained into looking for the fast-high and the tension-release kick that sexual play brings. This game leaves us often wanting for more, or believing that we are never going to be lucky enough to ‘get the goodies’. Eventually, we get disillusioned and either accept that we have to play the game or lose all interest in it.


Say Yes to the Eros of Life

By Shakti Malan | February 5, 2016

We have been trained to be productivity machines, which devoids our lives of true meaning and sensual pleasure. It is time to return the rhythm of our days to devotion of Eros. In early Greek mythology, Eros was a primordial God involved with the coming into being of the world. Later, he became depicted as the mischievous son of Aphrodite whose arrow would ignite passion between lovers. The word Eros means Love or Desire. It refers to the original impulse of life, bursting forth from the seed, and growing endlessly – for no reason other than as an expression of Love and Life’s Desire itself.


On Having One Breast

By Shakti Malan | August 28, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I had a mastectomy as treatment for breast cancer. I now have one breast. A new imagination arises from within: one of unity within which Shiva and Shakti have become one. In reading Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee’s masterpiece Alchemy of Light, I know that it is time to release the old images – those of objects of desire, of which the breast must be the primary. In not being that object, I lose an illusory power. In embracing what is, including the severance, I get to see the new image that arises from within – one of unity that expresses our essential and unchanging divinity.


Why I Trust the Ocean With My Life

By Shakti Malan | August 27, 2015

Entering the ocean is clearly a confrontation with many fears – the fear of what lurks in the unknown, of encountering beings that operate in apparently entirely different ways from us – creatures that exist as colonies rather than individuals, that have the ability to ‘breathe’ in water, that have teeth and all sorts of other weaponry we don’t understand – fear of entering into murky waters, fear of being immersed in an element that moves so differently from those we are more accustomed to, fear of getting frozen to the bone in cold waters, fear of getting swept along by unpredictable currents. In a very real sense, the ocean is a symbol of the human subconscious, and our fear of it mirrors our fear of what we don’t have conscious control over in our inner landscape. The ocean is the home of the shark – perhaps the creature that most potently embodies that which humans archetypically fear.


I Bow to the Guru in You

By Shakti Malan | April 20, 2015

The Western approach to the guru has been overtaken by a rather shallow interpretation of the book title: “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” We are too quick to dismiss all things sacred because of our resistance to the oppression that has come with organized religion. We are fiercely focused on our independence and sovereignty


Skywalking together: Reflections on the wedding ceremony

By Shakti Malan | January 9, 2015

This blog is a continuation of my reflections on the process of getting married – and this blog, about the weekend of our marriage ceremony. As is my style, I will share here as honestly as I can.