The Victim-Rescuer-Predator Triangle

By Shakti Malan | January 1, 2014

Much of the work of Tantra is about uncovering and integrating what has been lying hidden in the unconscious.


Personal Love Up the Chakras

By Shakti Malan | January 1, 2014

This article is an exploration of personal love-attraction as it moves up the chakras. My focus here will be on the healthy impulse of attraction in each chakra.


You are the black night sky

By Shakti Malan | December 30, 2013

I invite you to feel yourself
as the black night sky
from which the stars are born


Conversation with Your Inner Masculine

By Shakti Malan | October 15, 2013

The underlying issue affecting women’s sexuality today is that we have been operating from an outdated male model of sexuality.

With that in mind, I’d like to give you a simple 3-step practice for addressing this problem by having a conversation with YOUR masculine.


A Powerful Practice for Cleaning out Old Patterns

By Shakti Malan | October 9, 2013

I’d like to give you 3 practical and potent practices over the next several days as a way to support you in the first steps to awakening your feminine sexual essence. Here’s the first practice…
Practice #1: Cleaning Out Your Temple


Freeing the Body from Armouring

By Shakti Malan | July 9, 2013

The term body armouring was coined by psychologist Wilhelm Reich. His book Character Analysis deals most directly with body armouring.

In Reich’s research, he found the functions of body armouring to be that it:

Keeps potentially explosive emotions in and;
Wards off the emotions of others.


Sexual Somatic Presencing

By Shakti Malan | May 26, 2013

Sexual somatic presencing teaches you how to work with the body/soma on several levels, including the following:


Wisdom From the Deep – Lessons from a Tropical Ocean

By Shakti Malan | February 9, 2012

I am writing this reflection from Neil Island, a tiny green dot in the Andamans, off India. There are some profound learnings from this experience that I would like to share with you.and it comes with an invitation to join me for a magical swim with the dolphins; read on.


An Erotic Ecology

By Shakti Malan | April 27, 2011

Tantra and Ecological Wisdom

April 27, 2011

The following article by me was published in Biophile magazine issue 20. I thought you might enjoy reading it.


The Kiss: Why Not to… and How to

By Shakti Malan | January 28, 2010

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news: Tantra doesn’t like kissing – or at least not kissing as it is generally done. Here I shall explain to you why, and then bring the good news: There are some potent alternatives.