Reclaim Your Virginity

Would you love to reclaim your virginity?

In this article, I’d like to explore with you what the essence of the sexually virginal state is – and how we can reconnect with our original sexual innocence.

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How to be a Skydancer

In the Tibetan Tantric tradition, a woman whose sexual energy is awake is called a Dakini – which, literally translated, means Skydancer. While traditionally the Dakini is worshipped as a deity, it is understood that the essence of the Dakini lives in every woman. She is activated through a process of spiritual realization, or returning to the discovery of her true nature.

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Principles of Female Sexuality

I have created a short video about the principles of female sexuality. The sexual anatomy of men and women points to a significant difference in the mystical principles underlying our sexuality. If a woman approaches lovemaking like a man, she will never be fulfilled. And yet, most women were initiated into sexual experience by male sexual partners.

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