Circle of Fire



As our lifestyles become more modern, the cultural benefits of community are less available to us. Opportunities to sit with our tribe around the fire, share our dreams and our visions and listen to the storytelling of our grandmothers and grandfathers are very infrequent. We seldom gather in Circle anymore, and there are few spaces where we can ask for the support we need and/or offer support and mentoring to the members of our community.

The cultural tradition of coming together in community,  sitting in a circle (a symbol of non-hierarchy, flow and creation) and sharing with one another is a sacred space that we must recreate for ourselves and re-introduce into our living experience.

We invite you to join this ever expanding community ignited in memory of our beloved Shakti, who created a global thread of connection through the vastness of her being. Shakti touched thousands of people as she traveled around the world sharing her understanding of Tantra - if you are one of these people, then we ask you to join us in creating this Circle of Fire.  

What you will receive:

  • Monthly Theme for exploration and discussion:

    Each month we will introduce a theme relevant to our lives - we will draw on the works, writings and explorations of Shakti and also venture into new territories for engagement, reflection and discussion. Included, will be a practice and/or process to engage in personally as you are also supported by the circle. By coming together as a community group we amplify the group field bringing greater energy, power of focus and clarity of insight as we join collectively in focused intention.

  • Form part of a like-minded community:

    Over and over again we hear from women and men that they long for connection. There is a deep yearning in all of us to discover our tribe, to find our belonging, to enjoy a space that is safe to express ALL of who we are, witnessed by our peers who have the capacity to reflect the Truth of who we are. This membership community is an opportunity to join hands together, embracing dialogue & debate...it is a space where we can collaborate, co-create and support one another as a collective field of conscious awareness.

  • Opportunity to grow your network to consciously create and collaborate

    The intention of this community circle is to be as valuable to those of us just starting out on our journey’s as it is to those of us who have  been travelling this path for quite a while. It is a chance to connect and relate intimately with other human beings also engaged in the “Awakening Game”. It is a meeting place for people to collaborate & co-create together, whether you are seeking a partner in your own geographical location or a partner in another country to help you manifest your unique service in our world. This is how our circle widens and expands, this is how the world awakens exponentially - this is how consciousness learns from consciousness.

  • Monthly Marketing Monday

    The first Monday of each month is an opportunity for those of you who are actively in the service of expanding conscious sexuality and awareness in your communities to share your events, workshops and retreats, broadening your reach to people who are explicitly interested in this work. This group is not intended to be a space for shameless marketing and advertising, rather it is a forum where we can we support each others offerings by commenting, sharing and networking. The more magnificent you are, the more magnificent I am.  This is what Shakti showed us in her living, loving life - that when we support each other to be more, the whole world changes, doors open in synchroncity and abundance becomes our state of being.

  • Membership Discounts on Online Programs and In-person Retreats

    As a member of the Circle of Fire, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all online offerings as well as 5% off your facilitation fee for any in-person retreat offered by the Shakti Shiva Academy. Additionally, from time to time, there will be special offers and discounts exclusive to this community.



This Circle of Fire Conscious Community program is open to both women and men, irrespective of whether your life has been personally touched by Shakti.  Whether you are brand new and only just discovering the openings of awareness in your being and in your body or if you are a seasoned veteran traveling on this great journey of discovery, this is a space to connect with like-minded individuals.

Join with a monthly payment option or if you opt to join with an annual payment, you will receive a discount of 2 months free. Your membership can be cancelled at any time (although no refunds will be processed).


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Shakti Malan was a Teacher of Tantra, the practice of awakening to our true nature and embodying what is realized in our daily lives. Whereas many spiritual traditions have seen our sexuality as an obstacle to awakening, Tantra regards it as a gateway. Shakti received the transmissions of great Tantric masters of our time where the focus is on integrating the masculine and feminine within us. Her life was a profound initiation into living in a state of openness to all of life's experience - the agony and the ecstasy. She spent years immersed in the wild, and was utterly transformed by her communion with wild dolphins, and her personal journey with cancer which ultimately became the gateway for her to pass on to another dimension.

With a PhD in social anthropology, a discipline that unmasks the assumptions through which we interpret the lives of 'others', her work invites us to listen to what is said in silences, gestures, subtle movement and organization of space. Shakti's approach to Tantra has been influenced by Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and Shamanic Tantra, the psychology of the unconscious, and scientific discoveries about the human nervous system and neurochemistry. Her work is motivated by a deep love and care for people and the planet.