Claiming our freedom and living fully embodied lives

If we’re honest, what we’re all really looking for is freedom. But what is it? What is freedom?  And how do we realise true freedom?
What does it take to claim our freedom…?  And what does it mean to live a fully embodied life?

Recently, I participated in a 4-part Autumn walk series. Our first walk was an exploration of curiosity – practicing ‘The Art of Wandering’. On our second walk, we explored ‘The Simplicity of Silence’. We enjoyed some ‘Nature Therapy’ on our third walk – a winding trail along sandstone cliffs, meandering mostly in the mist, contemplating the mystery whilst walking into the unknown. Our fourth and final walk this Saturday past was a moderate hike up Chapman’s Peak with a steady ascent and descent, and we dedicated this walk to all those that have passed on that we walk within our hearts…

Shakti was so present in every step and in each breath. Her whisper to me on the breeze, What is it that you really, really want beloved?”  I felt her presence everywhere…knowing that she is alive in me in all the ways she touched & opened my being to the deep. “How much bliss are you willing for beloved?”… “Keep falling more deeply in love with yourself beloved”…leaning into the stillness and silence of the mountains, feeling the wildness and pleasure of this animal body – receiving the wisdom of her words carried on the wind…in that eternal moment, I was free!

These three questions that Shakti asked repeatedly stand out for me as valuable KEY’s in our quest for FREEDOM

  • What is it that you really, really, really, really want?
  • How much bliss can you stand?
  • How can you keep falling more deeply in love with yourself!

It is clear to me that the time has come to take radical responsibility for everything in our experience!  To ask ourselves honestly, “Where do I not feel that I am free?  We have created an opportunity for a small group of women to investigate this together on a 7-Day Retreat, Freedom & the Nervous System:  5-12  July at EcoTara Retreat on the Island of Gran Canaria. Karin Ritchie and I invite you to join us for an in-depth, personal & intimate exploration of the places in our beings that are stuck in some form of incomplete defence response to trauma, whether conscious and/or unconscious.

What participants said about last years retreat:

Last year I signed up for this retreat without having a clue what I might receive. I had met Rhianne in 2017 and experienced her guidance in two retreats in South Africa and was absolutely sure that a retreat with her would be worthwhile. Karin I didn’t know, but learned fast to trust her profound knowledge and understanding of the human body and soul. Their ability to hold space for our small group with professionalism, love and compassion made deep openings and healing possible. Words are so…insufficient to describe a transformational process that lead to unbelievable changes! Best I can say is that I’d love to meet them again for another ‘deep dive into my body/soul’ in this magical valley on Canary Island, at EcoTara with hosts that are true goddesses of preparing food for the body and soul!! ~ Petra Yehiav, ISRAEL

Ever since the retreat I move a bit slower then I used to. My nervous system now doesn’t like the intense levels of rush that I use to be OK with. Prior, I was doing too much in the name of productivity which started to take it’s toll on me. I can no longer push myself like I used to without noticing right away which is really great. Definitely increased my range for awareness! I was also really surprised at what came up for me that my body was still holding on to. My body and being opened up to more aliveness. ~ Tiarra McLelland, CALIFORNIA

During this retreat:

  • You will get a basic experiential understanding of how the nervous system processes traumatic experiences.
  • You will receive group coaching support in releasing the trauma held in your nervous system, enabling you to relate more intimately with your body.
  • We will experience an ecstatic sense of interconnection with the creative field of life
  • We will explore safe & gentle ways for releasing the memory of and response to trauma. 

This retreat is for:

  • Those women wishing to enter more deeply into their own healing process
  • Practitioners interested in deepening their skills and understanding of trauma.
  • Women wanting to ‘work’ in an intimate group limited to 14 participants 
Why we do this work:
  • The inability to be fully present where we are, is one of the symptoms of trauma.
  • When we become present-time focused in our bodies, we have access to unlimited energy as a fuel for living
  • Most of us are past time focused, using our past experiences as a way to relate to the present.
Creating safe spaces for women & men to gather together in truth & vulnerability – in real intimacy, remains our passionate commitment to our collective awakening. (For a number of reasons, this retreat is specifically for women only, but please do look out for our other in-person offerings for both men and women)


Our Beautiful Bodies of Love carry the Keys to our Freedom,
they are the Portals to our Ancient Remembering of the Truth of who we really are.

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