Welcome to Shakti Shiva Academy's online community ~ a sanctuary for open-minded and heart-centered individuals

Our community is designed to support your learning journey, allowing you to truly integrate and embody what you’re learning. We offer a space where you can open up about things you’ve been wanting to explore, in a safe environment full of like-minded individuals from around the world.

This is a place for you to explore challenging questions and relevant topics related to our sexuality and spirituality, to engage in important conversations about conscious relationships, sexual awakening, and erotic wisdom and to learn tools to help you remain present in your body, no matter what’s arising in the moment.

When you're in a community that values presence, every moment becomes a lesson, every interaction a teacher

Circle of Fire

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Think of it as a more enriching social feed.

Once inside, introduce yourself, make new friends, and explore the many resources and opportunities available.

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Community Events

Our faculty offers a variety of events, some free, some donation based and some paid.

Here are some of our regular online events: 

Office Hour with Lisa Grace

A regular ongoing opportunity for connection, inquiry & sharing

Receive additional support from your facilitator Lisa Grace as you move through the course materials.

You’re invited to use this open door time for check-ins, sharing, inquiry and conversation. The time together will be led by the desires of the group. These hours are for whomever shows up and will not be recorded.

Think of this intimate hour as a free coaching session with Lisa!

Integration Circle with Sheena Witter

An opportunity to be witnessed/supported and experience group integration 

This is an invitation to show up exactly as you are. It is a Sacred Space for both self-supplied and group nervous system co-regulation, for Learning and practicing integration tools ranging from somatic embodiment, energy work, therapeutic techniques, and nervous system support and regulation and the ability to practice and build skills in radical acceptance and approval.

BlissDance with Kali Satyagraha

Embody your Desire

BlissDance is a profound Tantric Movement Practice of Awakening: awakening in us our universal desire for Truth, Presence, Love, Connection, Beauty, Freedom, and Pleasure!

BlissDance, like Tantra, supports the powerful integration of all seeming polarities such as the sacred, profane and the sexual; the light and the shadow; and the masculine and the feminine.

There’ll be an opportunity for you to share about how the course is going for you and breakout groups will give students a chance to get to know each other and share personal experiences and insights.

You can also simply use this time to focus on your assignments – you’ll have accountability built right in.

Breathwork with Rhianne van der Linde

Beautiful Breathing Bodies of Bliss

Your beautiful breathing body is a gateway to the Bliss that is your Birthright. And the breath is the key!
Breathing is something that we are doing constantly and (mostly) unconsciously. The breath is life – it is our very connection to life itself.  Awareness, Relaxation, Breathing – when these three elements are blended harmoniously together, then we arrive at a proper rest into the ground of being – and from this place we can live in a state of perpetual trust.

Gather 'round the Fire

Come together for conversation, exploration and learning

Our regular opportunity to ‘gather around the fire’ and come together for conversation, exploration and learning. This event opens up a space of inquiry and learning with Shakti Shiva Academy faculty, guest facilitators and other experts in related realms.

Embodiment Meditation - Rotating Faculty

Live Embodment Meditation

At Shakti Shiva Academy, a faculty member offers a LIVE meditation in our Circle of Fire on Mighty Network. And if you’re unable to join LIVE, the meditation is recorded and posted.

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What our Community Members say

Join us to cultivate a more loving relationship with your body, yourself, and your sexuality.

In an increasingly volatile, divided world, it’s more important than ever to be self-aware, self-loving, and embodied.

Our community is here to make you feel supported, present, and awakened to who you truly are.

Privacy and Security

Our community is hosted on Mighty Networks, offering a secure and user-friendly platform for meaningful interactions. We take your privacy seriously. That’s why we’ve chosen to host our community on Mighty Networks, a platform that is much more secure than Facebook, Slack, or Google Meet. 

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