Desire, Fear & Taboo

Access the True Power of your Sexuality


Desire, Fear & Taboo is a live 7-week online course that will help you release sexual shame, learn to trust your body, and step into greater self-understanding.

This live, interactive course is your introduction to powerful work that will transform your relationship with your body, your sexuality, and your desires.

Taught on a safe, private platform with content delivered in multiple formats to accommodate every learning style and schedule, this course meets you exactly where you are.

If you’ve tried other online courses and gotten overwhelmed or been frustrated with unavailable facilitators, you’ll be delighted by how nurturing, supportive, and relatable our teachings and facilitators are.

“Every aspect of our experience - including our sexuality - can be used as a gateway to the full realization of our spiritual essence.”

~ Shakti Malan

For curious and courageous humans who want to untangle the sexual conditioning they grew up with

We’ve worked hard to create an educational experience that fits into any schedule, and because all of our content is downloadable, you can come back to it as many times as you’d like, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Desire, Fear & Taboo includes 90-minute, live teaching calls for each of the 7 weeks we’re working together. Attend the call live and get direct support from your facilitators or listen to the call recordings later.

“The only way to no longer be a prisoner of desires and fears is to face them, live them, immerse in them, move through them.”

~ Shakti Malan

Create a healthier relationship with your body and sexuality, starting now.

In 7 weeks, it’s possible for you to:

  • Start letting go of the shame and guilt you’ve been carrying around for too many years to count
  • Tune in to the sensations, experiences, and messages your subconscious has been trying to send you
  • Break painful, unhealthy patterns in your relationships
  • Feel less burdened with associations, unconsciousness, and habitual patterns in your day-to-day life
  • Have a better understanding of why you behave in certain ways in your intimate and sexual relationships
  • Feedback from past students

    How is this course constructed?

    • 7 Teaching Modules in pdf written format, for those of you who prefer to learn through reading, and in audio format, for those of you who prefer to learn by listening.
    • 1 live 90-120 minute teaching + Q/A session per module on alternate Thursdays
      • (Note: there will be daylight savings time-zone changes towards the end of the course. Classes will remain 7pm SAST throughout. Reminder emails with the correct time will be sent 24 hours and 1 hour before classes)
    • 3 x 90-minute “Study Hall” style review calls

    All of our teaching happens within Mighty Networks, a safe, private learning platform; and our live calls will happen on Zoom. In these places we can have lively conversations, learn from each other, and ask questions in total privacy.

    “Every aspect of our experience - including our sexuality - can be used as a gateway to the full realization of our spiritual essence.”

    ~ Shakti Malan

    Investment in Yourself

    This work is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth, of any gender or orientation, single or partnered, gay, straight, bi-sexual, fluid – whichever way your sexuality flows. You do not need a partner to participate.

    From: R3,915 / month for 2 months

    Investment in Yourself

    This work is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth, of any gender or orientation, single or partnered, gay, straight, bi-sexual, fluid – whichever way your sexuality flows. You do not need a partner to participate.

    From: R3,915 / month for 2 months

    Financial aid will be available to a limited number of students in the form of partial bursaries. Please note that bursary awards are based on several factors, including the size of our award fund and the approximate number of students enrolling at the full tuition rate.

    All students requiring assistance are welcome to apply for financial aid. We welcome applications from serious seekers of all races, sexual orientations, and beyond.


    Over the course of seven sessions, we will teach you visualizations, subtle movement, breathwork, and other practices you can use every day to help you drop deep into your sexual body and discover the sacred essence of your sexuality.

    Session 1: What is the Sexual Shadow

    Live 90-minute teaching session: Thursday TBC

    • Tune into your unconscious mind and witness how it shapes your experiences
    • Discover how your sexuality speaks from and for your unconscious
    • Learn how to meet and embrace your sexual shadow

    Session 2: Eros Running Amok

    Live 90-minute teaching session: Thursday TBC

    • Discover the polarities (desire and fear) that comprise your compulsive sexual fantasies
    • Learn how to bring presence and integration to your unconscious polarities and projections
    • Learn the art of slowing the whole show down…

    Session 3: Opening to Desire and Exploring your Inner Erotic Landscape

    Live 90-minute teaching session: Thursday TBC

    • Learn about desire and allowing yourself to be a “subject” of desire rather than an “object” of desire
    • Dig into referred desire and how it opens the doors to the unconscious
    • Uncover what your deepest desires are

    Session 4: Facing Your Fears

    Live 90-minute teaching session: Thursday TBC

    • Learn about fears and how they impact your eroticism
    • Identify your biggest fears and learn to “face the tiger”
    • Discover how your biggest desires are linked to your biggest fears

    Session 5: Breaking free from the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor Triangle

    Live 90-minute teaching session: Thursday TBC

    • Learn about the victim-rescuer-persecutor drama triangle and its impact in your life
    • Identify your familiar roles and how you take or give away power
    • Break free from habitual patterns and learn who you are without your story

    Session 6: Frozen in the Act

    Live 90-minute teaching session: Thursday TBC

    • Understand trauma’s role in erotic response and why it can become frustratingly frozen
    • Examine the role and wisdom of the nervous system in this response
    • Explore simple strategies for thawing the freeze and recovering the life force within you that longs to be expressed as your integrated sexuality

    Session 7: The Wise Erotic Body

    Live 90-minute teaching session: Thursday TBC

    • Discover how to understand and make friends with your body’s subtle and overt wisdom
    • Learn about the impact of neurochemistry on your choices
    • How to move from sexual habituation to sexual integration in your personal sexual expression


    LIVE Masterclass with Marc Peridis

    Exploring our most shameful sexual fantasies

    Exploring our most shameful sexual fantasies can often lead to a process of radical transformation. What gets us wet, hard, and excited, will inevitably offer us a valuable insight into who we are and the type of nourishment we are seeking.

    Marc will create a safe space for fantasies to be observed, held, and explored. You will also gain the tools and insights needed to continue this rich exploration on your own.

    Based in a small coastal town outside of Barcelona, Marc is a Canadian-born facilitator who has been working with tantra and spirituality since 2010.

    He spends most of his time teaching his own practice, Orgasmic Shamanism, which uses energy work and spontaneous movement to harness the energy of the orgasm for spiritual growth and personal transformation. 

    His approach is often considered radical and his passion lies in transmuting our deep and most shameful shadows into our highest and most transformative power.

    He is also a mystery school initiate and guide; initiated into the mysteries in 2012 and was initiated as a shaman in 2014.
    He has spent the years following his initiation travelling the world leading ceremonies, and workshops at some of the world’s most powerful sacred sites.

    He has completed the 20 levels of the path of the sexual shaman training, By Arizona-Based sexual Shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs who has been his mentor since 2016.
    He has taken Buddhist refuge under Tharig Rinpoche in Kathmandu.

    In 2013, he completed the Authentic Eros 1-year tantra and sexual explorations training with Kai Erhardt and Volker Moritz in Berlin.

    He is also a trained facilitator in theta-healing, emotional freedom technique, and Reiki as well as a somatic movement facilitator.

    His work of orgasmic shamanism emerged from his years of working with tantra, somatic movement and energy transmission work. He is passionate about providing a radical and integrated approach that supports clients and workshop participants in their journey to empowerment, higher purpose and limitless creativity.

    Specialities: Somatic movement, tantra, shamanism, energetic transmission, trauma healing, higher purpose, abundance, sexual shame, sexual dysfunctions etc.

    To view more about the work that Marc offers you can view his website and book a session.

    Conscious BDSM

    by Shakti Malan

    Conscious BDSM – A Tantra Talk by Shakti Malan, founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy. Listen to this recording of some of Shakti’s advanced teachings. This workshop is focused on BDSM (Bondage/Discipline + Domination/Submission + Sadism/Masochism) as an exploration of our relationship to power.

    This 140-minute recording covers:

    • How desires and attractions like those brought forth in BDSM are fueled by associations that show up in our eroticism
    • The dynamic between arousal and fear that can help liberate us from compulsions
    • The relationship between the inner feminine and inner masculine
    • The dynamic of the ‘junior male’ and the ‘senior male,’ in which the patriarchy conditions us to see power as a very specific masculine phenomenon
    • The Drama Triangle of victim-rescuer-persecutor
    • How to work with the nervous system in the context of BDSM sessions and play
    Fundamentals of Facilitation Bonus Offering - Office Hours with Lisa Grace, senior faculty at Shakti Shiva Academy

    Office Hours with Lisa Grace

    A regular ongoing opportunity for connection, inquiry & sharing

    Most Mondays on Zoom – event listings in our Circle of Fire on Mighty Network

    Receive additional support from Shakti Shiva Academy Faculty Lisa Grace as you move through the Fundamentals of Facilitation course materials.

    Please use this space to check-in, ask questions, start conversations, initiate inquiry, request support on your path or simply share what’s moving for you in your messy living loving human life. The hour together will be led by the desires of the emergent group and Lisa Grace may offer a meditation or other practice…

    Think of this intimate hour as a free coaching session with Lisa!

    It’s our weekly gift to you 🎁

    “Every aspect of our experience - including our sexuality - can be used as a gateway to the full realization of our spiritual essence.”

    ~ Shakti Malan

    Facilitation Team

    Lisa Grace

    Based in the Bay Area, California, Lisa has spent the last two decades gathering tools to support humans in being fully embodied, expressed, and able to stay present with the truth of What Is.
    With a degree in Performing Arts and Psychology, she has since traversed BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism otherwise known as “kink”), the extreme non-violence of mindfulness based Hakomi Therapy, Advait Tantra (non-duality and the expansive liberation of sexual energy as universal consciousness), and is a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Lisa’s work is about getting real with all the internal polarities (such as masculine and feminine identification, desire and fear, guilt and innocence) that motivate pursuits and avoidances, creating grasping, shame, and fear- and finding the full power and authenticity hiding in the shadows. She is especially passionate about furthering conversations around gender and the queering of Tantra. In 2011 Lisa met Shakti Malan who quickly became a major influence in her life through her Totality Therapy Training, Soulmate Within, Sexual Awakening for Women, and Somatic Healing for Sexual Trauma courses. Lisa was a Senior Student of Shakti from 2014-2017 and is currently in training with Sacred founders, Justin Patrick Pierce and Londin Angel Winters. Specialities: Shadow work, parts integration, Western Sacred Sexuality, Advait Tantra (non-duality), Transformational NeuroLinguistic Programing, mindfulness and guided meditation, somatic education, kink, polyamory, and other alternative forms of relating To view more about the work that Lisa offers you can view her website and book a session. Website:

    Swami Advait Rahasya


    Swami Rahasya is as much a rascally trickster as he is a serious pundit of Tantric Spirituality. He uses tongue-and-cheek, irony, and colourful stories (personal, archetypal, and beyond) to share the high teachings of the Tantric adepts of old.

    Rahasya has been a lifelong student of tantra. His worldly involvement has included the practising of several professions, the learning of an unusual range of skills and the sexual learning available through several relationship styles, including 14 years of monogamy.

    He’s the founder of the Advait Tantra School, a school known for producing remarkable teachers (several of his students are now significant tantra teachers in their own right) and author of The Rocky Horror Tantra Book.

    The Rocky Horror Tantra Book is a deep exploration of Tantric practice and has become a standard work for modern students of tantra. It describes the path through stories and discourse. Be warned. This book strongly challenges many popular ideas about love, relationship, spiritual endeavour. It is also powerfully and unashamedly erotic, as is the journey of tantra itself.

    “Tantra is the roughest, rockiest and unquestionably the most horrible of spiritual paths. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted, the weak-minded or the emotionally troubled. It presents serious difficulties even to the heroic. It is as harsh as the Truths of Life themselves. Just reading about it though, is probably not all that dangerous …”

    Rahasya has been teaching tantra since 2002 – he lives and teaches in South Africa and is now mostly teaching the volunteers who’re helping him build Little Tibet, a retreat centre 200km from Cape Town.Specialities: Shadow work, erotic work, touch work, fantasy & taboos, polarity processing

    Watch Rahasya on YouTube || Join the Advait Tantra School on Facebook

    “Every aspect of our experience - including our sexuality - can be used as a gateway to the full realization of our spiritual essence.”
    - Shakti Malan


    Does the course require specific knowledge or experience?

    No. Actually, sometimes the less you know, the better it is – this opens you to a beginner’s mind and enables you to meet the materials in a fresh way. What is important however, is that you are totally committed to doing the ‘work of becoming more of who you really are. This course is designed for those women who’re ready to take radical responsibility for everything in their experience. If you’re ready to birth the new world through the awakening of your sexuality, then this course is a good fit for you!

    No. It’s not required that you’ve completed any previous courses with Shakti Shiva Academy. This course can be taken for personal development only and it’s also the 1st year of a 3-year learning path to become a certified Sexual Shadow Work Facilitator. Read more about the Sexual Shadow Work learning path here.

    Shakti Shiva Academy is known for the depth of content it offers. We have three learning paths in which you can train to become a certified facilitator. You can read more about the Sexual Shadow Work learning path here.

    “Office Hours” is a weekly online gathering space hosted by Shakti Shiva faculty member Lisa Grace. You’re invited to use this space to check-in, ask questions, start conversations, initiate inquiry, request support on your path or simply share what’s moving for you in your messy living loving human life. 

    If you find you require additional support aside from the LIVE calls and group coaching sessions provided with this program, then you are welcome to approach either of the facilitators and book private sessions. These sessions are booked and paid separately and negotiated between you and the facilitator in their private capacity. 

    No. Because you’re able to download all the materials, you can work through them at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the private course cohort on Mighty Network, so you can continue to interact and learn with the other course participants even after the course has completed. This course is not yet another to-do. There is a carefully curated structure in place to support you to get the most out of the materials. We do however encourage you to keep current with reading or listening to the modules and attending the LIVE calls each month. You can always return to the assignments and complete them in your own time.

    No, this course is designed to be a personal journey, tapping into your own personal desires, fantasies and inner discoveries. For those who are in partnerships you may find that doing this work will bring a greater dimension to your relating and intimacy with one another.

    Not a problem – all LIVE teaching and Q&A sessions as well as masterclasses with guest teachers are recorded and will be available within 48 hours so you can download and watch/listen to them at your convenience.

    Your journey remains completely confidential. If you wish to share on the private course cohort on our Mighty Network Community platform, there is a confidentiality agreement in place.

    You’ll need reliable internet access, a computer, speakers or headphones.

    Only for downloading and interaction in the Q&A aspect of the live coaching calls. We will give you all the support we can – and you’ll see that, once you’re in the flow, it’s really easy.

    Unless you cancel your registration timeously, the Shakti Shiva Academy does not offer a refund for any other reason. During the first month of the course, you can de-register from the course by writing an email to

    More info to come when we have dates for the course

    You can read our full terms & conditions here.

    If you’re interested in participating in this 1-year course and still have questions that need answers, please schedule a free 20-minute discovery call with Principal & Senior faculty Rhianne van der Linde here.

    We look forward to sharing this journey of sexual awakening with you!

    Join us for the year-long Sexual Shadow Integration online course beginning in 2025

    After the Desire, Fear & Taboo live course ends, you can join our next Sexual Shadow Integration Work (starting May 2025) that will provide a deeper dive into the same themes as well as introducing some new ones.

    As a student of the Desire, Fear & Taboo course, if you sign up for the year-long Sexual Shadow Integration Work course, you will receive a coupon code qualifying you for a discount (the cost of this course) off the year-long course fees.

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