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Awakening Your Feminine Essence 4-Day Retreat (Norway)

July 25, 2018 - July 29, 2018


An Exploration of our Feminine Essence, in Nature.

Through the breath we enter the body as a gateway into being. Through different exercises we reset our nervous systems, gently building our capacity for pleasure, for feeling deeply and standing strong – firmly rooted in our bodies.

Exploring the myth of Huldra, the wild woman with her tail, we will find new roots through the body. Using breath, sound, movement & elemental yoga as portals into merging with the wild woman in us – we enter more deeply into Her.

Storytelling, singing, crafting, cooking food on the fire…leaning into how our fore-mothers did it. Living together in Nature. Opening up to and rediscovering our life energy, our own sacred sexual essence, so that She can flow like a river through our bodies. We will dive into the inner spaces of our bodybeing, giving ourselves the opportunity to clear mental and emotional blocks. We will explore contractions as they arise and allow them to release. We will use the energy centers (the chakras) as energetic maps to clear out unconscious patterns so that life energy can flow more freely in our bodies.

What creates these blocks?

  • Repetitive thought patterns
  • Unresolved childhood experiences
  • Collective unconscious conditioning, including family, cultural and religious beliefs
  • Sexual trauma or traumatic relationships (with sexual partners, family members, etc.)
  • False beliefs and ideas about who you are that no longer serve you well
  • Suppressed emotions

Clearing blocks in the chakras

  • Base chakra: Clearing our relationship with the body, desire, life and death. Our wild and free sexual nature as the movement of earth, air, fire, water.
  • Second chakra: Clearing tribal and ancestral blockages to the flow of awakened sexual energy, learning to listen to yoni and following the flow of her energy through the body’s circuits. Working through the virgin/whore/women’s union archetypes in our psyches. Feeling safe to be sexual. Yoni as gateway to the divine.
  • Third chakra: Embracing our power, moving through duality, meeting man and the inner masculine.

Feminine sexual energy is not goal oriented or driven – she wants to flow in undulating golden spirals of bliss, not only through our yoni’s, but up through our hearts and entire bodies, connecting us with the divine. She wakes up when we relax and listen inwards to the call of our soul, to the rhythm of our breath and the wise messages of our bodies.

Methods we will use:  

  • Body based meditations and movements
  • Storytelling and deep listening
  • Breathwork
  • Elemental yoga
  • Subtle movement practice
  • Sweat lodge ceremony
  • Artwork, writing and nature installations
  • Forest foraging
  • Immersion in Nature

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for women who have a deep desire to awaken feminine sexual essence as a spiritual force in their own beings. It is possible, and entirely suitable, to do the work for your own awakening only and is also suited for women who would like to embark on the journey of facilitating this work for circles of women. It is only through our own embodied experience that we are able to share our learning with other women.

Are you ready to:

  • Embrace more of who you really are?
  • Celebrate your feminine essence?
  • Experience oneness with the elements?
  • Explore the Masculine & Feminine in your Being
  • Become a well of creativity and inspiration
  • Fall more deeply in love with yourself
  • Deepen Intimacy with yourself and in relationship with others
  • Create loving sisterhood


This 4-Day Retreat is inspired by ‘Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook” by Shakti Malan.
Women of all ages, sexual identities & orientations are welcome.


Fykse, Hordaland, Norway


$727 including all meals and shared accommodation.
Enquiries with Rhianne: rhiannevdl@gmail.com

Your facilitators:

Rhianne walked alongside Shakti for 10 years managing all of her in-person retreats and workshops in South Africa. Participating quietly in the background, being in Shakti’s flight path was a great gift in her life. Rhianne’s commitment to Shakti includes the continuation of the availability of her teaching as an online learning portal – a radiantly alive and continually evolving expression of the eternal dance of the masculine & feminine. She also made a personal promise to Shakti to continue co-creating intimate in-person retreat spaces for vulnerable & embodied sharing. Rhianne is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer – her personal explorations have led her into working with dreams, as a companion to those busy with their journey of dying, exploring the breath as a thread connecting us directly to source & processing and ritual with groups in wild nature. Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment – as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful bodies of love…it is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that Rhianne is most interested in learning and sharing.


Devika founded Studio Fjordyoga in 2014, teaching yoga, pilates and mindful movements. She has been a bodyworker since 1985 and her skill is in inspiring people to use the body as a portal into deeper awareness. The vision of Studio FjordYoga is to inspire people to develop their own kind of yoga and supporting them in relaxing into the wisdom of the body. “It’s all about finding your unique yoga, your own everyday practice, keys that brings you into presence. From here we can stand grounded in LIFE, connected and at ease.” Devika’s friendship with Shakti began at N’auma! where they lived in community together in 2002 during the period of Shakti’s wilderness initiation. Devika co-facilitates profoundly transformational process with other teachers on a regular basis and is delighted to be creating this Sexual Awakening for Women retreat in Norway with the Shakti Shiva Academy.


Lolla is a Wilderness Guide focusing on being in Nature with all senses alert, listening and tracking our own journey as reflected by the environment and connecting to the wildness of ourselves. What inspires her is to witness the simplicity with how nature reveals our true self. She started her journey as a Nature Conservationist, River guide, Mountain guide and has been guided on a path deeper into the mysteries of the inter-connectedness of our Human & Nature. Until recently, she lived in the forest on the land where Shakti Malan made her home practicing Forest Therapy. She also guides Vision Quests for woman and leads Sweat lodges.




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July 25, 2018
July 29, 2018
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Hordaland, Norway


Rhianne van der Linde