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Sexual Awakening for Women Personal Intensive and Facilitators Training Retreat

November 7, 2017 - November 19, 2017


Sexual Awakening for Women

Personal Intensive and Facilitators Training Retreat

7 – 19 November 2017

Southern Cape, South Africa


Imagine spending 12 days in the lush, earthy wilderness of Africa reconnecting to the natural state of your womanly body – as a channel for the power of life itself, creating the shapes of love wanting to come through you now. Imagine immersing yourself in the deliciousness of your sensuality in total safety and gentleness whilst being held in the companionship of a sisterhood of women.


IMG_3172become more of you

celebrate your feminine essence

connect to the invisible realms

experience oneness with the elements

discover your essential beauty

come to feel life – intimately


The training is based on the material in Shakti’s book Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook and is linked to the 9/12 months Sexual Awakening for Women Online Training.  This 12-day process takes place in an exquisite wilderness area close to Shakti’s much loved forest home. Shakti originally set up a dynamic team of senior students to support her in making this a truly life-changing training. Juliet Haines was one of these students and has been training in-depth with Shakti since 2011. Juliet will co-facilitate the retreat program together with Rhianne van der Linde and Tiffany Stone in accordance with the Shakti Academy. Both Rhianne and Juliet participated in this in-person training when Shakti first offered it at N’auma! in 2012. All three women have been fully immersed in the Awakening Feminine Sexual Essence and Sexual Awakening for Women On-line Trainings since inception. They all walk this Women’s path of Truth and Totality in their everyday lives, offering their unique expression of this ‘work’ into the world.

Also joining us is Lolla Odendaal one of the original curators of N’auma! – the land where Shakti did her first vision quest and spent 18 months in the wilderness during the period of extreme dismemberment she referred to in her last newsletter. Lolla is a magnificent wilderness guide and will facilitate our Wild-Woman ritual journeying as a group up the river and into the gorge…and so we have a full-circle linking us to the land at N’auma! that held Shakti and so many, many women through this process so sweetly.


Personal Intensive

IMG_3183In this in-person retreat, women will be taken through an intensive experiential journey of opening to the flow of feminine sexual energy, preparing you to powerfully share what you learn with other women. Opening the flow happens through the clearing of blocks in our consciousness that manifest as contractions in the chakras or energy vortexes in the body and its energy field. Examples of what create these blocks are:

  • repetitive thought patterns
  • unresolved childhood experiences
  • collective unconscious conditioning, including family, cultural and religious beliefs
  • sexual trauma or traumatic relationships (with sexual partners, family members, etc.)
  • outdated ideas about who you are
  • suppressed emotions


Clearing blocks in the chakras

Each chakra or energy “hub” in the body holds specific unconscious patterning that needs to be cleared before energy moves freely up the body. This intensive retreat is an opportunity for the systematic clearing of blocks held in each chakra. Here are some examples:


  • DSCN1556Base chakra (on the perineum): Clearing our relationship with the body, desire, life and death
  • Second chakra: Clearing tribal and ancestral blockages to the flow of awakened sexual energy, learning to listen to yoni (vagina) and following the flow of her energy through the body’s circuits. Working through the virgin/whore/women’s union archetypes in our psyches. Feeling safe to be sexual.
  • Third chakra: Embracing our power, moving through duality, meeting men and the inner masculine.
  • Fourth chakra: Loving our breasts, connecting heart and sex, dropping false identities, learning how to process feelings deeply and fully.


Awakening feminine sexual energy

IMG_3209Sexual energy is, at its most expanded level, the power that animates all of existence. It is the movement of consciousness coming into form. It moves through a woman’s body differently to the flow in a man’s body. Because our world has so idealized the masculine during the last 5 000 years of patriarchy, our idea of sexuality has unfortunately become quite masculinized. It is now time for women to rediscover our own sacred sexual essence and for that, we need time to dive deeply into the inner spaces of our sacred sexual bodies.

Feminine sexual energy is not driven or goal oriented – it wants to flow in languid, spiraling, circling patterns, not only through our sex center, but up through our entire bodies. It wakes up when we relax & listen inwards to the call of our soul, to the rhythm of our breath and the wise messages of our bodies. It is receptive, sensitive to the subtlest breeze, open to delight and longing, and is freely expressed as immeasurable power, without any need to own or control its expression.


Facilitation training

A big part of my intention for our 12 days together is to share with you the tools, skills and background enabling you to facilitate this journey for groups of women. You will learn how to:

  • initiate a women’s circle and create a field of sisterhood
  • reconnect women to the wonder of their sexual bodies, without anything overtly sexual happening
  • work with group consciousness
  • hold shadow material that may arise
  • listen deeply and speak clearly
  • feel what is happening in the bodies of participants, guiding them deeper.





Some of the methods we will be using are:


Body meditations

Dancing and free movement 

Immersion in nature

Group coaching sessions with me

Story circles

Subtle movement practice


Deep listening

Artwork and nature installations 



Are you ready?

IMG_3294This retreat is for women who have a deep desire to awaken female sexual energy as a spiritual force in their own beings. It is possible, and entirely suitable, to do the work for your own awakening only. It is ideally suited for women who would like to facilitate this work for circles of women and/or who would like to incorporate what they have learnt into an existing practice with women.

Because of the immersion in wild nature that is a key element of this retreat, participants will require a level of physical capacity, strength and agility. Please do check in with me should you have any health concerns or limitations we should be aware of. Women of all ages and sexual orientations are welcome.


Your Facilitators


In Loving-Living Memory of SHAKTI MALAN: 
a visionary Tantrika who shared the wisdom-teachings of non-dual body-presence, birthing the restoration of feminine pathways of being, and awakening a luscious, sensual engagement with all of life. Based in South Africa, she taught globally on the art of radical embodiment, and the keys of sacred sexuality as a gateway to a fully lived ‘immaculate consciousness’. Shakti held a PhD in Social Anthropology, a discipline that teaches the practitioner to see life from the perspective of another, and to listen to the messages held in subtle communication. Her book Sexual Awakening for Women is available in English, French and Polish.
Please visit the Shakti Academy for further details.

JULIET HAINES – is an Advanced Facilitator of ‘Sexual Awakening for Women’. She has studied with Dr Shakti Malan for eight years attending all of her in-person and online trainings, as well as assisting Shakti with facilitation during the past four years.  She has supported hundreds of women aged 20 to 78 years old across four continents in discovering their feminine sexual essence. She is also a trained life coach and hypnotherapist. When her feminine sexual essence woke up all of the old forms in her life fell away including her marriage, home and corporate job. She started to live her life from a place of deep listening and unique expression of her soul in the world. She is passionate about the awakening of the feminine through women’s sexuality and believes the feminine is a light for transforming and healing the world, a blessing to all. Juliet offers individual sessions, group workshops and weekend retreat programs across the world guiding women on their sexual awakening journeys.

“It is an honour for me to guide women through their Sexual Awakening Journeys. I look forward to meeting the women who are called to this work. It is beautifully powerful” 

TIFFANY STONE  –  as an alchemist of human growth and transformation and dancer of inner worlds, she finds the magic in human lives and enables people to own their own growth and transformation. She has an intense fascination of how we as humans, function as a manifestation of our inner landscape, and especially in relation to how we interact with one another and our environments. Traditionally trained in the modalities of Depth Facilitation from the work of Arnold Mindell and the Process Work Institute, Family Systems Constellations & Psychology as well as being a certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), her approach is often quirky and radical as she weaves together a multitude of frameworks and applications in her search for truth and the underlying beliefs and motivations. Tiffany has a particular interest in the dynamics of intimate and sexual relationships and for the last 4 years in addition to running her own practice has been Shakti’s right hand ‘man’, supporting her in managing a range of online programs spreading conscious sexuality and awareness for both men and women worldwide.


RHIANNE VAN DER LINDE  has been walking alongside Shakti managing all in-person workshops and retreats since 2010. Participating quietly in the background, being in Shakti’s flight path has been a great gift in her life and she remains totally in-service to the smooth and efficient organisation of this Personal Intensive and Facilitators Training Retreat and to the continued co-creation of intimate spaces for vulnerable & embodied sharing. She is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer.  Her personal explorations have led her into working with dreams, as a companion to those busy with their journey of dying, exploring the breath as a thread connecting us directly to source & processing and ritual with groups in wild nature. Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment – as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful bodies of love…it is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that Rhianne is most interested in learning and sharing.


LOLLA ODENDAAL – is a Wilderness Guide focusing on being in Nature with all senses alert, listening and tracking our own journey as reflected by the environment and connecting to the wildness of ourselves. What inspires her is to witness the simplicity with how nature reveals our true self. She started her journey as a Nature Conservationist, River guide, Mountain guide and has been guided on a path deeper into the mysteries of the inter-connectedness of our Human & Nature. Until very recently, she lived in the forest on the land where Shakti made her home practicing Forest Therapy. She also guides Vision Quests for woman and leads Sweat lodges.



Comments from previous retreat participants

“I reached many times the ecstasy I’ve been searching for, through my addictions. I met my power, I held it and I promised never to abandon it, I forgave myself for not being gentle to myself, to the Divine in me. I don’t know how I can ever be grateful enough. Let me be humble, let me surrender all I am to you Divine.”


“To you, Shakti, our amazing leader, and to each of you dear fellow travelers, such gratitude for exquisite times shared, profound lessons learned and in resting together in the simplicity and OK-ness of Being. The sheer naturalness, openness of those short days will feed my soul forever with the lightness of being. In the nakedness of truth real words are hard to find, yet I need to say how ecstatic I feel in experiencing the depth, strength, love, wisdom and beauty of womanhood expressed in each of you. My heart sings and this means yoni too!

May we continue together as champions of the feminine.”



Venue: Outeniqua Trout Lodge

Dates: 7th November – 19th November 2017

Starting: Tuesday 7th November @ 6pm

Finishing: Sunday 19th November @ 10am

Cost: R16 200 (inc facilitation and vegetarian gluten & sugar free meals) For currency converter, click here.

Accommodation costs are additional and range from R150 – R535 per night


Wooden Lodges – Each lodge consists of two separate bedrooms

Single: Double Bed with ensuite shower & toilet (@ R535/night = R6420)

Twin Share: Room with two single beds and shared bathroom – bath, shower, toilet (@ R375/night = R4500)

3 x single spaces available – NOW FULLY BOOKED

6 x twin share spaces available – ONE AVAILABLE


Tented Camp – Four spacious Indian (teepee) tents nestled in a pecan tree forest.

Each tent has its own bathroom in a separate building situated a short distance away from the tent area with a hot shower and flush toilet.

Each tent sleeps four people in three quarter beds (@ R250/night = R3000)

16 spaces available – 3 SPACES STILL AVAILABLE


Camping in own tent with shared ablutions in campsite  (@ R150/night = R1800)

8 spaces available – 4 SPACES STILL AVAILABLE


For further information, bookings & inquiries

Rhianne van der Linde: rhiannevdl@gmail.com OR +27836791297


Book and Pay Now



  • Pay via EFT (R16,200):

    Please do an EFT to the following account and send proof of payment to: rhiannevdl@gmail.com

    Shakti Malan Academy
    First National Bank
    Acc: 62711098328
    Branch: 250655

    Due to charges associated with receiving funds via PayPal and Credit Card the price due with either of the following two methods is R17,000

  • Pay via PayPal

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Payment Terms: 50% refund if cancelled 1 month before (less R2,500 for administration and less bank charges), 25% two weeks before, and thereafter no refund.


November 7, 2017
November 19, 2017
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