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The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Feminine Sexual Essence – Encore

We will be having a Encore broadcast of this special event.  You can still register to attend. The times for the broadcast will be : United States:  Saturday, October 4th at 2:00 pm PDT / 5:00 pm EDT London/UK:  Saturday, October 4th at 10 pm South Africa:  Saturday, October 4th at 11 pm Sydney:  Sunday, October…


Awaken your Feminine Sexual Radiance with Shakti Malan

True feminine sexual energy is a rare flower on this planet. We live in a world that uses an outdated model of male sexuality. Women have been entrained in this model to be outcome oriented in sex as in life. But the feminine, in her true essence, opens only when she is moved from deep within. From deep within her womb, she feels everything. She comes home, in the first place, in her own body. And this homecoming is supported by the true masculine who opens her to fields of deep consciousness, presence and spaciousness.


Awakening Your Feminine Essence – 7 Week Online Course for Women

Discover how to release your old sexual patterning, come home to your body of bliss and live your full power as embodiment of the Feminine.   It is time for the sexual essence of women to wake up on the planet. SHE is calling you. And you are feeling it. Like so many women I have met…


Entering the Wisdom of Woman's Sexual Cycles

This 5-day retreat offers a small group of women a profound and exclusive space to enter deeper into our sexuality and to tap the wisdom of our cyclical sexual nature under the guidance of two highly experienced facilitators.


Diving Deep, Flying High

Seven Next Steps in Exploring Sexual Awakening for Women
A free online teleseminar with Shakti Malan Ph.D. on 6 October 2015, 9am Pacific Time.
Join me for a life, interactive, online teleseminar in which I will be exploring with you seven pathways for Flying Higher and Diving Deeper into Feminine Sexual Essence.The call is free a
nd open to all women. This event introduces the next level of my teaching available for women who are already grounded in the Sexual Awakening for Women work.


Introduction to Jade Egg Practice

14 March 6 - 9.30pm Phakalane, Hout Bay Cape Town   A jade egg is a small egg made of jade that is inserted into the yoni. The jade egg practice comes from ancient China, where it was taught to women in the royal courts as a secret practice to obtain the powers of longevity,…

9 Keys to Sexual Awakening for Women

For too long have women been disconnected from the sacred power of their sexual essence. Now is the time to rediscover and ignite the profound wisdom held in our sexual bodies as women. On 24 January at 9am Pacific Time, I am offering a free webinar for all women who wish to live from their essence…


Sexual Awakening for Women Personal Intensive and Facilitators Training Retreat

Sexual Awakening for Women Personal Intensive and Facilitators Training Retreat 7 - 19 November 2017 Southern Cape, South Africa   Imagine spending 12 days in the lush, earthy wilderness of Africa reconnecting to the natural state of your womanly body – as a channel for the power of life itself, creating the shapes of love…


Awakening Your Feminine Essence 4-Day Retreat (Norway)

Fykse Hordaland

In this in-person retreat, we will embark on an experiential journey of opening to the flow of feminine sexual energy. Sexual energy is, at its most expanded level, the power that animates all of existence.(Shakti!) It is the movement of consciousness coming into form and it moves through a woman’s body differently to the flow in a man’s body. Because our world has so idealized the masculine during the last 5000 years of patriarchy, our idea of sexuality has unfortunately become quite masculinized. NOW is the time for women to rediscover our own sacred sexual essence and for that to take place, we are called to dive deeply into the inner spaces of our sacred sexual bodies. Opening this flow happens through the clearing of blocks that manifest in our consciousness as contractions in the chakras or energy vortexes in the body and its energy field.