Everything will in time turn into its opposite. But…how does that work?

There is a fascinating but little recognized law of existence that says:

“Everything will in time turn into its opposite.”

What this phrase points to is that due to the polarized nature of duality – which is the orientation we unconsciously live our lives in – opposites will inevitably flow back and forth between each other: what is considered “bad” will inevitably become what is considered “good,” and what is considered “good” will inevitably become what is considered “bad.”

So long as we are identified with being drawn to one thing and repelled by another, we continue living unconsciously in duality, sliding endlessly back and forth between opposites.  This will only stop when we explore and understand our attractions and repulsions, and thaw out and re-integrate the frozen energies underneath them that have been residing in our unconscious, in the shadow.

But how does this affect our sexuality expression and eroticism?

Your eroticism is a gateway to the unconscious. 

The fantasies, erotic dreams and patterns that are alive for you (eg. your choice of partner/s) are all clues that can potentially lead to the re-integration of aspects of yourself that have been denied, repressed, frozen and rejected. 

The only way through is the way through!

The only way to no longer be a prisoner of desires and fears, attractions and repulsions, is to face them, live them, immerse in them, move through them. Being total with ourselves means being willing to go to the depth of experience that this moment offers us, and this includes experiencing all of our unconscious desires and fears, as well as the sensations, emotions and thoughts that these desires and fears evoke. 

Erotic work embraces the desire, even if it’s taboo, that’s present

Sexual desire becomes loaded when it touches taboo, or that which is deemed ‘not permissible’ or ‘evil’. Our patterning as to what is taboo is greatly influenced by the collective and is also very personal and influenced by our uniquely individual life experiences and journey. 

“Whatever you are considering ‘bad’ in truth has as much good in it as bad. Resist a thing and you strengthen that thing. Oppose a thing and you become that thing.” – Rahasya Advait

Erotic and sexual shadow integration work helps liberate us from our habitual patterns and conditioned ways of being and feeling as well as from the push-pull of attraction and repulsion. 

Here are some examples of patterns that drop away in people through erotic integration work:

  • Subliminal feelings of guilt or obligation
  • Over-achievement and hyper-alertness
  • Survival fears and survival-drivenness
  • Strong splits in perception between good and evil, right and wrong
  • Hypersensitivity or numbness to any form of affection or intimacy

Why bother with this re-integration? 

Because it is a potent pathway to self-realization and to the recognition of who you truly are: all that is.  New capacities to feel, as well as be present and spacious, come online.  The freedom and wisdom that lies on the other side of this exploration is worth the journey.  All of it!

An opportunity to learn about yourself

Each of the 7 modules in our upcoming mini-course Basic Sexual Shadow Work will reveal to you an enormous amount about yourself and how to navigate the murky terrain of personal and collective sexual shadow themes – whilst holding all ideas and sensations with love, clarity and acceptance.

We are excited to share this journey into the Shadow with you.

PS. One of the themes we’ll be addressing in the upcoming Basic Sexual Shadow Work 7-week mini course is: Facing Your Fears. In this module we will learn about how our fears impact our eroticism and we’ll also discover how our biggest desires are linked to our biggest fears! 

Registration is open now until Thursday 14th May. We are offering a Covid-19 discount price of $197 to everyone who enrolls. (50% off our regular price of $395). And you can retake the course when we offer it in the future – for free! – as many times as you like. 

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