Finding True Love…

“Deep down, we all wanted to Truly Love each other but we had been under a spell for so long that we just could not remember how, so instead we hated and blamed ourselves and others.

This was a terrible situation since only True Love could break the ancient spell, but who could travel beyond the veil of forgetting and remember again how to make True Love real?

You. You dear reader, are the heroine or hero of this story. We humbly invite you to decide not to leave the job of remembering up to anyone else.”

This is an excerpt from a course that I am currently doing on love and relationships, in which we are exploring myths and fairytales and the deep truths they contain.

One such proclaimed truth that I have often heard, is the notion that we are ‘creating our own reality’, and that our separateness from each other and the circumstances that we find ourselves in is merely an illusion.

This quantum physics stance can be challenging to wrap our heads around. It certainly was for me! Back in 2010 before I did the Soulmate Within course with Shakti Malan, I was quite “happily” occupying the victim stance where all my relationships (or lack thereof) were certainly not because of anything to do with me…

In fact, according to me, I was completely open to relationship and just one Tinder date away from meeting my Prince Charming…

All I had to do was arrive on time, be appropriately dressed, act coy on cue and all would be well…

Unfortunately…. I was sorely mistaken.

As it turns out, I’ve since discovered loads of crucial information about how I am absolutely creating my reality! Especially in the realm of relationships and how our outer dynamics and manifestations are very much reflective of the internal inner workings between the parts of me.

With Shakti’s guidance, myself and a group of students embarked on a journey in which we identified the inner masculine and feminine ‘players’ – the cast of characters which make up the movies of our lives.

Through this process I was able to lovingly (and with many great laughs too) fall in love with the parts of myself which I, (and most likely the rest of society at large) had regarded as very “non-PC”.

I found compassion for my inner Lost Boy, and gained insight into the fear and control obsessed aspects of my inner Queen of Hearts who declared “off with his head’ every time she felt double crossed or betrayed.

This was a critical step in beginning to really discover who I was and which parts of ‘me’ had more airtime than others. Allowing the process of discovery and loving more of myself…the good, the bad and the ugly.

It’s not always easy to look into the mirror of our creations, as often the monsters that stare back at us are frightening and intimidating, but it has been said, that the first step to change is awareness.

Knowing what is there, gives us the power to bring conscious awareness, choice and action to our unconscious creations.

Through making this my mission, (which has certainly been a heroine’s journey with multiple twists and turns) I’ve refined the ability to re-write my relationship story, taking responsibility for and developing mastery in creating my own dream.

From being the victim waiting to be rescued by Prince Charming and feeling all the frustrations of “why is this happening / not happening to me”… I’ve arrived at a place in my life where I’ve actually manifested a real Prince Charming – a relationship in which we are able to play with our characters to our hearts content…letting all our ‘villains’ and ‘hero’s’ be seen and understood.

Over the next few weeks I will share more of my personal journey with this inner masculine/feminine dialogue and also reveal some other tips and tricks to support you with your own inner discoveries.

With love,

PS. Starting 1 November, I’ll be facilitating a group of intrepid adventurers on a journey of discovery into their inner aspects to meet the faces of the characters which make up your relationship life. Stay tuned to learn more details of this in the coming weeks…



“I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.” ~ William Blake

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