Following the call into the Fire

Today I leave for Spain to join a small group of women to explore ‘Freedom & the Nervous System’. Together, we will learn to welcome the intensity of being ALIVE in Beautiful Bodies of Love on this blue-green planet Earth from whom we are not separate and whose nervous system is so much greater than our own – we will open and expand, relax and let-go…we will plug into Her and rewire ourselves! 

I am so grateful for this opportunity to empty out and to become more of who I really am. I feel the immense blessing of living the life that I love and loving the life that I live…  

As a South African, it’s not an easy thing to travel in Europe. You literally have to jump through hoops to get a Schengen Visa. The requirements are as stringent as if applying for a mortgage, honestly!! And our ZAR does not perform favourably when compared with €’s. Not at all. It’s really a privilege to be able to even get on an aeroplane…

After our time together at EcoTara on Gran Canaria, I am hopping across to Copenhagen – Gateway to Møn where I will sit for 5 days with Aisha Salem.  I will enter into the silence softened and wide-open from the ‘work’ we will have done together. This is what I choose…I travel all this way at great financial expense and considerable effort because the longing of my heart calls me and it’s a call that I cannot ignore – a longing that lures me into the fire over and over and over again. 

Recently, I listened to this you-tube clip, This is Your Life,

“You create your own reality. It’s not something you create by staying where you are. If your freedom is something you want…like really want…you jump off that cliff over and over and over…because this life is yours…it’s yours to enjoy. This life is yours to enjoy, yours to investigate, yours to unfold.  So what do you want in your life? It’s all something that you can only answer by listening to that heart… and following it, respecting it, living it…and in that there is no limit, there is no limitation, there is no restriction, there is no-one that you owe that more than yourself. If there is someone you owe that, it is yourself. That’s pretty good news! and also allot of responsibility. But you know what? You were given the gift of this life and with that gift comes responsibility. Everything you do and everything you don’t do is a choice! And in every moment you do have that choice of following that which is True.” – Aisha Salem

This short little clip points to some of the most valuable knowing we can embody on the planet right now:

So what do you want in your life? What do you really, really, really, really want?  This is a very important question to get very, very clear on!  Shakti asked this question over and over again…

If this question is an important one for you (and it really should be!), then you are invited to join us on Sunday 14 July for an interactive conversation on the Power & Purpose of Being Woman in which we will explore these 4 cornerstones of waking up to our true potential.

You create your own reality. That’s pretty good news! and also allot of responsibility.

Yes! Both/and!! But do we really have any other choice than to take responsibility for ALL of it?

It’s not something you create by staying where you are. You must jump off that cliff over and over again. It’s not a one time thing!  Life asks us to take the risk of leaping to the next level of our evolution over and over again. I’m reminded of these lyrics, ‘Let me fall, the one I will become will catch me…’ But YOU have to fall, you have to be willing to take the leap.

This life is yours to enjoy, yours to investigate, yours to unfold.  The social contracts and agreements we have unconsciously made (with our parents, our families, our children, our lovers, our tribes and with each other) as to how we will feel, think, present and behave keep us locked into living mediocre lives. This mediocrity keeps us living inside the box – we think like everyone else, look like everyone else and more or less behave like everyone else. We are mere cogs in the wheel of a patriarchal system that serves the machinery of society rather than the evolution of consciousness. In the infamous words of Bob Marley, ‘None but ourselves can free our minds’. If Freedom is what you long for more than anything else, then only you can claim it, live it, be it. Becoming more of who YOU truly are – is there really any greater Freedom than that? 

You were given the gift of this life. A precious human existence is so amazingly rare. You are ALIVE in a body now. Don’t put off what is essential until tomorrow. This living moment, this actual moment of now – it’s only this living moment of NOW that contains the opportunity. 

And in every moment we have the choice of following that which is True.

Listen to your heart! We were never intended to run our lives from our heads…keep saying YES to your heart. In Sexual Awakening for Women  an Online Personal Intensive starting in August, we will take a profound and transformative journey of discovery together. If you have a persistent & compelling desire to do this ‘work’ like, ‘a moth to the flame’, just like I did, then you are invited to join us for an important conversation on Sunday 14 July in which we will explore the Power & Purpose of Being Woman. 

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It takes courage to follow your initiative…

Find your thing. Find your awe. Live Audaciously! 

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