Freedom is knowing that there is no right and there is no wrong.


In July 2018, Karin Ritchie & I co-facilitated a retreat exploring Freedom & the Nervous System. This retreat was already in the planning when Shakti died and it was with tender delight that we were able to go ahead and offer it to a small group of women. It felt like an incredible honouring of Shakti’s vision & dreaming as well as a celebration and continuance of her work in an entirely organic way. Somatic Presencing was a modality that Shakti was herself investigating, and partnering with Karin was a way to teach and learn simultaneously, something that Shakti was so very skilled at.

“In our bodies and in our sexuality we can be gateways of deep presence, we can start to live the divinity that we are, the divine, blissful glorious essence that we are…through our bodies…we can share that with the whole world so that this planet that we’re living on can start to wake up to who she really is and that everything in this world can be healed through the love that we bring to ourselves and to our experience and our giving of ourselves to presence, to deep presence in the moment.” ~ Shakti Malan

We received such great feedback from last years participants and also so many requests to repeat this offering, that we are delighted to have co-created another opportunity where we can explore this rich terrain together – again hosted by EcoTara Retreat on the Island of Gran Canaria, 5-12 July 2019.

What does true freedom really mean? And why are we so reluctant to take our Freedom?

Our human bodies are the place of a lasting sense of peace and fulfilment. Our beautiful bodies of love are portals to freedom and this unfolding of our true nature is unique for each of us. Gurdjieff stated this so simply and beautifully when he said, “In order to escape from prison, one must first understand that one is in prison.”

We have all experienced traumatic events in our lives which have left us stuck in some form of incomplete defence response – whether conscious and/or unconscious. Experiences ranging from falls, accidents, neglect, direct sexual invasion to emotional incest or sexual innuendo are often too much for us to process at the time they occur and so we find ourselves stuck in fight, flight or freeze. We find ourselves fixed in repeated emotional or physical responses, which leave us feeling helpless and stuck. How can we move from dissociation, over-association and hyper-vigilance into gentle presence exactly as and where we are? We invite you into a gentle and profound experiential exploration of safe ways for releasing the memory of and response to trauma, whereby we reclaim renewed freedom to live fully embodied lives…personally, professionally and intimately. The time for finding our freedom is NOW.

This retreat will be valuable for those individuals who wish to enter more deeply into their own healing process and also for practitioners who are interested in deepening their skills and understanding of trauma.

If you are interested in joining us, you can read more about the retreat here.


The nature of freedom is wildness. It is a universal law that our external findings mirror our inner development…

In August, there is a unique opportunity to remember and reclaim your true essence on a 12-Day Vision Quest for Women with Nature Within.

“The Vision Quest is a time and space for introspection…slowing our pace, creating the possibility and potential for entering into dreamlike states where solitude allows us to fall into our natural rhythm empowering us to discover our true purpose and authentic voice.” ~ Lolla Odendaal

Lolla is a wilderness fasting guide, wild woman and one of the original curators of N’auma! – the land where Shakti did her first Vision Quest with Lance… a process that marked the birth of her work in the world. Lolla & Zuzanka co-facilitate a solo four-day fast that is held within a 12-day wilderness experience as a journey into rediscovering your life purpose and passion.

If you are interested in participating in this profoundly transformational process taking place in South Africa in the Gifberg Mountains, near Van Rhynsdorp, 11 – 22 August 2019, you can find out more here.


“Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances — it is the freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.” ~ Richard Rudd

In October, YOU are invited to join Rhianne, Cora & Courtney on a magical 10-day WILD dolphin adventure reconnecting you with your innate creativity, your passion and spontaneity. This retreat will be an exploration in:

  • Liquid yoga – Resting into the unknown and with no expectations we enter the Mystery. Moving the breath through the body and the body through the breath, our bodies soften, open and expand. We will use music, chanting, ritual & breathwork in our Yoga from within healing practice – relaxing deeply into receptivity.
  • Liquid Breath – Breathwork is the key to consciousness and the breath is the single most powerful tool we have as a force for waking up on the planet right now. Every breath a dolphin takes is conscious and here, the dolphins are our teachers – reminding us that “Bliss is our Birthright”.
  • Liquid Bodies – Using breath, sound & movement we explore the pathways that open as we surrender to sexual energy as a vehicle for awakening. When we enter into the rippling blue flame, time disappears, form becomes less dense and we awaken to the beloved in all things.

Swimming with dolphins is a direct transmission of the liquid state…when they make eye contact with you, they flood you with pure love. Swimming with dolphins is an encounter with the profound and direct intimacy & ecstasy of life. These magnificent, highly intelligent ocean creatures hold nothing back – they dive into every moment with full presence and total delight.

“No matter how relaxed you are, you can always relax more” ~ Cora Verkuilen

If you can hear the calling to participate in this liquid body dolphin swim immersion, you can read more about the retreat here.


PS: On 13th July until 31st July, registration will open for Sexual Awakening for Women, a 9-Month Online Personal Intensive ~ Starting August 2019

If you have been wanting to do this ground-breaking work for some time and been waiting for the right time, the opportunity is now!

During the nine months of the Personal Intensive, we will work through many of the practices in Shakti’s book Sexual Awakening for Women – the culmination of her years of work with thousands of women from across the world (an ebook version is included in the training). By the end of the nine months, these practices and subtle, blissful ways of being in your sexual body will have become your natural state. You will have formed lasting bonds with a group of women from around the world with whom you have shared this journey of discovery and embodiment in a container of rich and meaningful sharing.

“Experience living every day as the Awake Feminine whose sexuality is natural and wild, unfettered by the past, and an expression of deep love and creative abundance.”~ Shakti Malan


The question we must ask ourselves at this time is not, “How can I awaken?” BUT “How can we awaken?”

Here, the Mountains, the Ocean & the Dolphins show us the way. They are our greatest facilitators. Through consciously choosing to immerse ourselves in the wild spaces and places on our mother the earth, we learn to relax deeply into the matter of our bodies, to drop into deep receptivity, penetrated by all of existence…we learn to welcome the intensity of being ALIVE in Beautiful Bodies of LOVE on this blue green planet EARTH from whom we are not separate and who’s nervous system is so much greater than our own – let’s PLUG into HER and rewire ourselves!

We look forward to engaging and awakening together with you.

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