Have you been feeling “frozen” and scared lately? And ways to warm up and feel again.

How are you fairing in these very intense times?

There’s clearly so much happening around our globe, and a lot of it can be really unsettling, upsetting and even downright terrifying. You might find yourself feeling “frozen” at times, unable to think clearly or stay present. We hope you are taking really good care of yourselves in these tender times…

In “triggering” moments, regardless of what big emotion a certain experience is triggering (activating), it can be very easy to “check out” and disassociate from what we are feeling. To distract ourselves with t.v., video games, or social media, to numb ourselves with food or drink, to attempt to hideout in artificially induced good feelings (like with sex or substances) instead of staying with what’s actually happening and what we’re actually feeling in the moment.

These “check out” responses are natural and entirely understandable when we’re feeling scared and overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t want to go hide and find “safety”? Life is scary and overwhelming at times. However… “checking out” when we’re feeling overwhelmed and frozen ultimately does not help us respond authentically to whatever is happening. It keeps us frozen, locked in patterns, and repeating loops of avoidance – in our lives, in our loving, and in the ways we relate with others. We lose awareness of the present moment when we’re not in the present moment.

“Having an awareness means being awake, acting consciously, noticing what’s there, seeing what’s happening, and internalizing our own reality. It’s recognizing the truth of the moment and dealing with what is, not what used to be or what might be later.” From Present Moment Awareness: A Breakdown

We’ll never thaw and restore our natural vitality and ease when we’re trying to avoid something. We also can’t learn new ways to live and love authentically when we’re repeating reactions that originated with past overwhelming experiences from our childhoods. At a certain point, we must find the courage to “face the tiger” of our biggest fears and feel and have compassion for the frightened “frozen child” of our past child-self who is underneath these protective, protected layers. This child is ready to warm up and to be set free.

“It is only with direct contact with fear that you are free” – Krishnamurti

In Module 4 of our upcoming Sexual Shadow Integration Work 9-month online course we explore the themes of fears that keep us “Frozen In the Act,” especially in our sexuality but also in our lives. Fear is fear, and can certainly be found in all areas of our living and loving. What we learn can be applied pretty much universally. Plus we’ll immerse in an understanding of what fear is, how it has been affecting us at all levels of life, and we undertake explorations to begin liberating ourselves from these shackles.

To get you started in this exploration, here is a powerful series of teachings about FEAR by esteemed spiritual teacher, Krishnamurti.

PS. Registration for Sexual Shadow Integration Work 9-month online course is open now until Wednesday 1 July. Register for the course for either a one time payment of $1300 or an easy monthly payment plan of $149 for 10 months.

PPS. Our co-director and senior faculty member Claire Rumore will be featured this Monday 8 June @ 9am Central Africa Time (CAT) on the Sacred Feminine Power Podcast by Emmi Mutale of Feminine Revered speaking about Sexual Shadow Integration Work and the Frozen Child.

To listen to the interview (live on Monday or as a recording after), click here.

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