When my masculine gets too strong

Ok, so we all have an inner masculine. When he is in balance in us, life develops an awesomely streamlined simplicity. The balanced masculine is on target, has one pointed focus and operates from an inner clarity that cuts through the bullshit and gets to the point. Things get done. Goals are achieved. Life runs smoothly. There is no unnecessary emotional processing.

The more balanced he masculine becomes, the more fluidly he responds to that he inspiration and creative impulse if the feminine. They are in one elegant dance together.

But when the masculine starts to take over the show, it’s a different ballgame. I’ll describe how I feel it in myself. There comes a tipping point when that one pointed focus turns into obsession. I have to achieve my goals at all cost – and I’ll drive myself to the ground to do so. My head starts buzzing and I’m riding on adrenaline and dopamine – the excitement of the chase. My mind goes into overdrive and starts to micro-manage every detail of my life. I become Superman – and with the wave of an arm, I eliminate any whisper from my body or heart when it tries to say: “But what are you feeling?” I’m feeling nothing, Superman replies. And that’s just fantastic.

Isn’t it?

Well….yes…but…. It depends on how long you keep it up. Depending on the strength of your override, one day you find yourself inexplicably exhausted, depressed or in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Life seems to have lost meaning, although everything is running smoothly.

And that’s because… You have become a mean machine with no real relationship to your feminine. You discover that she’s not just there to feed you. She is your muse. She is your gateway to all that is meaningful. Your mean machine has lost its purpose.

Recognizing that this is so, is your key to liberation. Now you can do something about this imbalance in you. Like having a conversation with your feminine. She’s likely pissed off and not so keen to re-engage you. But with enough love, it can be done.

If you feel like you’d like some support with this process, I have just the opportunity for you. Starting 23 May 2017 I will be re-launching my live online course called The Soulmate Within – a 7 week onlye course to ignite your inner love affair. 

I invite you to join me for 7 weeks of practicing some principles and technologies that can radically transform your inner and outer relationship life.

In this course you will…

● Get to meet, own and pull back your projections on to others
● Meet the many faces of your inner masculine and feminine
● Face your subconscious relationship gremlins and gargoyles in a fun and playful way
● Discover how accurately men and women in your life mirror your inner relationship dynamic
● Learn how to have powerful, real conversations between your masculine and feminine
● Discover simple, powerful keys for transforming your outer relationship
● Get expert guidance on how to overcome hurdles in the deepening of this love affair
● Get grounded in how to take your sex life to the next level through doing the inner work

To bring that awesome, juicy lover into your life – you must fall in love with yourself first!

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