Based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Claire has been on a multi-decade journey of reclaiming connection to her feminine essence, which she cut herself off from at a young age, favouring her perception of the privilege and power of masculinity over the seeming weakness of the feminine.  Meeting Shakti Malan in 2010 fortified this reclamation and empowered Claire in ways she could have never anticipated.   Now a decade later Claire is a skillful guide for individuals and couples into understanding their sexuality, gender, identity, and relationship through a Tantric lens.  She’s a particularly helpful resource for other women who rejected or never were in touch with their feminine sides.  Claire has a background in human sexuality, Tantric spirituality, and sex education, as well as coaching, somatic counseling, and dance.  She was a senior student of Shakti Malan from 2012-2017, and has been teaching with the Shakti Shiva Academy ever since.

Specialities: Shadow work, Somatic counselling and coaching, mindfulness and meditation, Sexual Awakening for Women, Erotic Blue Prints, Attachment Styles, and explorations in Conscious Hedonism - or the embrace of desire and pleasure as a path for Awakening

To view more about the work that Claire offers you can view her website and book a session here.