My name is Orla Quinn and I'm an Intimacy & Relationship Coach.  I love to help couples create their 5 Star Relationship.

I am a qualified and experienced teacher and facilitator and have enjoyed a long career of doing both in the formal teaching sector and in international development, educating and advocating on international and local human rights. I have a MA in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism and dedicated a chapter of my life to grassroots activism here in Ireland.  Since leaving my 'professional career' and hanging up my ‘campaign boots’ I've been fully dedicated to & immersed in stepping into my soul mission of creating 5 Star partnerships.

I believe relationships are the vehicle to today’s conscious evolution and it starts with your most intimate relationship.  Two people and the magic they co-create can shape the world like the flutter of a butterfly’s wing.

Today I help couples create their 5 Star Relationship through my 8 week Program. I use a combination of couple consultation, teaching methodology & skills based training to deliver a consensual communication, sensual touch and conscious connection curriculum that promises to reset relationships to 5 Star Potential.

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