Growing up in a home where his father was a sex therapist, Obs and Gynae, from an early age Paul developed an open curiosity and respect for the gravitas of sex and its vibrant intersection with pleasure, intimacy, consciousness, spirit and human potential.

Author, artist, songwriter, dental specialist and a perennial and curious student of life and what it means to thrive in a body and relate consciously, Paul realised early on that the potency and currency of our exploration into this vibrant intersection has (at least in the West) been wholly underestimated. That when we begin to investigate, celebrate and harvest from the rich landscape of our own private “sex intersection” of pleasure, intimacy and consciousness outside of the old inherited cultural artefacts, all aspects of our lives are elevated to the extraordinary, and a new vitality and luminosity begin to abound.

A student of Shiatsu, dance and 14 years of journeying with hundreds of men in leadership, facilitation training and mentorship, Paul was initiated by Shakti into the philosophy and body practices of conscious sexuality and was certified by her as a practitioner in Totality Therapy. He later went on to complete his dissertation in Human Sexuality at the IASHS in San Francisco, California.

With a particular focus on heterosexual relationships, Paul believes that our inheritance is a precarious narrative, which encourages the antithesis of what is truly possible in communication, intimacy and sex. That we all have far more to offer as we seek to find expression of a new evolutionary heterosexuality - one more aligned with current global awakening consciousness.

His new book SEXED – Hardwired by Nature – Evolving by Choice, reflects Paul’s passionate commitment in the therapeutic space to journey alongside men and women who long to discard old personal and cultural “sex” artefacts and discover a bold new sense of sexual self–agency and their own “extraordinary”.

“Maybe one day you will write a sexual awakening book for men?” ...was Shakti’s mischievous response way back in 2012 when Paul congratulated Shakti on the publication of her book “Sexual Awakening for Women”. In fact, his writing was already in process.

SEXED: Hardwired by Nature, Evolving by Choice is a new vision for men and sex, intimacy, biology, connection and selfhood. Its a book for men and also a book for the women who love them and is now available on Amazon and other platforms in kindle, e book and POD versions. You can find Paul at

Specialties include: Intimacy coaching and Presencing , sexual shadow work, Erotic Blueprinting, somatic sensate coaching, Advait Tantra (non-duality), Body de-armouring, inner child work and cognitive therapy, conscious communication, masculine/feminine integration work and mindful meditation.