"As an alchemist of human growth and transformation and dancer of inner worlds, she finds the magic in human lives and enables people to own their own growth and transformation."


Based in South Africa, Tiffany managed The Academy since its inception and working side-by-side with Shakti since she took her work into the online and digital world in 2013 until 2020.

Other than being responsible for the strategic planning, managing and directing the practicalities and operations of the courses and academy, Tiffany is also a trained facilitator, coach and shamanic family systems constellator. She has a passion for psychological processes and shadow work integration specializing in facilitating deep and insightful inner work dialogues using a practice to access our inner relationship dynamics through reflections in our external relating. She takes a no-nonsense approach in the seeking of radical clarity through honesty and often asking uncomfortable questions.

She is a woman of enormous courage, intellect and beauty and is the mother of two beautiful girls.

Specialities: Shadow work, Soulmate Within Course, Radical Self-Acceptance, Relationships (Desire for, Dealing with, Recovering from), Couples Counselling, Inner Parts work, Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine Dynamics, Family Systems and Family Constellations.

To enquire about booking a one-on-one personal session you can email her here. You can also view more about the work that she offers on her personal website.

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