"As an alchemist of human growth and transformation and dancer of inner worlds, she finds the magic in human lives and enables people to own their own growth and transformation."

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Tiffany has a passion for psychological processes and shadow work integration. She is relentless about “getting to the bottom of things” and figuring out how something works so that she can resolve whatever challenge being faced. This can show up like troubleshooting a technological glitch or diving deep into the underlying motivations of the human mind in order to figure out why certain behaviours or patterns are showing up.

Through her own personal journey exploring modalities such as tantra, codependency, love addiction and avoidance, process work, family systems, hermeticism, magic and psychological alchemy, Tiffany has gained a deep understanding of how the messy human moves through the world.

Tiffany is adept at seeing and listening to the “things not being said”, the reading between the lines of what is hanging in the air… between the words spoken and the movements made. She can eloquently decipher the information of the unconscious or hidden dynamics, which are seeking to be known and included.

Tiffany now shares her skills in her private practice, working with people who are looking to understand themselves or their partners more. This sometimes shows up as couples counselling and coaching, sometimes it shows up as corporate conflict resolution or even family dynamics and processing and sometimes it shows up as a personal individual deep dive to move beyond existing patterning to solve for achieving something new (be that in a form of a relationship, grow a business, improved financial success etc). You will have a chance to meet her on some of the Shakti Shiva Academy group programs, where she brings her wisdom and quirky perspectives when dealing with the uncovering of the hidden psyche.

Specialities: Shadow work, Internal and External Relationship Dynamics, Radical Self-Acceptance, Couples Counselling, Conflict Negotiation and Resolution, Inner Parts work, Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine Dynamics, Family Systems and Family Constellations.

To enquire about booking a one-on-one personal session you can email her here. You can also view more about the work that she offers on her personal website, or join her 22-part personal exploration JOURNEY to explore your inner wisdom..