We believe it’s possible to fall deeply in love with yourself, no matter what choices or mistakes you’ve made in the past.


We believe you can move through life and all its challenges without being thrown off course.


We believe understanding + owning your desire - sexual and otherwise - is one of the most empowering, freeing things you can do.


And we believe our work can help you do that.

Who we are

We’re two women who have stood where you stand.

Yes, we have decades of training and piles of certifications. But - more importantly - we’re humans who have felt disconnected from our bodies, disappointed by our relationships, and victims of our circumstances.

Shakti’s work changed all that for us. We know if it can change our lives, it can change yours, too.

Claire Rumore - Co-director + Senior Faculty

I grew up attending private Catholic schools in the American South and emerged with all the hang ups and judgements you could expect from that environment. I spent years untangling myself from a very masculine approach to working and showing up in the world. When I discovered Shakti Malan’s work in 2010, my life cracked open.

I trained with Shakti from 2010 until her death in 2017, produced numerous events for her and helped her launch Totality Therapy, our most in-depth offering and professional certification track at the Shakti Shiva Academy.

I am also trained in sexual health, shadow work, mindfulness + meditation, Sexual Awakening for Women, and Somatic counseling with an emphasis on attachment styles and love languages. In 2021 I became a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach. I am based in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas.



Rhianne van der Linde - Co-director + Senior Faculty

In 2007, my life imploded. After a layoff and a breakup, I was heartbroken, exhausted, and overwhelmed. It was obvious that the way I’d been navigating life up to that point -  aggressively ambitious, strategic, masculine - wasn’t working anymore.

One day, I saw a tiny advertisement in the back of a wellness publication:
“Uncoiling The Snake: A women’s retreat with Shakti Malan.” That was my
introduction to Shakti’s work and - like Claire - my life changed forever.
I organized and participated in almost every retreat
Shakti ran.

I’ve worked intimately with teachers and masters
like Aisha Salem, Dan Brulé, Valentina Leo, Rahasya Advait and
Barnes. I am trained in breathwork, dreamwork, shadow
exploration + integration, body de-armouring and embodiment practices. I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We’re also proud to host a rotating group of incredible guest teachers and other faculty, each with their own skill set and expertise.

Who we serve

We serve anyone who wants to become more of who they are and awaken to their messy, wonderful, here-and-now life. We adored Shakti; our work does not seek to turn you into Shakti … or us or any other spiritual teacher.

Many of our students and clients (including ourselves) have achieved “traditional success” through a masculine approach to life - constant striving, strategy, and pushing. They have everything they’ve been told they should want, but feel unfulfilled.

They’re ready to evolve into the next version of themselves using the tools of compassion, pleasure, and desire.

(Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?)

What you can do next: 


We’re so glad you’re here and we can’t wait to help you on your journey.