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Love Evolves:
What Is An Evolutionary Relationship?

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Ready to move beyond painful patterns into a healing experience of love and unity?

In this masterclass, evolutionary teacher Patricia Albere will share with you the reality of evolutionary relationships and how to access them in your own life.

You will:

  • Discover the power and significance of the evolution of love.
  • Awaken to a deeper longing for the true potentials of shared love and unity.
  • Learn how longing is the key for transforming the possibilities for your relationships.
  • Find out how the evolutionary background frequencies for existence determine what can be lived and known.

Relationships exist on many different levels of consciousness. An “Evolutionary Relationship” is a particular and unique opportunity to live and evolve within multidimensionally all-encompassing love. And doesn’t even have to be a romantic relationship!

Sounds next level, right?!

The range of potentials and possibilities are indeed real and beyond what we normally consider for ourselves.

An evolutionary relationship allows you to know, explore, develop and embody the highest evolutionary potentials that exist for human beings together.

Join us and learn more!

Shakti Shiva Academy has been created as a quantum learning portal empowering you to discover the essence of who and what you are as well as to embody that in your life and your sexuality.

Unlike most academies, this one cares deeply about your body, your being, and your humanity. Our intention is to give you access to your pure potential and unique essence as an individual - empowering you to find your wings and fly.

The Academy was founded by Shakti Malan (pictured to the right) in 2017. In the years before her death, she shared her transmissions, wisdom and experience from her deepest vulnerability and humanness. This ethos of depth, vulnerability and honoring of the human and divine sides of self continue at the Academy.

The Academy is led and managed by co-directors Claire Rumore & Rhianne van der Linde, who studied and worked alongside Shakti for many years. They are honored to be working in collaboration with various trusted colleagues and facilitators in this learning space, all of whom have had direct exposure to, as well as immersion in, Shakti's teachings and/or whose teachings resonate closely with the essence of Shakti's work in the world.




Shakti Shiva Academy is a quantum learning portal for discovering your unique essence as an expression of Life’s Essence - and cultivating the art of embodying that in your life and your sexuality.

Founded by Shakti Malan in 2017, the Academy has two tracks of programs based on the body of work developed by Shakti over the course of her career.

The first is a pathway of learning and facilitation training specifically focused on feminine sexual essence. Based on Shakti's book Sexual Awakening for Women, the Academy provides a facilitation training program to become a certified Sexual Awakening for Women facilitator. Through this program you will be trained to bring the awareness and focus of reclaiming the feminine, which is much needed for this world that has become hyper-masculine in a painfully distorted way.

The second current is open to all genders and invites you to a radical exploration of your potential through the excavation of your shadow and sexuality. It is radical in that this work invites you to constantly meet the edges of who you perceive yourself to be, both in your sexuality and with your conscious and unconscious creations.

Our work here goes against the direction of much modern Tantric practice which is only interested in having you feel good and having a fantastic sexual experience. Through the trainings we offer, you will shift from "feeling better" to "feeling more".  You will then grow up instead of fill up.

We very much look forward to supporting you on your journey of deep self-examination and personal and professional development.



POSTPONED. New Dates in 2022 TBC. Freedom & the Nervous System, a 7-day Retreat for women (Cape Town – South Africa)
Fynbos Estate
Join Karin Ritchie and Rhianne van der Linde for Freedom & the Nervous System, a 7-day Retreat for w...



Death: The Only Certainty!

Death: The Only Certainty! by Rahasya Advait, guest facilitator at the Shakti Shiva Academy From the perspective of being alive, the only thing we can know as a certainty is that we will die. By resisting that fact, as individuals, cultures and as humanity, we divert our minds from the Dharma (by which I mean “existence itself as it is” – not the teachings about it). Resistance becomes avoidance, avoidance becomes fear, fear limits our degrees of freedom, limiting our degrees of freedom limits our lives … and death – the ultimate limitation of life was what we were trying to avoid awareness of in the first place! Just as with computers, the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) syndrome applies. Introducing such a fundamental error into our thinking messes significantly with our thinking processes, conscious and unconscious (though not, fortunately, with our subconscious).  Avoiding the awareness of death multiplies itself as an error in our modeling of our world and our acceptance/awareness of our eternally current reality. We (by which I…


Breaking Free From the Cycle of the Victim-Rescuer-Persecutor Drama Triangle ~ by Shakti Malan

(This is a blog post originally written by Shakti Malan on Sunday 13 December 2009) Much of the work of Tantra is about uncovering and integrating what has been lying hidden in the unconscious. The unconscious is where we store all suppressed experience, which includes all experiences that were too much for us to feel to their depths at the time of their happening. This can be anything from a sexual violation to the first time our mothers decided not to breast feed us any more. If the feelings that came up as a consequence of the incident were too much for you to deal with at the time, they would have been stored in the unconscious. Feelings only move through once they have been felt. Why are we interested in integrating matter from the subconscious? Tantra is about your awakening – waking up to the truth of who you really are. On the way there, we get to face all illusions we have been holding on to. Repressed experience…


How To Do Existential Kink – the simple (but not easy) steps of this remarkably effective polarity integration methodology

How to Do Existential Kink Meditation – written by Carolyn Elliott   So there are basically three steps to Existential Kink meditation. I’ll discuss those in a moment, but first… –A Note of Caution– If you’re currently depressed, I do not recommend trying to do Existential Kink meditation, as you might just end up more frustrated. Why? Because Existential Kink requires some healthy levels of energy and perspective and humor to work, and those are qualities we lack when we’re depressed. So if you currently have depression, I would recommend that you first focus on pulling yourself out of that swamp before you embark on this kind of intensive shadow integration work. Brahmavihara Cultivation is something that can help a great deal with depression. I’ve also found that it’s best to approach Existential Kink meditation when you’re calm and in a relatively good mood. So if you’re very upset at a given situation, I recommend that you first use the Consciousness Focusing method described by Ken Keyes Jr. in the Handbook to Higher Consciousness to get centered and to…


Rest into the center of life’s

current moving through 

and as you. Attuning to this place of


with yourSelf is your only task and

direction in this life. 

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Being Your Own Best Lover

In this audio, I guide you to connect to your inner sensual body through breath, subtle movement, sound and visualization. Experience the bliss that is inherent in your body, waiting to be awakened through loving awareness.

How many of us have ever received guidance on how to make love to ourselves? Masturbation can be exciting, but ultimately not deeply fulfilling. In Meditation for Being your Own Best Lover, I guide you in:

  • truly meeting yourself in love
  • communicating self love into your own body
  • connecting to the subtle movement of sexual energy through the body, and
  • accessing bliss in your body that is lasting because it is real.



Sexual Awakening For Women Ebook

This book takes women on an experiential journey to awaken the deep feminine in our sexuality. The practices, case studies and theory create a systematic journey of releasing the main blocks in the flow of women’s sexual energy. Through the softening, the returning to ourselves and the opening to sensual bliss in our bodies, women awaken to the true nature of our sexual ecstasy.