Some feedback during the call

"I'm sensing the enormous potential deep in my body and I can see how I avoid going there. it's the scariest and the most exciting prospect. I feel like I have experience dropping down before but for some.,reason it has eluded me. I'm crying because it feels beautiful and scary."

Berdine, South Africa

"we have a duty to empower and enlighten ourselves and the next generations. being a woman of BEingness and aliveness. to BE. To root and rise and be in harmony and bliss x"

Fran, England

"I feel that as a woman, I am responsible to forgive, release the past, and be an example of pure joy, love, kindness, tolerance, and acceptance as I create my life experiences moving forward."


"Thank you, this is my first time joining the Shakti Academy group in any event and it brings so much bliss. Thank you again"

Maryna, Botswana

"Thank you many take aways from today… taking responsibility, knowing that embracing who we are will likely lead to a period of chaos before truly stepping into power, the importance of connecting to lower chakras especially to establish and respect boundaries… Very powerful, thank you, namaste"


"Such a gorgeous sharing! Thank you Women of Wisdom and Wildness xxx"

Heidi, South Africa

"So very happy you 3 are moving this work forward. I personally feel that I have walked out of a dark cave into light. I am blinded and also highly motivated to learn to open not just for myself but for all the other women who wish light. Thank you thank you!!!!"

Jan, USA



At the end of this call, we make reference to an upcoming course: Sexual Awakening for Women. To learn more about this program you can VIEW HERE.

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