Principles of Love – Words from Mother Mary

I received the following download while I was at John of God in Brazil and would like to share it with you here.

Beloved, I am Mother Mary. Thank for listening. For as long as human beings hold the perception that you are not love, you will always feel a shortage of love, and will believe that God is against you, that divine love is biased, that it is unfair, that it is something that you have to earn. You will always feel yourselves victims to the seemingly unpredictable movement of love.

But love does not move unpredictably. It follows precise laws. Those laws are of a higher order than your current awareness reaches on planet earth. That is why you need our help. We in the heavenly realms operate according to the principles of love – all the time. And again I repeat: This is not an effort to us – this is an expression of our joy. I know it is hard for you to believe that it’s possible to live in a constant state of love, but it is. In your world, love is a state you at times reach into, and those times feel quite magical and timeless.

Take note of how you are feeling right now. You are at one with the swaying of the trees, the sound of the leaves, the movement of time, the flow of human activity around you. Time does not matter and there is nowhere to go. There is a state of innocence in your being, a gratitude, that has you breathe more deeply. Nobody can take this away from you. You simply shift out of the state because your attention gets drawn away. This is a matter of habit, there is no greater truth to it. Your environment does not prohibit your access to the state of love.

Let me clarify. Love is not a state. It is who you are. The love that you are is often hidden from you like a pearl hidden in the oyster. At such times, you have to navigate by your knowing and not by your feeling state. Here are some principles of love for you to be aware of:

  • Loving does not mean rescuing. When you rescue, you are expressing your own desperation that comes from the belief that you are separate from God and that God does not love you. Oftentimes that belief is supported by guilt and shame – strategies your spiritual superego uses to keep you down and separate from knowing yourself as the love that you are.
  • The reflections that you receive from others – particularly other humans – do not indicate whether you are loved, or even lovable. When you get a reflection that seems to be an expression of not-love, look at it as a way in which love expresses the tender pain of not being seen. Let your heart soften and open to anyone who in any moment is not able to express love to you.
  • Love does not mean reaching or effort. Get this clearly. You are so conditioned in the Western mind – and also in the far East – to reach and to effort. This makes you part of the money machine, and turns even love into a commodity to be earned.
  • What is love then? Love in its upper octave is pure joy. It is the joy of simply being yourself and delighting in that.
  • Love in its lower octave is the expansion of your sense of your own magnificence as a unique expression of the divine. Like a lion on the prairie, let your self revel in the glory of who you are as a specific manifestation of divine essence. This will not make you haughty – on the contrary, it will keep your ego in check.
  • Love is abundant. This is the message of Lakshmi. Wherever you see lack, question yourself. Yes, there are many expressions on this planet that look like lack. But really, they are expressions of abundance in hiding. Look at your own life. You had to get cancer to recognize the enormous flood of goodwill that is available to you from ordinary humanity – not enlightened beings, but people just like you. Sometimes suffering opens people’s hearts. Sometimes it brings them to their knees. All these are ways in which love comes to more fullness.
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