3 Gateways into Woman’s Body Divine – Recorded Webinar with Shakti Malan


A recorded webinar with Shakti Malan to discover how to enter into your sexual body and access the flow of feminine bliss.


3 Gateways into Woman’s Body Divine

How to enter into your Sexual Body and Access the Flow of Feminine Bliss


We women have been conditioned to believe that we can only enter our erotic bodies through the sexual meeting with a man. Women, how many times have you left your own feeling body to meet the beloved? Did you know that the bliss you are looking for in lovemaking will only open in your cells when you fall in love with yourself?  In this webinar, Shakti invites Women back into the Inner Palace of our Sexual and Sensual Bodies. We are called to return to ourselves as the first beloved – and then only, when our cup is full, to bring the ambrosia of this meeting to the beloved outside.


Before patriarchy, it was clearly understood by all that a woman’s body was the Temple of the Divine. It is time to remember this again, and to become temple priestesses of our own sexual inner chambers. it is time to remember that our sexual bodies are sacred, and to re-discover how to perform the temple rites of the body that activates our sexual essence.

When our sexual essence wakes up, it becomes the force of Kundalini or awakened life force – the universal river of life that streams through all sentient beings and enlivens all that is.

to return to our round undulating bodies,

to feel ourselves from the inside out,

to leave behind to goal oriented pushing for orgasm

to become soft, open, tender and vulnerable

to listen and sense inwards

to step into the unknown and discover who we truly are.


Through working with thousands of woman around the world, Shakti came to see these 3 Gateways to entering Woman’s Body Divine:


Gateway #1: Turn your Eyes towards Yourself

shutterstock_34405990Through the gateway of the head, we turn our sense perception inwards and start to ‘perceive’ our bodies from inside and bow down in wonder at our endless beauty. When the third eye turns on we start to perceive the subtle inner miracle of the body. We activate mystical sexual centers such as the upper palate and release the nervous system into deep relaxation through the dorsal vagal nerve that runs down the sides of the face. On all levels, we are being prepared to enter bliss.



Gateway #2: Opening the Flowering Heart

shutterstock_34705735When the heart opens and we learn to truly fall in love with ourselves, energy starts to stream through the chest and radiates out as a blessing to the beloveds we meet outside. The activation of love in the body is the key that initiates our sexual energy; without it, we may have energy, but it lacks sweetness.




Gateway #3: Discovering the Sexual Body

shutterstock_305821847A woman’s sexual body is like a flower waiting to be called open by the light of the sun. The sun is the light of presence in which we are truly seen. The opening of woman’s body takes place in our inner sexual recesses. To discover the mysteries of this opening in our own bodies as women, we can do with a wise crone as guide into these subtle realms. I am offering myself to you as guide into the feminine mysteries on this call.





About Shakti Malan, Ph.D.

Shakti MalanShakti had a profound passion for the feminine, and she believed that the awakening of female sexual energy is a key to the spiritual awakening of the world in our day. She facilitated the discovery of female sexual energy to many women across the world over a decade.

Her book Sexual Awakening for Women and the course based on the book create a space for women to discover the deep feminine and to open to their true magnificence in deep resonance with the masculine. For more than a decade, Shakti supported women in many countries to reconnect with their sexual essence, creative freedom and spontaneous wildness, to release sexual trauma, and to transform ancestral patterning.

Shakti held a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, a discipline that has taught her to work with collective consciousness in groups and in holding a global field of possibility for women around their sexuality.


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