Sacred Songs for Ritual, Ceremony and Personal Power



Lauren Sweet is a Shamanic Healer, Astrologer, EFT & Matrix Reimprining Practitioner, sacred singer and artist. She has been creating ritual and ceremony for 23 years. Her menopause journey is in its 9th year and her serpent power is rising…

Her song yani yoni ya hu wey ney has been sung by circles of women on retreat with Shakti and by circles of women everywhere…
This album contains the following songs:
Sacred songs for ritual, ceremony and personal power
1. neesa (2:36)
2. under the full moon light (3:01)
3. the spirit of the wind (4:23)
4. yani yoni ya hu wey ney (3:44)
5. lady spin your circle bright (3:34)
6. earth mother (4:20)
7. deep deep (3:12)
8. i walk in beauty (3:33)
9. earth mother i honour your body (4:20)
10. air moves us (2:31)
11. changing woman (3:50)
12. the spirit of the plants (6:05)
13. we all come from the goddess (2:46)
14. one planet (3:22)
15. i am a circle (2:47)
16. earth my body (3:58)


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