Sexual Awakening For Women Ebook

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This book takes women on an experiential journey to awaken the deep feminine in our sexuality. The practices, case studies and theory create a systematic journey of releasing the main blocks in the flow of women’s sexual energy. Through the softening, the returning to ourselves and the opening to sensual bliss in our bodies, women awaken to the true nature of our sexual ecstasy.

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12 reviews for Sexual Awakening For Women Ebook

  1. Giulia Criscuolo

    On my wonder-filled journey of healing, becoming, and awakening, the most transformational work/ deep dive has been that of embodiment of the practices and stuff that I have learned along the way. When what I know in my head becomes a deeper knowing in the cells of my body, in the essence of my being, in the textured layers of my psyche, then I discover freedom, truth, love, joy, peace and a deep homecoming to all of this. And for me, this was made possible by doing the exercises in “Sexual Awakening for Women”. There are so many practical, accessible and effective practices in Shakti’s book that can be done on your own, or, even better, with a group of sisters, and these practices are truly and deeply healing. Going on this journey of self discovery with a companion book like this one, is a blessing and a gift, a great comfort and a light on your path that only YOU can walk.

  2. Claire Rumore

    Having worked closely with Shakti both as a student and a client since 2010, I can say this workbook is a beautiful conglomeration of some of her most inspiring teachings that includes personal shares from Shakti as well as other of her real life students, clients, and colleagues. In this way, the initiation that the book takes you through feels like a communal experience — that the Circle of All Women is holding your hand as you journey and journal your way into and through the layers of self-judgment, limitation, and recrimination about sexuality that may have previously characterized your experiences. If you have ever wanted to get beyond the limitations of the sexual conditioning you grew up with and arrive at a place of intimate connection with your body, your mind, your emotions, and beyond, this book definitely shows the way. I found it to be written in an encouraging tone, with enough practicality for my left (Masculine) brain and enough spirituality & creative exercises for my right (Feminine) brain. I’m so enchanted by this book that I’m making it required reading for my own students and clients.

  3. itsjanbull (verified owner)

    For me, Sexual Awakening for Women has been less like a book and more like an intimate, written women’s circle. It is alive. Alive with the gentle guiding voice of Shakti Malan and the many women’s experiences. It is filled with a progression of beautiful practices that have enlivened my sexuality and core life force for the first time. I am 62, it is never too late. Shakti provides a great deal of clarifying information about our sexuality and the difference between goal-oriented sex versus languid sensual connection with ourselves and a partner. But another amazing gift of this book, is that its written as a practice guide, so that any of us who are so moved can create womens circles and share this awakening process with many other women. I wish you the best in your awakening journey. ~Jan

  4. Rachel Schafer

    This book and the beautiful work of Shakti Malan changed my life.
    There was a calling deep inside me that I had no idea how to answer. The information and loving care within this book helped me to unravel the confusion within me. Knowing that the wild woman exists within you but not having a reference for her and her expression in the world can feel entrapping. Following the exercises throughout the book invites the wildness within to gently come out and play not only with ourselves but with other women. The shift in consciousness around seeing other women as competition to seeing them as your sister has been so freeing. It’s helped me to bring more authenticity to the community of women I attract into my life. As women, we can change how we respond to the limiting beliefs we were conditioned to follow in order to live more ecstatic lives. This book is a great guide in supporting that change.

  5. Phoebe Leung (verified owner)

    Shakti’s work give birth to my true being. The book let me have practical exercises to transcend the sexual energy, our life force to love and beyond. All the practices also transcend our awareness from outside to inside and explore the light within. A practical and powerful guide to embody feminine essence that the world need in the moment. Thank you for putting this work out, Shakti

  6. laurenheap

    This book changed the path of my life. It’s a magical compendium into meeting yourself and harnessing your own sexual energy. It helps you to find your own flow and meet the woman in you who has been hiding in the shadows due to the historical shaming of female sexuality. Shakti writes so beautifully and her teachings transcend all boundaries. She teaches how we can finally drop the competition and join the community of women growing around the world that hold each other tenderly in kindness, love and compassion.

  7. Olga

    If you are working with women you can of course use this book as a manual and it is a super-rich, comprehensive and endless source of inspiration for the practices to facilitate. It is a deep and absolutely unique source of wisdom on sexual awakening for women.
    But it is also much, much more.
    It’s a journey. It has been a journey for me. I kept coming back. I read it, I re-read it, I allowed myself to be read by it to always find a new piece of wisdom, a new medicine, a new subtle whisper of guidance on how to drop deeper into the woman in me, to see more behind that veil of old conditioning and old forms, more of what is truly true, in me, in my feminine, in the Feminine. It is like a key. To connect more with the ancient, the eternal, with Her.
    So if you want to go on a journey, don’t try to read it in a linear way. If you do, you will get lost.
    You need to read it like sutras. The sutras of the Feminine – you can’t move to the next one before you embody the present one. Except that it is not conceptual and non linear – it is mysterious, unpredictable and different for everyone, it is the next piece you need to embody.
    Be ready to drop all the expectations, all the agendas, all the plans and allow yourself to be read by it. To experience the Feminine Mystery.
    To be taken on a journey.

  8. Lotte Pia Stenfors

    This book was one of my first meetings with tantra, and also with so much more. I love how Shakti Malan so gently guided me through the layers and processes in the book. I love that there are loads of exercises to do, and becoming aware of the shadows that were in me as well as in most of us.

  9. Tiffany

    This book was a life changer. Shakti offers a comprehensive, integrative body of experiential practices that move awakening from the head to the heart and body. I absolutely love that exploring “shadow” is more a trailhead to the unexplored than a recipe for victim hood. It expands the “sexual” from a hidden pleasure/pain that happens with the lights off to the understanding that it is our creative life force energy fueling the aliveness of everyday living. Shakti, the book and her course materials ushered me back home, lovingly.

  10. Lauren Heap

    I first read this book many years ago and I go back to it each year. The teachings within are timeless and a reminder to keep returning to the beloved within. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore their sexuality, who they are, or who wants to have a more embodied life.

  11. Shari Hammond

    I love this book. I keep it on my desk and open to random pages to see what message there is for me that day, it’s dog eared and underlined, tattered and loved. I’ve had this book since 2014 when I took the 9 month sexual awakening for women course with Shakti. Each chapter is incredible and full of insight, lessons, and ah-has! When something comes up for me around my path to open to the Divine feminine even more, I go to this book for an exercise, or advice, or to remember what to do. I do some of the exercises almost daily such as the ones to open my heart, or connect with the earth. It is an extremely powerful book.

  12. Karen Vivian

    This book changed my life. My sexual energy was dormant for most of my life before I read this book and started practicing the techniques ofered. Shakti’s knowledge, experiences and transmissions in the book are potent. I could feel my sexual energy coming alive just by reading the words. One Aha moment I had was reading about sexual armoring. I was finally able to understand what I was experiencing in intimate relationships due to past traumas. This book helped to reconnect me to the aliveness in my body and my creative energy. I wish every woman could read this book, the earlier the better. If only we were taught this when we were younger, it would be a roadmap to empower us to be guided by our own deep feminine wisdom. After reading this book my relationship with my daughter changed and our conversations about who we are as female deepened and now I’m able to speak with confidence about the power that lies within our bodies. I hope you love this book as much as I did.

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