Refund and Returns Policy

Online Courses

During the first month of the course, that is up to and including the last day of that month, you can de-register from the course by writing an email to

If you selected the monthly payment plan when registering, we will cancel your future payments, however, please take note that no refunds will be provided.

If you selected to pay in full upfront when registering, we will refund 90% of your payment.

After the first month has completed, you can no longer de-register from the course.

Unless you cancel your registration timeously, Shakti Shiva Academy does not offer a refund for any other reason.

In-person Retreats

In-person retreats have unique start and end dates.

Please refer to the retreat FAQ for information regarding cancellation & refund policy for a specific retreat.

Need Help?

Contact us at for all questions and queries related to cancellations & refunds.

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