Remembering Shakti Malan – enjoy this beautiful tribute video and new legacy website

We at the Shakti Shiva Academy are simply delighted to share with you a beautiful new website honouring, celebrating, preserving and relishing the memory of our beloved founder, teacher and friend, Shakti Malan. 

We invite you to make a delicious cup of tea and create a moment to enjoy and savour this lovingly crafted devotional video celebrating Shakti’s living, loving life. Take a big in-breath and then on the out-breath, simply relax and let go – drop into your beautiful breathing body of love and open to receive the Beloved in all her forms. “Shakti Bhakti: a pictorial tribute to Shakti Malan by Kali van der Merwe.

Some of us were blessed to work with Shakti in-person and others were blessed to participate in her pioneering on-line courses. We were all changed by the Depth and Beauty of her Being through whatever way she touched our lives. There are also many, many others who never had the opportunity to meet and work with Shakti whilst she walked amongst us and yet her work has inspired and transformed them and continues to touch the lives of so many. Whatever your relationship to Shakti was, is and continues to be, you are invited to read about Who Shakti Malan was and to discover more about Shakti’s work in the world

Over the past months we’ve received tributes from so many beautiful people – sharing intimately with us about how Shakti touched, moved, inspired and changed them. You can watch & listen to these short video tributes here and if you were uniquely and profoundly touched by Shakti’s Being, we invite you to record and submit a tribute of your own. We welcome your unique prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude, your love, your memories or what ever it is that you are moved to share. Details about how you can do this can be found here.


We’ve also included a selection of blog posts, written by Shakti Malan between the years  2008-2014. Shakti loved to share her teachings, experience and perspective – both the agony and the ecstasy – her writing was always accessible and inviting, allowing the reader to both meet her and to be met in a simple, human way.  We hope you enjoy this selection of Shakti’s blog writings which you can find here

Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook is the opus that Shakti wrote as a synthesis of her deepest work with hundreds of women. It’s a handbook that can be used by women either on their own or in a group. Working through the book takes women on an intentional, experiential journey to awaken the flow of kundalini that connects sexual and heart energy, allowing women to taste again, and deeply enjoy, the bliss of female sexual energy. 


“I imagine many circles of women across the world gathering. I imagine your presence in the world contributing to the awakening of the Feminine everywhere on our planet.” –  Shakti Malan

Shakti wanted an image of herself skydancing on the front cover of her Sexual Awakening for Women book. She commissioned photographer Kali van der Merwe to create an image of her skyclad (naked). Kali shares with us some of her creative process making use of the night as an extended darkroom and employing a technique of long exposures and a moveable light source termed light painting. You can read “The Story behind the Picture” here

Kali has also made a selection of images from the two shoots she created with Shakti available as hi-resolution digital downloads, and we’re happy to announce that $30 of the purchase price will go toward the Shakti Malan Scholarship Fund, empowering those of challenged means to more easefully participate in the programs offered by the Shakti Shiva Academy.

We invite you – Shakti’s Beloved Community – to continue to collaborate with us to create an ALIVE home for Shakti’s Legacy where all of our personal and collective memories, our prayers and our gratitude can live and grow organically.  We invite you to share your visual celebrations and pictorial tribute’s to Shakti with us – Details about how you can do this can be found here.

Shakti dreamed and created from the depths of her Being and the beautifully unique body of teaching she has left is a legacy that continues to weave its web amongst us…Shakti’s transmission is very much alive and her powerful legacy lives on in the online courses and programes offered through the Shakti Shiva Academy


We’re deeply honored to have you be part of this living Legacy!

With Love,
Rhianne & Claire
Co-Directors, Shakti Shiva Academy

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