Into The Wild Retreat

Shakti Shiva Academy, Halo Gaia and Liquid Breath® invite you to join us for the adventure of a lifetime! YOU are invited to journey with us on an exploration of inner and outer landscapes over 10 magnificent days in which we’ll drop out of time, entering the ever-present eternal moment of now…

Freedom & The Nervous System

We invite you into a gentle and profound experiential exploration of safe ways for releasing the memory of and response to trauma, whereby we reclaim renewed freedom to live fully embodied lives… personally, professionally and intimately.

BlissDance Retreat Spain 2024

BlissDance reveals where we may be resisting life, and where we may be limiting ourselves.

If you want to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the profound in the profane

why not join us for this adventurous journey of a lifetime?

Feedback from past attendees

Freedom & the Nervous System

Into the Wild

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