Sexual Shadow Integration


Turn toward your shadow and meet yourself there

Sexual Shadow Integration addresses the dimensions of our sexuality that are held in the unconscious. The shadow is always there; however, it can be easy to ignore and overlook when we’re busily occupied by our daily rhythms and routines. But now those hiding places have been revealed. The tenderness, vulnerability, rawness, realness, and loud antics of the shadow can no longer be ignored…

It’s a vital time to turn toward your shadow and meet yourself there…an amazing, mysterious, and important journey awaits you that is very relevant to this rite of passage we are all currently undergoing!

Explore eros as a pathway into the unconscious and discover why our lovemaking is not yet the ultimate meditation. We’ll learn why we need to spend time at the walls of the outer temple of desire and fantasy before we’re invited to enter into the pure presence of the inner temple. Together, we will discover why the erotic is such a valuable tool for integrating what’s in the unconscious…

“Every aspect of our experience - including our sexuality - can be used as a gateway to the full realization of our spiritual essence.”

~ Shakti Malan

Why focus on Sexuality?

We are blessed in today’s world with an abundance of superb therapeutic modalities, and yet so few deeply address the dynamics of sexuality. In part, this is because sexuality is such a taboo topic in our world. Sexuality is also one of the most complex aspects of our psyches because it is intricately linked with our unconscious.

1. Sexuality is a guide to the unconscious

The unconscious is every aspect of our lives that we haven’t fully integrated or felt. Starting with birth and throughout our lives, we have experiences that are overwhelming and too much for us to digest at the time. These often show up later in our sexuality.

2. Sexual energy is life force

While our society has turned sex into a genital affair, Totality Tantra aims to expand your horizons so that you can experience the true nature of sexual energy – as life force itself – the power that animates all of life. This broader understanding of sexual energy requires a re-definition of what we mean by masculinity and femininity, and an inquiry into the nature of attraction – the electrical response which initiates the movement of life force.

3. Sexuality and presence

Presence during lovemaking is likely to be a chance occurrence – until you get initiated into the meditation of lovemaking. A significant aspect of the Totality Tantra is immersion in Tantric lovemaking practices for yourself, with others and with life itself.

"Our capacity to be present with our humanity opens us to an intimate knowledge of life beyond consensual reality – beyond what we can perceive with our five senses."

~ Shakti Malan

Sexual Shadow Integration Certification


Sexual Shadow Integration Work

May 2025


Fundamentals of Facilitation

May 2024 / May 2026


Sexual Shadow Integration Work Focused Facilitation

May 2027

An Invitation to Explore Your Sexual Shadow

Desire, Fear & Taboo

7-week Course

Conscious BDSM

mp3 Audio + PDF

Certifcation Overview:

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