Sexual Awakening for Women Online Personal Intensive and Facilitators Training

~  Starting June 2019  ~

Experience living every day as the Awake Feminine whose sexuality is natural and wild, unfettered by the past, and an expression of deep love and creative abundance.

Imagine living every day from inside the juicy, fluid ecstasy of your womanly sexual body. Imagine creating a world of Sisterhood, where women come together supporting each other in awakening the fire of our love-infused sexuality. Imagine unleashing that power into the world. Imagine the world we could create.

The time has come for us to live this dream. Patriarchy is over.  Let's put down the battle armour, let go our drive to perform, and surrender the outdated patriarchal model of sexuality that has created our world. We can come home to our womanly bodies. We can come to rest in the essence of the Feminine that we are. She whispers the most tender love through our limbs. She caresses our throats with the finest song. She calls us to come home, home to the warm embrace of our essential nature, inside our awakened sexual bodies as women.

The journey home is going to take some time. We invite you to dedicate nine months to gestate this child of your feminine sexual essence, followed by an optional 6 months for the facilitation training. This time will ask of you the attention, the care, and the love that it takes to birth a new creation into the world. In this period, we will tend the subtlest awakenings in our sexual bodies. We will hone our capacity to do sexual shadow work and to heal our personal and collective sexual wounds. We will let go of sex that no longer serves us. We will open and soften and learning how to direct the fire of our sexual essence as it runs up through our bodies.

For centuries, sages and mystics have been studying what happens when sexual energy wakes up as a spiritual force in us. They have called this awakened sexual energy Kundalini Shakti.

The time has come for women across the world to awaken to the fullness of our spiritual-sexual essence. The time has come to take radical responsibility for everything in our experience. It is through the awakening of our sexuality that a new world can be birthed. This is our power and potential as women.

And then, if you feel called, learn how to support other women with this awakening by becoming a part of a select group of women offering this work in the world as a certified Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitator.

Go share your love with the world – with confidence.


"I imagine many circles of women across the world gathering. I imagine your presence in the world contributing to the awakening of the Feminine everywhere on our planet."

Shakti Malan (Ph.D)



During the nine months of the Personal Intensive, we will work through many of the practices in Shakti Malan's book Sexual Awakening for Women, which is the culmination of her years of work with thousands of women from across the world (a ebook version is included in the training). By the end of the nine months, these practices and subtle, blissful ways of being in your sexual body will have become your natural state. You will have formed lasting bonds with a group of women from around the world with whom you have shared this journey of discovery and embodiment in a container of rich and meaningful sharing.

Women who opt for the additional 6 months Facilitator’s Training will learn how to facilitate this awakening for other women, supporting the awakening of the Feminine on the planet.



  • Monthly teaching sessions in audio and written format

  • Homework Assignments and supplementary materials with reflection questions

  • Practice videos for each module demonstrated by Shakti Malan

  • Twice a month live practice and coaching calls with facilitators

  • Access to a course website to access all materials and secret facebook group to share and explore with fellow participants

  • Supplementary bonus teaching sessions with guest teachers



Learn why our sexual energy feels trapped and how we can return to our wild, natural state.

In this session, we will:

  • Meet the unique qualities of Feminine sexual essence in her natural, free state and start to experience them in our lives.
  • Get to understand the anatomy of the subtle sexual body – including Kundalini, chakras and krijas.
  • Discover how the flow of the subtle sexual body gets blocked through our unconscious patterning.
  • Begin to clear blockages and open to the flow of awakened sexual energy.


Discover how to consciously activate sexual energy as a woman by working with the dynamics of attraction and finely attuning to our bodies subtle responses.

In this module, we will:

  • Be guided to let go what is false in our desire body and to open to our true, authentic desires.
  • Experience and practice ways of activating awakened sexual energy in the body.
  • Explore the movement of subtle sexual energy in our yonis (vagina and uterus).
  • Learn how to relax, let go, and let life move through us.


Learning how to direct the power of our sexual energy catalyzing the awakening of our essence.

In this module, we will:

  • Get grounded in the qualities of love, receptivity and surrender that take us to our true, uncontrolled nature as the embodiment of the Feminine.
  • Be introduced to Skydancing – the movement of awakened sexual energy through women’s physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.
  • Receive training and initiation in the different pathways through which sexual energy moves as it awakens in the physical, spiritual and energetic bodies.


Release blockages and let the power of life run through your sexuality.

In this module, we will:

  • Learn how to work with anger, frustration and other emotions that dam up the flow of our true power.
  • Get trained in attuning to the flow of sexual power that opens in our bodies when we awaken to the Feminine.
  • Discover how to bring our awakened power into relationships in a way that is free from manipulation, control and resistance to our own natural essence.


We will deeply explore and transform the sexual archetypes that have shaped women in the age of patriarchy.

In this module, we will:

  • Explore the facets of patriarchy’s shadow archetypes – the Virgin, the Whore and the Women’s Union – in our lives as women.
  • Immerse in the practices held within the potential at the heart of each of these archetypes.
  • Find our own archetypal expressions of the Feminine.


Let our new sexual consciousness inspire a better world.

In this module, we will:

  • Experience our awakened sexual energy as a universal force of creation.
  • Discover pathways for attuning through our bodies to anothers, and to the world.
  • Explore what our sexual power wants to do in the world.


Awakened sexuality opens the floodgates of our creativity in all areas of our lives.

In this module, we will:

  • Receive a meditation to letting old forms in our sexuality die and a dance to nourish the seed of the new.
  • Meditate on the source of creativity held within our yonis.
  • Create from our awakened sexual energy, using writing, movement, sound and visual arts.
  • Begin to create the life of our deepest knowing by carefully listening to our  hearts and yonis.


Opening the flow between sex and love in our energetic, sexual and emotional experiences.

In this module, we will:

  • Practice meditations and techniques to purify our hearts, transforming everything moving through them.
  • Discover the spiritual power of our breasts and their connection to our hearts.
  • Experience an unobstructed flow between our awakened sexual energy and our awakened hearts.


Discover how our sexual experience can be totally surrendered to the Ultimate.

In this module, we will:

  • Experience total surrender in lovemaking with ourselves or with another.
  • Learn how to practice bhakti or devotion in our relationships with our partners and with the Divine in all of life.
  • Be guided to open the higher centers that facilitate the movement of our sexual energy into oneness with God.


After we have completed the 9 month personal intensive there will be the additional 6 month Facilitators Training.

The Facilitation Training is designed to:

  • EMPOWER those desiring to facilitate women's sexual awakening with the unique facilitation skills required for this work.
  • TRANSFORM the collective through the awakening of the radiantly-alive heart and body of the Feminine, one woman at a time.
  • UNITE women across the world into a powerful Sisterhood of self-recognition and mutual support.

By committing to the Facilitation Training, you allow the work to penetrate you, embodying and integrating more deeply. Receive the transmission of "Shakti" or feminine sexual life force, and learn how to support other women in relaxing and opening to this realization. Become the womb space within which all women who are drawn to you find their own healing, empowerment and blossoming. Learn how to facilitate with clarity, effectiveness and precision.

This Facilitation Training draws on the wisdom of somatic facilitation practices, shamanic group work, process work, tantra, yoga and contemporary psychology.


The Sexual Awakening for Women Facilitators Training is for women who:

  • Have a desire to make a difference in the world.
  • Know that touching even one other woman’s life will change the lives of many.
  • Feel that the awakening of the Feminine, in her full sexual radiance, will contribute to awakening embodied love on the planet.
  • Are currently in a service profession or intend to move into one, where this training will be an invaluable addition and expansion of your skill set. The training will be of particular interest to psychotherapists, somatic therapists, yoga and dance teachers, group-work facilitators, doulas and anyone working in the fields of consciousness and embodiment.
  • Regardless of age, experience or background, are welcome on this training. All you need is a committed and wide open heart. Spirit will do the rest.

After completion of the training, you might find yourself starting a women’s circle as an added expression to your life. You may bring your learning into your current profession – or you will have a clear knowing that this is your life’s work and profession.

During the Training, you will be initiated into the art of the facilitator’s listening and response. You’ll acquire the skills to listen and attune to your own and the other’s sensation, heart and consciousness and to trust the responses that come from your deeply embodied presence with other women.

Learn how to support and guide women to deepen awareness into their inner body spaces, work with the shadow materials that may come up, and to expand into the bliss that arises with deeper presence.



Wisdom of the Group

Here we will be exploring relating to the group as a constellation. Understanding how to read the field of the group to uncover the deep wisdom held in the unseen and subtleties, as well as tuning into the group soul.


Facilitation From the Center of Your Being

Developing your ability to engage from the center of your being, a place where grace guides you in service to the women. This shall enable you to meet all that emerges in the field with deep love, while holding a safe container. 



In this theme, you will open into your deepest calling to this work. From this place explore your motivations, including your shadow motivations for facilitating this work and learning a process for integration.


The Art of Listening

A skill that requires the finest of tuning into the subtle and unseen realms. During this theme you shall develop the capacity to listen from three levels of sensation gut, heart and head. As well as explore the components of deep listening.


Projections & Defences

We will explore psychological defences and how to manage projections from the group or onto the group - how to meet and see them from a place of clarity, creating safety and trust whilst exploring our inner work for integration.


Create the Circle

In this theme, we will learn how to create from pure delight and joy. Introducing the skills required to create a circle including becoming clear on our vision and our role, creating themes, structure and frameworks to manifest our vision.


There are two levels of certification associated with this training. Please note that this certification is not linked to academic accreditation. It is an expression of who you have become and what you are able to share from the depths of your being.

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate of facilitation-training completion when you have completed both the 9 month and 6 month trainings and your assignments for all the modules. As part of completion, you will be required to present a project describing how you intend to share what you have discovered on this course with others.

Certified Advanced Facilitator

You will become a certified advanced facilitator of Sexual Awakening for Women upon completion of an apprenticeship with The Shakti Shiva Academy. The apprenticeship requires the following:

  1. Completion of all assignments for the course modules
  2. Active participation in group discussions on the website and/or in live sessions
  3. Attend the live Sexual Awakening for Women retreat in South Africa November 2019
  4. Facilitating an active group or individual practice using the Sexual Awakening for Women materials
  5. Completion of 5 to 15 supervision sessions via the Academy (In supervision sessions, it becomes clear to both student and coach when supervision is complete)

* Note that the cost of retreat and supervision sessions are not included in the cost of the Facilitation Training. Supervision sessions are approximately $150 for an hour; prices vary by region.



Tiffany Stone

As an alchemist of human growth and transformation and dancer of inner worlds, she finds the magic in human lives and enables people to own their own growth and transformation. She has an intense fascination of how we as humans, function as a manifestation of our inner landscape, and especially in relation to how we interact with one another and our environments. Traditionally trained in the modalities of Depth Facilitation from the work of Arnold Mindell and the Process Work Institute, Family Systems Constellations & Psychology as well as being a certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), her approach is often quirky and radical as she weaves together a multitude of frameworks and applications in her search for truth and the underlying beliefs and motivations.


Rhianne van der Linde

Rhianne is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer with a depth of knowledge and experience of transforming the mundane into the magical. Her personal explorations have led her into working with dreams, as a companion to those busy with their journey of dying, exploring the breath as a thread connecting us directly to source & processing and ritual with groups in wild nature. Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment - as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful bodies of love...it is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that Rhianne is most interested in learning and sharing.


Juliet Haines

Juliet is an international teacher and facilitator. She has supported hundreds of women across four continents on their sexual awakening discovery. Her gift is to guide women into the remembering of who they truly are, through the awakening of their feminine sexual essence. Juliet has been a dedicated practitioner for many years with trainings in embodiment, meditation, sound and touch healing, breathwork, psychology, sexual awakening and sacred intimacy. Her core teachings come through the lineage of the late Dr Shakti Malan,  She is passionate about the awakening of the feminine through women’s sexuality and believes the feminine is a light for transforming and healing the world... Before Juliet’s sexual awakening, she worked as a strategic consultant within social entrepreneurship and conscious branding as well as founding a Healthy Snack Range.



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