SoulMate Within

Ignite your Inner Love Affair


SoulMate Within is a live 7-week online course where you will discover how to fall deeply in love with yourself first so that your relationships can be catalysed into their evolutionary potential.

It is time for the True Lovers to meet themselves in your life, in a passionate embrace and endless discovery. You know you deeply desire this. You’ve wanted it for a very long time. Actually, it’s your deepest longing… and now is the time to have it. As you embrace and cultivate this inner love affair, your outer relationship life miraculously manifests this love. In unforeseeable ways.

In our culture, the myth of the Soulmate runs strong – the Soulmate being that one person you long for, who will meet the requirements of your soul, your sex, and your heart perfectly.  And yes, there is a soulmate for you. But Mr. or Ms. Right is not out there. Rather, that Being is already here… inside you!

Inside every human being, regardless of our biology, chosen gender role or personal identity, we have both Masculine (Alpha, Yang, Active principle) and Feminine (Omega, Yin, Receptive principle) aspects.

If one aspect is dominant in us, we unconsciously project the opposite out onto others.

Our quest is that of the ancient Tantric masters...
to get to know both our inner Masculine and Feminine aspects, and to bring them together in unity - into a personal Hieros Gamos sacred marriage.

It’s time to wake up and return home to yourself – to pull back your projections and expectations and take a good look inside to welcome who is there.

You already have all the answers you need – they reside within you.

The seed of this great love lives within you. You just have to know how to look. You have inside of you the spark of a great Alpha presence, the essence of deep Omega receptivity. By becoming intimate with these inner aspects, you can grow to love beyond your personal needs and expectations, and live a wondrous, majestic, and sexy life.

Once any of us have truly returned to ourselves in great love, we can show up in partnership and open the doors to rapid mutual evolution, radical intimacy and cosmic sexuality. This is the teaching of our age and the grand lesson of this course.

To attract that awesome, juicy lover into your life – first, you must fall deeply in love with yourself!

Join a movement of human beings dedicated to waking up their highest relationship potential.

Meet your inner Soulmate and evolve that relationship to its greatest and highest current expression… so that your outer relationship can reflect this deep inner love affair.

It’s totally worth it to dive in and do the work…

Fall in Love with Your Inner Self and Transform Your Outer Relationships For Good

In 7 weeks, it’s possible for you to:

  • Get to meet, own and pull back your projections of others
  • Meet the many faces and dimensions of your inner Masculine (Alpha) and Feminine (Omega) energetic essences (a.k.a. your Inner Beloveds)
  • Learn how to face your unconscious relationship heros and villains in a fun and playful way
  • Discover how accurately and precisely the partners in your life mirror the relationship dynamics of your Inner Beloveds
  • Learn how to have powerful, real conversations between your Inner Beloveds
  • Receive expert guidance on how to overcome hurdles in the deepening of this love affair
  • Become grounded in how to take your intimate life to the next level through doing the inner work

Feedback from past students

How is this course constructed?

  • 7 Teaching Modules in pdf written format, for those of you who prefer to learn through reading, and in audio format, for those of you who prefer to learn by listening.
  • 1 live 90-120 minute teaching + Q/A session per module on alternate Thursdays
    • (Note: there will be daylight savings time-zone changes towards the end of the course. Classes will remain 7pm SAST throughout. Reminder emails with the correct time will be sent 24 hours and 1 hour before classes)
  • 3 x 90-minute “Study Hall” style review calls

All of our teaching happens within Mighty Networks, a safe, private learning platform; and our live calls will happen on Zoom. In these places we can have lively conversations, learn from each other, and ask questions in total privacy.

All Great Love Begins Within!
We invite you to immerse yourself in the practice, principles and technologies that can radically transform your inner and outer relationship life.

Investment in Yourself

This work is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth, of any gender or orientation, single or partnered, gay, straight, bi-sexual, fluid – whichever way your sexuality flows. You do not need a partner to participate.

From: R3,195 / month for 2 months

Investment in Yourself

This work is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth, of any gender or orientation, single or partnered, gay, straight, bi-sexual, fluid – whichever way your sexuality flows. You do not need a partner to participate.

From: R3,195 / month for 2 months

Financial aid will be available to a limited number of students in the form of partial bursaries. Please note that bursary awards are based on several factors, including the size of our award fund and the approximate number of students enrolling at the full tuition rate.

All students requiring assistance are welcome to apply for financial aid. We welcome applications from serious seekers of all races, sexual orientations, and beyond.


Over the course of seven sessions, we will teach you visualizations, subtle movement, breathwork, and other practices you can use every day to help you drop deep into your sexual body and discover the sacred essence of your sexuality.

Session 1: Hello Soulmate! Meeting your Inner Beloveds

Live Class: TBC

In this first module, we will set the stage for a powerful journey ahead. Our initial aim is to offer you a clear and layered understanding of what the Masculine (Alpha, Yang) and Feminine (Omega, Yin) energetic archetypes are as they relate to this course, how these archetypes express inside you, and how they can enter into a phenomenal, juicy love affair with each other. We will acquaint you with the three levels of their development – the unconscious, the conscious and the deep – and how they exist in you. Thus the stage will be set for the greater depths of the modules to follow.

Session 2: Heroes and Villains Unveiled ~ Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Aspects Part 1

Live Class: TBC

During this module, we will engage a powerful practice to pull back our projections from others allowing us to deeply connect with all aspects of ourselves, also known as our Totality. We will develop our Witness capacity and learn to “stalk” ourselves in order to understand the stereotypes, polarities and projections we harbor. We will discover how our unconscious beliefs about our gender (however we identify) are created through the conditioning passed down to us by our culture and family. We will reclaim our power to step into our own authentic creations and expressions.

Session 3: The Stage is Set ~ Meeting the Unconscious Masculine and Feminine Aspects Part 2

Live Class: TBC

In this module, we will perform a hilariously funny and revealing exercise in which we explore your internal gender caricatures. Caricatures are a personal version of stereotypes that live in our unconscious. These unconscious caricatures have an uncanny ability to undermine our personal relationship lives until they are seen and integrated. We will also practice a powerful and ancient Buddhist practice where we will develop what is known as the “Four Immeasureables”: sympathetic joy; loving kindness; compassion and equanimity.

Session 4: Inner Alchemy ~ Developing the Conscious Masculine Inner Aspect

Live Class: TBC

During this module, we will explore the qualities of the Conscious Masculine inner aspect and how these qualities are currently expressing (or not) in our lives. We will bring clarity and understanding to our current Will and how it is possibly divided. We will utilize a powerful practice to bring integration between our unconscious and conscious wills so that we are in line with our Divine Will.

Session 5: Meeting in the Heart ~ Developing the Conscious Feminine Aspect

Live Class: TBC

During this module, we will expand into the realm of the Conscious Feminine Inner Aspect and will explore the deep bliss that this aspect of ourselves offers. We will explore the realm of Relationship and perform a profound practice where we get to experience the state of relationship between our Inner Beloveds and gain understanding about the dynamics of our external relationships and how they are a reflection of this inner relationship.

Session 6: Deep Diving ~ Cultivating and Integrating the Deep Masculine and Feminine Aspects

Live Class: TBC

In this final module, we will bring all the pieces together. First is learning the qualities of the Deep or Sacred Masculine inner aspect and the Deep, Sacred Feminine inner aspect. We will explore principles for opening to this dimension in our inner and outer relationship lives. And finally, we will engage with plenty of somatic and experiential practices to drop into the deepest compassion and love for ourselves in our Totality.

Session 7: Coming Soon

Live Class: TBC

In this final module, we will bring all the pieces together. First is learning the qualities of the Deep or Sacred Masculine inner aspect and the Deep, Sacred Feminine inner aspect. We will explore principles for opening to this dimension in our inner and outer relationship lives. And finally, we will engage with plenty of somatic and experiential practices to drop into the deepest compassion and love for ourselves in our Totality.


Masterclass with Pri bertucci

Relating to Gender & Identity

On this journey of understanding the many layers and nuances of gender and identity, each person is at a different stage of understanding. Not to mention that society is currently transforming its relationship to these topics as well. In this class you will be brought closer to the concepts, terminology and experiences of the many out-of-the-box, gender-fluid identities that exist in tandem with the identities our society currently considers “the norm.” You will also be able to update your perspective on how to understand your essence and identity, as well as embrace yourself and others, from a place of deepened awareness and appreciation.

What is most important is that you’ll learn a new language of gender and identity without fear of speaking wrongly or forgetting important points because, after all, we are all still learning!

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Pri Bertucci (pronouns he/him, they/them) is a widely acclaimed non-binary social artist, author, lecturer and consultant known fondly as “The Queer Prophet.” Pri creates programs and resources that focus on diversity, equality, intersectionality and inclusion.

Pri is the founder of the [SSEX BBOX] Institute of Social Justice, which has been operating in San Francisco, São Paulo, and many other international cities since 2011. Pri is the CEO of [DIVERSITY BBOX] CONSULTING, working with people and organizations to bring a new way of thinking and being into their communities and work cultures. Pri created Brazil’s first Trans Pride, “São Paulo Trans Pride March” which has been going strong since 2017. And Pri is also credited with being the co-creator of the gender-neutral pronoun ILE / DILE and other elements of gender-neutral language in Portuguese.

Learn more about Pri’s work here:

Masterclass with Patricia Albere

LOVE EVOLVES: UNIBEING, a new form of love

Most people, without knowing, tap only into weakening and waning forces of our current reality, which results in struggle and dissatisfaction. Patricia Albere will reveal how to align with these deeper patterns of existence and access the powerful evolutionary forces bringing forth new forms of love.

One of these forms of love is the union of two sovereign selves becoming One in conscious love. UNIBEING is the experience of evolutionary mutuality in a relationship which includes the simultaneous interplay of distinctness and dance of influence as it moves towards a holy fusion.


Most teachings and spiritual work is about solo-realization or individual development. Deep relationality of oneness is unusual but reveals the evolutionary potentials for being human.

Human beings generally want relationships for connection, support and intimacy. These are ranges of experience we understand. In society we don’t have a category for oneness that becomes the basis of a relationship. UNIBEING takes us beyond our current understanding of relationships and creates a new lexicon.


Patricia Albere is at ground zero of an evolutionary stream of spiritual awakening. Just as meditation can be an opening to an individual awakening, Albere originated the Mutual Awakening Practice – a 21st century spiritual practice that empowers us to enter into new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness together. One in which we learn to go beyond individual psychology and transformation into a new space of mutual awakening or ‘inter-being’ or ‘we-mysticism’.

In the world of spiritual enlightenment, people who have experienced awakenings almost always experience them individually – eyes shut, in quiet solitude. The spiritual paradigm of the last three thousand years has been singularly devoted to our individual salvation or solo enlightenment.

Patricia Albere, uniquely experienced a sustained awakening that resulted in a different kind of realization, a dual realization that happened with another. That shared awakening points to a new dimension of consciousness and an extraordinary possibility for humanity’s future. Patricia’s work creates a powerful and palpable field of shared consciousness and love that reveals previously unimagined human potentials that can move humanity far beyond the limits of personal growth or self-development and into mutual awakening.

She is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and bestselling author of Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Mutual Awakening and Mutual Awakening: Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened ‘we space’ is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us. She is a recognized leader and innovator in the emerging field of inter-subjective awakening and post-personal development.

Learn more about Patricia and her work at

Masterclass with Paul Abramowitz

Re-imagine the heterosexual relationship from inside out

Navigating the wisdom of the archetypal Mature Masculine as a deeply embodied state of profound awareness for self-exploration and meaningful expression in the world – Paul will, in conversation, explore opportunities and challenges facing the present day heterosexual relationship.

Drawing from foundational concepts and disciplines in his new book, Sexed – Hardwired By Nature – Evolving By Choice, the conversation will be relevant, practical and current as increasing numbers of men and women awaken to grapple with new ways of imagining and being, while seeking a more evolutionary expression of relationship with self and other – far beyond the definitions and old paradigms offered up by an outdated relationship meme.

Paul Abro was born and currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa. His circuitous route through Dental school and a sub specialty surgery from U Penn as well as a teaching Assistant professorship there – brought him full circle to fully explore what he refers to as our Humanity Sexuality Dyadic nature. A dedicated student of Shakti Malan – Paul was certified as a practitioner in Totality Therapy and went on to gain a PhD in Human Sexuality from the IASHS in San Francisco.

Yogi, songwriter, musician, and artist, Paul spent fourteen years immersed in leadership in men’s work. This together with his own life experience has led him to conclude that waking to our sexual natures and finding the extraordinary in how we spend our sexual energy and connect sexually stands as one of the most important last frontiers of human consciousness and potential.

Learn more about Paul’s work here

Fundamentals of Facilitation Bonus Offering - Office Hours with Lisa Grace, senior faculty at Shakti Shiva Academy

Office Hours with Lisa Grace

A regular ongoing opportunity for connection, inquiry & sharing

Most Mondays on Zoom – event listings in our Circle of Fire on Mighty Network

Receive additional support from Shakti Shiva Academy Faculty Lisa Grace as you move through the Fundamentals of Facilitation course materials.

Please use this space to check-in, ask questions, start conversations, initiate inquiry, request support on your path or simply share what’s moving for you in your messy living loving human life. The hour together will be led by the desires of the emergent group and Lisa Grace may offer a meditation or other practice…

Think of this intimate hour as a free coaching session with Lisa!

It’s our weekly gift to you 🎁

"All of them – each lover I ever had – was inviting me back to myself. To meet myself as the first beloved"
- Shakti Malan

Facilitation Team

Lisa Grace

Based in the Bay Area, California, Lisa has spent the last two decades gathering tools to support humans in being fully embodied, expressed, and able to stay present with the truth of What Is.
With a degree in Performing Arts and Psychology, she has since traversed BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism otherwise known as “kink”), the extreme non-violence of mindfulness based Hakomi Therapy, Advait Tantra (non-duality and the expansive liberation of sexual energy as universal consciousness), and is a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Lisa’s work is about getting real with all the internal polarities (such as masculine and feminine identification, desire and fear, guilt and innocence) that motivate pursuits and avoidances, creating grasping, shame, and fear- and finding the full power and authenticity hiding in the shadows. She is especially passionate about furthering conversations around gender and the queering of Tantra. In 2011 Lisa met Shakti Malan who quickly became a major influence in her life through her Totality Therapy Training, Soulmate Within, Sexual Awakening for Women, and Somatic Healing for Sexual Trauma courses. Lisa was a Senior Student of Shakti from 2014-2017 and is currently in training with Sacred founders, Justin Patrick Pierce and Londin Angel Winters. Specialities: Shadow work, parts integration, Western Sacred Sexuality, Advait Tantra (non-duality), Transformational NeuroLinguistic Programing, mindfulness and guided meditation, somatic education, kink, polyamory, and other alternative forms of relating To view more about the work that Lisa offers you can view her website and book a session. Website:

All Great Love Begins Within!
We invite you to immerse yourself in the practice, principles and technologies that can radically transform your inner and outer relationship life.


Does the course require specific knowledge or experience?

No. Actually, sometimes the less you know, the better it is – this opens you to a beginner’s mind and enables you to meet the materials in a fresh way. What is important however, is that you are totally committed to doing the ‘work of becoming more of who you really are. This course is designed for those women who’re ready to take radical responsibility for everything in their experience. If you’re ready to birth the new world through the awakening of your sexuality, then this course is a good fit for you!

No. It’s not required that you’ve completed any previous courses with Shakti Shiva Academy.

Shakti Shiva Academy is known for the depth of content it offers. We have three learning paths in which you can train to become a certified facilitator. You can read more about the Sexual Shadow Work learning path here.

“Office Hours” is a weekly online gathering space hosted by Shakti Shiva faculty member Lisa Grace. You’re invited to use this space to check-in, ask questions, start conversations, initiate inquiry, request support on your path or simply share what’s moving for you in your messy living loving human life. 

If you find you require additional support aside from the LIVE calls and group coaching sessions provided with this program, then you are welcome to approach either of the facilitators and book private sessions. These sessions are booked and paid separately and negotiated between you and the facilitator in their private capacity. 

No. Because you’re able to download all the materials, you can work through them at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the private course cohort on Mighty Network, so you can continue to interact and learn with the other course participants even after the course has completed. This course is not yet another to-do. There is a carefully curated structure in place to support you to get the most out of the materials. We do however encourage you to keep current with reading or listening to the modules and attending the LIVE calls each month. You can always return to the assignments and complete them in your own time.

No, this course is designed to be a personal journey, tapping into your own personal desires, fantasies and inner discoveries. For those who are in partnerships you may find that doing this work will bring a greater dimension to your relating and intimacy with one another.

Not a problem – all LIVE teaching and Q&A sessions as well as masterclasses with guest teachers are recorded and will be available within 48 hours so you can download and watch/listen to them at your convenience.

Your journey remains completely confidential. If you wish to share on the private course cohort on our Mighty Network Community platform, there is a confidentiality agreement in place.

You’ll need reliable internet access, a computer, speakers or headphones.

Only for downloading and interaction in the Q&A aspect of the live coaching calls. We will give you all the support we can – and you’ll see that, once you’re in the flow, it’s really easy.

Unless you cancel your registration timeously, the Shakti Shiva Academy does not offer a refund for any other reason. During the first month of the course, you can de-register from the course by writing an email to

More info to come when we have dates for the course

You can read our full terms & conditions here.

If you’re interested in participating in this 1-year course and still have questions that need answers, please schedule a free 20-minute discovery call with Principal & Senior faculty Rhianne van der Linde here.

Our founder, Shakti Malan's personal journey with the creation of this 'Soulmate Within' course

The creator of this course and the founder of Shakti Shiva Academy

“In my 20’s and early 30’s, I tried a range of ways to find the fulfillment in relationship that I sensed was possible. I went for really safe, secure relationships and got bored. I fell for wild, uncontained lovers and got trapped in addictive cycles. I explored whether being with a woman would make a difference and found all the dynamics of relationship still present. I tried open relationship and polyamory. I took a position against relationship. None of these stances brought me any closer to that elusive fulfillment.

Finally, I saw clearly that happiness could not come to me through another – that I had to find the inner union, the Soulmate Within.

The radical nature of this moment brought me to some clear and powerful insights. I recognized that I was out of touch with the feminine, and so I committed to finding her. I recognized that my life would never be fulfilling through outer achievement only – but that my soul had a deep longing for spiritual awakening, and that this would be my path.

I discovered that each person I fell in love with was mirroring to me an aspect of myself that I hadn’t yet fully owned.

All of them – each lover I ever had – was inviting me back to myself. To meet myself as the first beloved.

This work became my dedicated focus for several years. I clearly remember a moment of looking at my reflection in the mirror and feeling so in love with myself. I realized instantly that this had everything to do with the juicy love affair that had developed between my masculine and feminine.”

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