Basic Sexual Shadow Work

A 7-Week Course unpacking desire, fear & the unconscious

~ Starts October 2021 ~


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Explore the 'crazy' wisdom of your desires, fears and attractions to release yourself from:

•sexual shame •relational patterns •erotic compulsions

Starts OCTOBER 2021

“Our sexual response is one of the most complex and misunderstood dimensions of human relating. Yet, the body always attempts to show us what we haven't fully felt, particularly the sexual body.”
Shakti Malan, founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy.


Basic Sexual Shadow Work
About this 7-Week Course

Based on Shakti Malan’s leading-edge book, Basic Sexual Shadow Work, our 7-week course is a stand-alone, in depth dive into the mystical sexual. This course is designed to empower, awaken and access the true power of your sexuality. Together we will delve into the dimensions of our sexuality, expressing itself from the unconscious, what Jung referred to as, our shadow. As you progress, you will explore the conscious and unconscious, loving and playful engagement with what we have not allowed ourselves to fully see, feel or experience in our sexuality. This journey not only relieves us of shame and guilt, more importantly, it provides access to aspects of our psyches and selves that have been calling for our attention – usually from the shadow self.

“The shadow integrates when we bring it into the light of consciousness with our awareness.”

The Basic Sexual Shadow Work course will reveal to you an enormous amount about yourself and how to navigate the murky terrain of personal and collective sexual shadow themes, whilst holding your experiences, ideas and sensations with deep honor and love.


Brief Reflection
Greco-Roman mythology tells us of an epic love-affair between Eros, Ares and Psyche. Eros, the son of Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love) was wildly enamored with both Ares (the God of War) and Psyche (the deification of the human soul). Psyche literally means "soul, spirit, breath, life or animating force”. Out of the union between Eros and Psyche, Voluptas, the embodiment of physical pleasure and bliss is born. This myth points to the truth that Eros will only be fully ignited as physical pleasure or bliss if Psyche is honored, if we listen to the messages that our psyche brings us in regards to sexuality and intimacy. Usually, such listening takes us to places that we haven’t yet explored or honored in our psyches, such as:

  • suppressed anger or fear
  • our relationship with power (power over/power under dynamics)
  • unconscious ancestral dynamics at play
  • shocks and traumas from infancy and childhood

“The sexual shadow takes us deep into the shadow of our unconscious!”


Sexual Shadow Work and Integration
9-Month Intensive Course

Our basic course serves as a primer for our 9-month intensive course called Sexual Shadow Work and Integration. The next intensive is scheduled for April 2022. Remember to book your place early. For more info: Click here.

Those that choose not to, or cannot continue on to the 9-month intensive, rest assured, our 7-week Basic Sexual Shadow Work course holds its own as a stand-alone program that equips you with essential tools to start to explore the wisdom of your erotic body.


With Love,

Shakti Shiva Academy


Each of the modules in this mini course will reveal to you an enormous amount about yourself and about how to navigate the murky terrain of personal and collective sexual shadow themes - whilst holding all ideas and sensations with love, clarity and acceptance.

During our 7 weeks together we will explore the following themes and objectives:


October 5, 2021

  • Traverse your unconscious mind and witness how it shapes your experiences
  • Discover how your sexuality speaks from and for your unconscious
  • Learn how to meet and embrace your sexual shadow


October 12, 2021

  • Discover the polarities that comprise your compulsive sexual fantasies
  • Learn how to bring presence and integration to your unconscious polarities and projections
  • Learn the art of slowing the whole show down


October 19, 2021

  • Learn about desire and how to relate to your desire from the subject position
  • What is referred desire and how does it open the doors to the unconscious
  • Uncover what your deepest desires are


October 26, 2021

  • learn about fears and how they impact your eroticism
  • identify and learn to “face the tiger” of your biggest fears
  • discover how your biggest desires are linked to your biggest fears


November 2, 2021 

  • Learn about the victim-rescuer-persecutor drama triangle and its impact in your life
  • Identify your familiar roles and how you take or give away power 
  • Break free from habitual patterns and learn who you are without your story


November 9, 2021

  • Examine trauma’s role in why erotic response  can become frustratingly frozen
  • Understand the role and wisdom of the nervous system in this response
  • Explore simple strategies for thawing the freeze and recovering the life force within you the longs to express as your integrated sexuality


November 16, 2021

  • How to understand and make friends with your body’s subtle and overt wisdom
  • Learn about the impact of neurochemistry on your choices
  • How to move from sexual habituation to sexual integration in your personal sexual expression

Upon completion of the mini-course, you'll be invited to participate in Sexual Shadow Integration Work: a 9-month deeper dive into the sexual shadow theme.  The longer time frame and more in-depth format will help you take what you've learned in this 7-week mini course and apply it with more depth and care into your own life.  You can read more about the SSIW course HERE.

BONUS E-BOOK Basic Sexual Shadow Work by Shakti Malan, founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy

Accessing the full power of our sexuality requires the willingness to love our sexual shadows – every aspect of our sexuality which plays out from the subconscious. This includes desires, fears, taboos, patterns, shame and more.

In this book, Shakti gives a fundamental introduction to how to work with your sexual unconscious (and all the desires, fears, projections, taboos, repeated patterns, and shame that it can generate).  The intention of this book is to give you the basic tools and understanding you will need to begin working with your own sexual shadows.  Anyone who senses the power of sexuality to diminish sexual body shame, increase self-acceptance, deepen with their Higher Self, and awaken the divine essence of their sexuality should read this book and explore the practices!

BONUS RECORDING: Conscious BDSM - A Tantra Talk by Shakti Malan, founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy.

We are delighted to offer this previously unreleased recording of some Shakti’s advanced teachings, which focus on BDSM (Bondage/Discipline + Domination/Submission + Sadism/Masochism) as an exploration of our relationship to power.

In this talk (2hrs19 mins), Shakti shares an introduction and background to BDSM and explains how desires and attractions like those brought forth in the activities of BDSM are fueled by associations which show up in our eroticism.  She unpacks the dynamic between arousal and fear in our eroticism helping to liberate us from compulsions.  And then she explores the relationship between the inner feminine and inner masculine and the dynamic of the ‘junior male’ and the ’senior male’ where patriarchy conditions us to see power as a masculine phenomenon.  Shakti unpacks the Structure of BDSM (The Petition and the Roles of Dom & Sub), investigates the Drama Triangle of victim-rescuer-persecutor, and finally looks at how to work with the Nervous System in the context of BDSM sessions and play.

Bonus Calls:


BONUS CALL with Guest Teacher Marc Peridis

Exploring Our Most Shameful Sexual Fantasies

Saturday 23 October @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 7pm CAT

Our shameful sexual fantasies are generally not what we think. We have learned to keep them tucked away in our shadows, fearing we might be judged or rejected if we were to be “found out.” Yet, their exploration can unveil hidden parts of ourselves that contain our highest gifts. They can support the unfolding of our authentic selves and become a stepping stone towards radical transformation.

Learn to use energy work and somatic elements of breath, sound, and slow movement to drop below neurological programming and meet everything with unconditional love, empathy, and non- judgment.  The aim of this class is to explore how even our darkest shame can begin to feel like a soft bath of the richest and sweetest honey

Based in a small coastal town outside of Barcelona, Marc is a Canadian-born facilitator who has been working with tantra and spirituality since 2010. He spends most of his time teaching his own practice, Orgasmic Shamanism, which uses energy work and spontaneous movement to harness the energy of the orgasm for spiritual growth and personal transformation. His approach is often considered radical and his passion lies in transmuting our deep and most shameful shadows into our highest and most transformative power.

Marc is also a mystery school initiate and guide; initiated into the mysteries in 2012 and was initiated as a shaman in 2014. He has spent the years following his initiation travelling the world leading ceremonies, and workshops at some of the world’s most powerful sacred sites. He has completed the 20 levels of the path of the sexual shaman training, By Arizona-Based sexual Shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs who has been his mentor since 2016. He has taken Buddhist refuge under Tharig Rinpoche in Kathmandu.

You can learn more about Marc's work here

BONUS CALL with Guest Teacher Fernando Cavalher:

THE SHADOW - the Spiritual Ally No One Wants

Saturday 6 November @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 7pm CAT

Archetypes are the building blocks of the human psyche. Becoming conscious of all of them leads to conscious Wholeness. Therefore, The Mother, The Father, The Persona, The Hero, The Anima and Animus, The Wise Woman and Wise Man, The Divine Child and The Self are all Archetypes that people are willing to integrate to their consciousness and skills. The Shadow, however, is seen as an exception: the consensus is that it should be overcome or completely eliminated. Why? The Shadow is your source of pleasure, power, wealth, self-esteem and, above all, humanity. Why would you want to get rid of it?

Fernando Cavalher (or Cavalher for short) is a Consciousness Designer, Mind Hacker, Illusions Destroyer and Visionary Author who is passionate about helping humans transcend limits.  Originally from Brazil but based now in Europe, he has spent the past 23 years mapping and optimizing the psychological reality (unconscious mind) and the pneumatic reality (unus mundus) of people and businesses in order to create realities and lives that make Sense.  In 2020 Cavalher published his first book Paradigm of Sense — a guide to the consciousness of the Fifth Dimension©. 

You can learn more about Cavalher's work here


  • 7 Teaching Sessions in pdf written format, for those of you who prefer to learn through reading, and in audio format for those of you who prefer to learn by listening.

  • 1 live 90-120 minute teaching + Q/A session per session on Tuesdays @ 10am PDT / 1pm EST / 6pm BST / 7pm CAT

  • Homework assignments and supplementary materials with reflection questions

  • Bonus Recording: Conscious BDSM - A Tantra Talk by Shakti Malan

  • A copy of Shakti Malan's ebook: Basic Sexual Shadow Work

  • 2 Live Bonus Classes facilitated by guest teachers Marc Peridis & Fernando Cavalher both leaders in the field of conscious sexuality, relationships and intimacy on the path of awakening. (Details of the two bonus classes can be found above)

  • Access to a course website portal to retrieve all materials and access to our exclusive course community forum to engage with your fellow students and share your assignments, reflections and questions

  • A Student WhatsApp Group for support and sharing (optional participation)

  • Private Facebook group to share and explore with fellow participants (optional participation)

  • $390 discount (the cost of the mini course) off the cost of Sexual Shadow Integration Work 9-month course starting April 2022

** All live calls will take place on Tuesdays at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST / 7pm CAT and will last approximately 90-120 minutes. (Note: there will be daylight savings time zone changes in November. Classes will remain at 10am PT throughout. Reminder emails with correct times will be sent 24 hours and 1 hour before classes) All calls will be recorded for those who are not able to attend the live sessions.



This work is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth, of any gender or orientation, single or partnered, gay, straight,

bi-sexual, fluid - whichever way your sexuality flows. You do not need a partner to participate.


until 11:59pm PST on 15 September 2021

$390 one time payment, or

$220 x 2 monthly payments

A currency related price of ZAR4040 (for one-time payment) is available for South Africans paying by EFT

Please email rhianne@shaktishiva.academy for further details

FULL Price

Registration closes at 11:59pm PST on 4 October 2021

$480 one time payment, or

$280 x 2 monthly payments

[A currency related price of ZAR5070 (for one-time payment) is available for South Africans paying by EFT. Please email rhianne@shaktishiva.academy for further details​]

If you're in need of financial aid, Shakti Shiva Academy invites you to apply for a one time 30% Discount.

Find the application form here.
You have until 11:59pm PST on 2 October 2021 to apply



Lisa Grace

Lisa is a master of the practice of fully trusting and surrendering to the moment, holding that as the most terrifying, gorgeous, and powerful thing to ask of the Feminine. In a world that doesn’t always show up as trustworthy, the ferocious authenticity of the deep Feminine is the medicine needed most.  From an early age Lisa thrived in sexual experiences that are considered taboo and has continued in that pursuit ever since, formally studying human sexuality and consciousness for the last 16 years.  Life and body awareness evolved from structured study of ballet to the intensity of karate and wild freedom of Ecstatic Dance. It wasn’t until meeting Shakti in 2011 that the full self-love piece came in with permission to expand into bliss, reclaim innocence, and develop the divine dance of the inner Masculine and Feminine.  Lisa served as a Senior Student with Shakti from 2014-2017 and has since been deep in the Alpha and Omega developing practice of The Yoga of Intimacy.  A Holo Level Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programing and trained in Hakomi Therapy, Lisa is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity at the Pacific School of Religion.

Learn more about Lisa's work here


Rhianne van der Linde

Participating in the first 18-month Online Totality Therapy Training offered by Shakti in 2012 was a profoundly transformative period in my life. This ‘work’ opened  me up to the vastness of Being by confronting me with every belief I've ever held about myself, about the ‘other’ and about the world  I live in. My reality, consensual reality… what is the Truth of Reality?

These questions turned me inside, outside, upside down…presenting a rare opportunity to investigate who I really am beyond right and wrong, beyond gender stereotypes and ancestral expectations. During the last 12 years or so, I've been exploring my sexuality and its expression outside of the usual definition of ‘relationship’. What does that look like for me? What is my desire,? Where is my attraction?  And, so here I am, following my Bliss, taking responsibility for everything that arises in the field of my experience and deeply knowing that it is the only way to live a truly human life...

Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment - as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful bodies of love...it is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that Rhianne is most interested in learning and sharing.

Learn more about Rhianne's work here 



The dates for all of our Teaching and Bonus calls are as follows:


• Session 1 - WHAT IS SEXUAL SHADOW?: Tuesday 5 October 2021

• Session 2 - EROS RUNNING AMOK: Tuesday 12 October 2021


• Bonus Call with Guest Teacher Marc Peridis, Saturday 23 October 2021

• Session 4 - FACING YOUR FEARS: Tuesday 26 October 2021


• Session 6 - FROZEN IN THE ACT: Tuesday 9 November 2021

• Bonus Call with Guest Teacher Fernando Cavalher: THE SHADOW - the Spiritual Ally no one wants, Saturday 6 November 2021

• Session 7 - THE WISE EROTIC BODY: Tuesday 16 November 2021

** All live calls will take place on Tuesdays at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm UK / 7pm CAT and will last approximately 90-120 minutes.                           Calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course website for those who are not able to attend the live sessions.

Teaching PDF & Audio Recording Release Dates:
• Teaching PDF’s & Audio Recordings for each module will be posted to the course forum on Fridays (1 Oct, 8 Oct, 15 Oct, 22 Oct, 29 Oct, 5 Nov, 12 Nov)



  • Who is this course for and do I need a partner to do this work?

    This course is for all sincere seekers of truth of any gender or orientation, single or partnered, gay, straight, bi-sexual, fluid - whichever way your sexuality flows. You do not need a partner to participate. This course is designed to be a personal journey, tapping into your own personal desires, fantasies and inner discoveries. For those who are in partnerships, you may find that this will bring a greater dimension to your relating and intimacy with one another. 

  • Do I have to finish the course in a certain time period?

    No. Because you are able to download all the materials, you can work through them at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the course materials & community website so that you can continue to interact and learn with the course participants even after you have completed your sessions. 

  • What if I need more support?

    If you find you require additional support aside from the group coaching sessions provided with this course, then you are welcome to approach either of the facilitators and book private sessions. These sessions are booked and paid separately and negotiated between you and the facilitator in their private capacity. 

  • Do you provide refunds?

    Withdrawal from the course is only possible during the first week of Module 1. Should you decide to withdraw, your future payments will be cancelled however no refunds will be provided. After 8 October 2021, de-registration is no longer permitted. If you find yourself unable to keep up with the course then no problem: You will have lifetime access to the course portal and can also retake the course when it is offered in the future at 50% of the course fee. All materials are also downloadable for you to work through at your own pace.

  • Does the course require specific knowledge or experience?

    No. In fact, sometimes the less you know, the better it is – this opens you to beginner’s mind and to meeting the material in a fresh way.

  • I can't attend the coaching sessions live - what now?

    Not a problem – sessions are recorded and will be available within 24 hours so you can download and listen to them at your own convenience. 

  • What about confidentiality?

    Your journey remains completely confidential. If you wish to share on the community website, there is a confidentiality agreement in place. Participation in the course Facebook and WhatsApp groups is entirely optional.

  • Terms & Conditions

    You can read our full terms & conditions here


After the Basic Sexual Shadow Work 7-week mini-course ends, the Shakti Shiva Academy will be offering a 9-month course called Sexual Shadow Integration Work (starting April 2022) that will provide a deeper dive into the same themes as well as introducing some new themes.

You can read more about the Sexual Shadow Integration Work 9-month course HERE.

As a student of the Basic Sexual Shadow Work mini-course, if you sign up for the 9 month Sexual Shadow Integration Work Intensive course, you will automatically receive a coupon code qualifying you for a discount of $390 (the cost of the mini-course) off the course fees.


~~~We look forward to sharing this journey into the Shadow with you soon!~~~