Starting May 14 :: Get a taste of your sexual shadowlands

“Bliss is the balance that happens when we fully embrace both our shadow and our light and come to rest in love” – Shakti Malan

It is a universal law that the extent to which we are willing to embrace and accept our pain (and our shadow) is the equal extent to which we are able to open ourselves up to bliss and pleasure…and so it is with great delight that Shakti Shiva Academy is introducing a brand new 7-week mini course, Basic Sexual Shadow Work. This mini-course is based on the Basic Sexual Shadow Work e-book written by Shakti Malan, the founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy.

This 7-week mini course is a fundamental introduction to how to work with your sexual unconscious – supporting the cultivation of a total and complete embrace of all that life offers – the agony and the ecstasy – and particularly as this gets revealed through our sexuality…

As Shakti so succinctly said, “Accessing the luminous power of our sexuality requires the willingness to love our sexual shadows – every aspect of our sexuality which plays out from the subconscious.”

Tantra is a force of totality. It encourages us to be fully present in our lives and to not deny anything that we are experiencing. If we can be 100% present in our anger, own it responsibly and sit in the fire of our emotions; if we can be 100% present with the touch of a lover and all that this evokes – all the tender and volatile memories and emotions – then the polarities on which our ego structures are based will start to integrate, the opposites will unite…

It was Heraclitus (a very great sage) who discovered this most marvellous of all psychological laws: the regulative function of opposites. He called it enantiodromia, a running contrariwise, by which he meant that sooner or later everything runs into its opposite. The psychological rule says that, ‘when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.’

And so, you may ask, “why is the sexual so significant?”

  1. Eros as a guide into the unconscious

“Eros leads to Gnosis.” This statement by Plato has proven to be one of his most useful observations. Our eroticism (our sexual impulses, desires and fears) guides us to a deeper understanding of the unconscious or hidden aspects of our being.

  1. Sexuality and life force

Most people have at some point (even if during just one encounter) experienced the rejuvenating effect of the sexual. Ancient Chinese and other eastern cultures have practiced conscious sexuality for thousands of years as a way to achieve longevity. In the Taoist tradition, sexual energy is viewed as the only renewable source of energy in the body, and its cultivation is seen as a way to prolong life indefinitely!

  1. Sexuality and presence

Tantra, the ancient art of conscious sexuality, is all about building presence in our sexuality. By practicing the techniques of conscious sexuality, our sexuality can become a deep meditation and an expression of our divinity.

We look forward to sharing this journey into the Shadow with you soon!

PS. Registration for Basic Sexual Shadow Work 7-week mini course is open now until Thursday 14th May. We are offering a Covid-19 discount price of $197 to everyone who enrolls. (50% off our regular price of $395). And you can retake the course in the future – for free! – as many times as you like!

PPS. If you fall in love with this course (we know you will 😉) then we invite you to join us on our upcoming Sexual Shadow Work & Integration intensive 9-month online course starting July 2020 – a systematic immersion in which we will continue deepening our exploration into the main themes that express in people’s sexual shadow lives. (As a student of the Basic Sexual Shadow Work mini-course, if you sign up for the 9 month Sexual Shadow Work and Integration Intensive course, you will automatically receive a coupon code qualifying you for a discount of $197 off the course fees.)

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