Tantric Body De-armouring

with Andrew Barnes

5-day retreat (level I)
8-day retreat (level I & II)
3-day retreat (level II only)

Dates: 1 – 9 October 2024
Venue: Bodhi Khaya, Standford, South Africa

Awakening Vibrational Potential

In this retreat, participants will receive the keys to an awakened existence, amplifying their vibrational frequency. In our supportive sanctuary, participants can shed the armour constraining their true energetic potential and tap into the boundless energy of their sexual life-force.

Through Tantric Body De-armouring (TBD), we address the unresolved tensions and emotional imbalances that limit our vibrational state. Many find themselves caught in a continuous cycle of self-healing. However, TBD provides more than just a pathway to sexual ecstasy and spiritual growth. It offers avenues to autonomy, agency, wellness, relationship vitality, and discovering one’s life purpose. TBD offers a transformative solution, breaking this cycle and lessening the perpetual feeling of needing to ‘heal ourselves’.

"If we know sexuality as an intuitive meditation, it transforms into a gateway, opening to a deeper level of energetic experience, and an expansion of consciousness”

― Andrew Barnes

Cultivating High-Vibrational States

In our retreat, we will prime our bodies and vagus nerve in preparation to cultivate high-vibrational bliss states. These states lay the groundwork for accessing expanded realms of consciousness, enabling participants to move beyond victim mentalities and overcome feelings of powerlessness, release deep-seated patterns, enhance brain chemistry, and activate dormant cognitive and intuitive abilities.

Empowerment and Expression

True empowerment springs from a deep awareness and unabridged acceptance of oneself, twinned with the liberty to voice our innermost truths. This retreat is an immersive blend of introspection, exhilaration, and expansion. It’s an odyssey into greater personal liberation, self-realisation, and zest for life.

Open to individuals, couples, and all regardless of gender or sexual orientation, this retreat serves as a portal to uncharted realms of self and unparalleled potentialities. While not designed as a practitioner’s course, many professionals value the unique techniques and perspectives presented.

"Living from our hearts, letting go of what we think we know and celebrating our bodies and our sexuality without shame is our birthright. This is the beginning of the true path to freedom, a raising of consciousness and an un-layering of social conditioning that binds us all within a limited context of experience and pleasure"

― Andrew Barnes

During this enlightening event, you'll deleve into:

Mastering TBD
Learn both the art of giving and receiving for maximal effect, in a trauma-informed way.

Preparation Techniques
Ready a receiver for the potent TBD session.

Body’s Secrets
Decode trigger points and discern the muscles inhibiting expansive orgasmic experiences.

Energetic Channels
Cultivate, intensify, and direct sexual energy towards the upper echelons of your chakras and pineal gland.

Harnessing Sexual Energy
Transition from being driven by sheer willpower and adrenaline to harnessing the rejuvenating endorphins from your own sexual energy.

Vagus Nerve Rewiring
Modify your nervous system’s response, amplifying your pleasure threshold.

Blissful Liberation
Free your potential to resonate with bliss across every cell.

Breath Enhancement
Engage in practices that optimise and expand your breathing capacity, facilitating deeper connection, energy flow, and heightened states of awareness.

Rhythmic Movement
Explore the transformative power of dance, utilising rhythmic expressions to unlock emotional blockages and celebrate the body’s innate wisdom and pleasure.

Authentic Expression
Embrace and showcase your unique sensual and sexual signature.

The Relationship Map & Life Integration
Implement our novel solution-focused Relationship Map process seamlessly into all of your relationships and daily interactions.

Transformative Rituals
Experience the metamorphic powers of the Reconciliation Ritual for Women and Men, Cacao Orgasmic Breath Dance Meditation, and Sananga Ritual.

Your Facilitators

Andrew Barnes

Lead Facilitator 

 Andrew Barnes is an internationally acclaimed Tantric sex, relationship, and orgasm coach, sexologist, speaker, master bodyworker, and author of Heart of the Flower and Relationship Tantra. Andrew is the developer of Tantric Body De-armouring, and over the last several years he has been running courses worldwide in this ever-popular modality.

Andrew Barnes underwent an Accountability Process from December 2021 until April 2023. If you would like to know more about this please go to this link.

Rhianne van der Linde

Breathwork Facilitator & Organiser

Rhianne van der Linde is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer with a depth of knowledge and experience of transforming the mundane into the magical. Her knowing that embodiment is rooted in relaxation and that every breath is an opportunity for us to wake-up to the bliss that is our birthright, inspires her to co-create intimate spaces for vulnerable exploration and sharing in Truth.

Specialities: Breathwork, Dreamwork, Shadow Exploration & Integration, Sexual Awakening for Women, Embodiment and Somatic practices, Body De-armouring.

To enquire about booking a one-on-one personal session you can email Rhianne: rhianne@shaktishiva.academy

Feedback from past attendees

Important Information for Participants:

Trauma-Informed Care
At the outset of our event, we’ll institute trauma-aware guidelines and retreat boundaries. Our goal is to ensure that each participant feels completely respected and at ease, moving at a pace that aligns with their individual comfort.

Participant Autonomy
We prioritise a pressure-free environment. No participant is obliged to engage in any activity they’re uncomfortable with. Everyone is empowered to determine their level of involvement, ensuring informed consent is always at the forefront.

Limitations of Our Expertise
While our training encompasses trauma-informed care and informed-consent, we aren’t equipped or accredited to address deep-seated trauma. Those seeking trauma-related healing should consult a certified trauma therapist or medical professional.

Event Purpose
Note that no trauma therapists or medical experts will be present during our event. The purpose of this retreat is educational and recreational. If you have concerns about attending, we advise you to consult with a medical professional to determine if this event is suitable for you.

Nudity and Boundaries
Some activities might offer optional degrees of nudity. However, during our Level 1 retreat, there will be no genital de-armouring. Your personal boundaries will always be held in the highest regard. Whether you choose to participate in nude activities or stay clothed, your choice is wholly respected and welcomed.

Choose your Level

LEVEL I & II: 8-day retreat

Open to ALL
Starting: Tuesday 1 October 2024 @ 6pm
Finishing: Wednesday 9 October 2024 @ 1pm
Open to ALL

LEVEL I: 5-day retreat

Starting: Tuesday 1 October 2024 @ 6pm
Finishing: Sunday 6 October 2024 @ 1pm

LEVEL II: 3-day retreat

Only open to those people who have previously participated in Level 1 or similar with either Andrew or Rhianne

Starting: Sunday 6 October 2024 @ 6pm
Finishing: Wednesday 9 October 2024 @ 1pm


Prices include all accommodation, meals & facilitation as detailed above
Prices are per person (sharing or single)

From: R2,704 / month for 3 months

If you have any questions, we invite you to schedule a discovery call with us.


Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for people who wish to enter more deeply into their own healing process. Open to both individuals & couples, this retreat serves as a portal to uncharted realms of self and unparalleled potentialities. While not designed as a practitioner course, many professionals value the unique techniques and perspectives presented. This retreat is open to both male and female bodied beings. Single or partnered. Whatever your relationship status, and however your sexuality expresses, you’re welcome just as you are. 

Yes, you’re welcome to participate on your own.  Whether you’re single or in partnership / relationship, this retreat is designed as a solo experience alongside and together with others.  You will have the opportunity to deepen in intimacy with yourself and with others. There are solo, partner, small group and whole group practices included in the retreat program.

Yes, please take your time to complete the application form as it is of great support in enabling us to co-create a powerful and rich experience for all of us.  We hugely appreciate your care & consideration with this.

  • Travel to and from Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat, South Africa
  • VISA fees if applicable
  • Additional Treatments
  • Gratuities
  • Gifts, curio’s & items of a personal nature
  • Fully facilitated retreat programme including mastering Tantric Body De-armouring (TBD), guided and spontaneous movement meditations, awakened breath and other transformative rituals, ceremonies and practices
  • Accommodation of your choice (single or shared)
  • All meals (vegan)
  • The closest airport is Cape Town International.
  • The drive from Cape Town to Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat is approx. 3hrs.
  • We will connect all participants for lift sharing purposes.
  • A shuttle bus from Cape Town to Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat (return) can be arranged at an additional cost depending on how many participants require this service.
  • Cancellation up to and inc. 31 July 2024: Full refund (less 5% admin/banking fees)
  • Cancellation up to and inc. 31 August 2024: 50% refund
  • Cancellation up to and inc. 15 September 2024: 25% refund
  • Should you cancel after 15 September 2024: no refund will be due to you and you will forfeit any deposit/ payment made
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