Transforming the Lead of Guilt and Shame to Gold

There was a time in my youth where my innocence was taken from me and I was left with much guilt and shame.


Guilt and shame, although they have their place in healthy doses in the cacophony of our emotional lives… can have a tendency to be overdone and distorted.


When overdone and distorted they can create havoc and chaos in our lives. Collectively guilt and shame are our magic killers, separating us from our capacity to experience bliss, flow and conscious alignment with our wills.


The guilt and shame aspects morph from sweet nymphs, who were merely trying to help guide our developing moral compass, into malevolent underworld prison wardens who feel it is their duty to create pain and suffering in order to pay penance ad-infinitum for all our “wrongdoing”.


These transformed underworld figures create prisons of financial struggle, debt, separation from love, disconnection from self, and prison gates between your body and mind. 


The keyholder to these prison cells and gates is YOU.


By being willing to engage a vulnerable conversation with the prisons wardens of your guilt and shame, getting to understand what they are so desperate to hold onto and not let go of, is the opportunity to invite softening. 


The invitation to welcome bliss, joy and connection back into your life. The opportunity to bring freedom in your relationships and in your material manifestations.


The prisons we create can be harsh, and they can be powerful. The prisons we create for ourselves can have ripple effects impacting those we love very dearly…


This was certainly the case for me when I felt I was robbed of something that was so dear to me and the ensuing morphing and turning-in of my guilt and shame.  


Like a wicked alchemist, instead of transforming the lead of this experience into gold, I first subjected to the “lead” poisoning as I drank the guilt and shame and transformed it into punishment and projections onto those nearest and dearest to me.


The ripples ruined friendships and created a domino effect of failed relationships. Impacting not only me but my children, their fathers and even other families. 


It has taken me the courage of heart to journey back to these dark places, to find the keys to open the prisons. To meet with the prison wardens of guilt and shame and dialogue with them to put down their whips and chains and find compassion. To move out of the hall of mirrors where everything is distorted and confused and find clarity.


To meet myself with love, compassion and forgiveness, which allows it to expand and move outwards into all relationships in my life.


Relationships with my daughters, relationships with my exes, relationships with my family and the relationship with my current partner.


Like Rapunzel being released from her ivory tower, I have been allowed to end my suffering of separation and bring connection and closeness back into my life. 


During the upcoming Soulmate Within Course, you have the opportunity to fully meet Yourself.  To transform and set yourself free, giving you the power to transform your relationship to All things….


This is freedom. This is Gold.


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