Why it’s important women embody their true feminine essence to create the world anew

Written by Kali Satyagraha Widd


If we look around us, read the news, and listen to our collective conversations, there appears to be an overwhelming sense of despair, anxiety, helpless rage, confusion and collapse swamping humanity currently. Women in particular feel they’re in the crosshairs, with gender-based violence, regressive reproductive health laws, rape, misogyny, and abuse at record highs.

It’s tempting to hit back at the perceived source of all these ills: politicians, the media, capitalism, big pharma – and in particular, men! After all, isn’t it men who mostly inhabit these hierarchical structures? Men and patriarchy are often viewed as interchangeable.


It’s important to recognise that, even though men hold the balance of power in the patriarchal paradigm, no man today invented it, and everyone – regardless of gender or orientation – is severely damaged by it. Furthermore, the power men do hold isn’t true power, but an invented one of the mind, which we’ve all unconsciously bought into. Patriarchy is a system and should not be conflated with male gender.

Patriarchy has no gender ~ Bell Hooks ~

Bell Hooks well understood patriarchy is an authoritarian culture controlling men and women alike through conditioned thought handed down over thousands of years. We’re raised with a particular set of rules from birth onwards, and they permeate the whole of society. For example, the proper roles for boys and girls: boys shouldn’t express feelings, but aggression is mostly acceptable; girls can express feelings, however, anger is always inappropriate.


When we speak about dismantling patriarchy and ushering in a new, more balanced world order, we’re not targeting the male of the species; we’re targeting a system. This is an important distinction lest we redress one imbalance, only to fall into another equally distressing polarity.

The key question for women is, how can we create a better world when the odds are seemingly stacked against us?


One of the obstacles hiding in plain sight, is that, without realising it, women have unconsciously adjusted to, and deeply internalised the power dynamics of patriarchy by policing the words, behaviours, body shapes, dress, and sexuality of other women to uphold society’s norms and values. We call this collective monitoring of women by women, the Women’s Union, and it strongly contributes to the maintenance of patriarchy.

Artist: @blaccc.smith
Artist: @blaccc.smith

Just some examples of the Women’s Union in action: gossiping about other women; laughing at sexist jokes; vying to be the most attractive and talented woman in the room; judging a woman for being ‘too sexual,’ ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin;’ objectifying ourselves to be noticed, admired, and loved; competing for the alpha male by sabotaging the competition, holding ourselves and each other to some impossible ideal of patriarchal perfection…

Watch this archival footage of Shakti Malan speaking on the importance of reclaiming the Feminine. (38 secs)


In a world that’s healthy and whole, women learn about their sexuality from other women who have the wisdom and experience to teach the unique qualities of female sexuality. Women are meant to be great sources of support and encouragement for each other, but unfortunately our ability to be supportive in this way has become tainted by the shadow of three patriarchal archetypes in us: the virgin, the whore and the women’s union.

We’ve created a free masterclass, in which we’ll introduce you to the least commonly talked about and hidden archetype:

The “Women’s Union.”


The most important way to begin dissolving this shadow archetype is to become fully embodied: to drop into our hearts and wombs and feel everything whilst waking up to the fullness of who we really are. The awakened feminine heart is the 4th chakra gateway to a new humanity: staying stuck in the 3rd chakra of separation, and sticking with what we already know, leads to even more destruction and despair.

When we orientate from the sensed intelligence of our bodies, we recognise the inter-dependence of all beings. There’s an innate knowing that nothing is separate from us, and the old top-down structures of command and control naturally start to collapse within and without.

Our feminine sexual essence is awakened, which is powerfully creative, and aligned with the universal energies of the cosmos.

Did you know, The Sanskrit word “Shakti” translates as creative power?

It is this Feminine power manifesting the planets, moving the oceans and spinning the galaxies. Our awakened sexual energy IS a universal force of creation – it is through the awakening of our sexuality that a new world is birthed.

This is our power and potential as women!

  • So why is it that so few of us who incarnated here in female form recognise we are the ones holding the power?
  • Why is it we’re so unwilling to step into, and claim, our power?
  • Why are we politely waiting to ask permission?
  • Why are we wallowing in passive aggression and complaining about the state of the world as if it has nothing to do with us?

Women already have all the power within themselves to unseat patriarchal structures.

A return home to our bodies and our sexuality without shame, blame or judgement is akin to opening a mystical portal to an entirely new reality! By consciously confronting, feeling and owning the Women’s Union within, we are able to discover the hidden potential – the gem buried within – and transform our collective presence into a true Gathering of the Crones.

Instead of being a Union of Women judging and criticising one another, we can become a Sisterhood Circle supporting one another to open to the depths of the Feminine.


  • With all the doom and gloom ‘out there’ and inside ourselves, isn’t this an inspiring message of hope and redemption?
  • What it takes is for every woman on the planet to wake up and integrate the process of conscious embodiment now
  • It’s really important we support one another and be this awakened embodied consciousness together!


Sunday 17 July 2022 ​

10am PST/ 1pm EST / 6pm BST/ 7pm SAST

Zoom link provided upon registration

(Open to all woman-identified beings with, or who have had, a womb – gay, straight, bi-sexual, fluid – whichever way your sexuality flows)

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