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Shakti Shiva Academy has been created as a quantum learning portal enabling You to discover the essence of what You are and to embody That in your life and your sexuality.

Unlike most academies, this one cares deeply about your body and your humanity. It’s intention is to give you access to your pure potential and unique essence as an individual - empowering you to find your wings and fly. Additionally, you get to be part of an open community in ongoing inquiry as to how we can embody Love more fully. Founded by Shakti Malan she has shared her transmissions, wisdom and experience from her deepest vulnerability and humanness, and this ethos continues with the Academy.

We walk alongside each other in this discovery, supporting each other through our mutual openness and availability to listen and respond to life. The Academy is run and managed by Tiffany Stone & Rhianne van der Linde who have been working alongside Shakti for many years and are now honored to have the collaboration of various trusted colleagues and facilitators in this learning space, all of whom have had direct exposure and immersion in Shakti's teachings. There is also a profound level of support from the invisible realms. With the knowing that time and space is our infinite playground, let’s seize the day and make the most of this precious human life - together.




Starting 1 November 2019, a 6-Module (12 week) Online Course to support you in meeting your inner masculine and feminine aspects and learn how these are impacting your relationship life. "As Within So Without". This course is open to men and women.


Starting August 2019, a live 9-month online personal intensive.


A 7-Module Online Course to Initiate Your True Sexual Flowering


Starting March 2020, a 9-month deep dive into your sexual unconscious



Shakti Shiva Academy is a quantum learning portal for discovering your unique essence as an expression of Life’s Essence - and cultivating the art of embodying that in your life and your sexuality.

Founded by Shakti Malan, the Academy has two currents. The first is a pathway of learning and facilitation training specifically focused on feminine sexual essence. Based on Shakti's book Sexual Awakening for Women, The Academy provides facilitation training required to become a certified Sexual Awakening for Women facilitator to bring the awareness and focus of reclaiming the feminine, which is much needed in a world that has become hyper-masculine in a painfully distorted way.

The second current is open to all genders and invites you to a radical exploration of your potential through the excavation of your shadow and sexuality. It is radical in that this work invites you to constantly meet the edges of who you perceive yourself to be, both in your sexuality and with your conscious and unconscious creations.

Our work here goes against the direction of much modern Tantric practice which is only interested in having you feel good and having a fantastic sexual experience.

Because we know that sexual energy is the very substance of your vital life force and not just some genital affair, our exploration invites us to open to the entire width and depth of human experience. There will be no full opening to ecstasy without being willing to meet the agony of places that have been left ignored and unloved in the shadows of our being. We are invited to become full and rounded human beings, waking up to our essential nature as Love and Truth, and fully engaged in the wild adventure of learning how to embody That, all the way into our sexuality.

We discover the profound intelligence and sensitivity of our genitals and stop using them in ways that are just not honoring.



Tantra Yoga, Liquid Breath: Subtle Body Retreat (Mozambique)
Tartaruga Luxury Tented Camp
  7 Night – Luxury Wild Dolphin + Yoga Retreat With Valentina Leo, Rhianne van der Linde &...
Freedom & the Nervous System, a 7-day Retreat for women (Cape Town – South Africa)
Fynbos Estate
Join Karin Ritchie and Rhianne van der Linde for Freedom & the Nervous System, a 7-day Retreat for w...



5 Reasons to embrace your desire

5 reasons why embracing your desire is a powerful path to enlightenment. How to create greater ease and flow in your life.


3 Ways your unconscious flirts with you…

Learn 3 ways your unconscious flirts with you. Discover how to enter into a greater relationship of awareness with your unconscious.


Eros leads to Gnosis

Plato once said that “Eros leads to gnosis”.  But what does that mean exactly?  In Greek philosophy Eros is seen as the only element that can transform the human psyche, leading it to higher Truth and Realization.  And some Tantra teachers teach that if you want to fully know higher truth, then you must open to your desire and your erotic impulse, following them through their excitement to their origin, and bearing witness to the frozen parts of yourself as they unfurl and return to life after a lifetime of repression and suppression. Shakti Malan, founder of the Shakti Shiva Academy, was one of these teachers. This may all seem easier said than done, but that’s not so.   Shakti spent much of her teaching career supporting others in the exploration of their desire. She developed a beautiful modality called Totality Therapy (read more about this program here) to guide people on a healing journey back to their wholeness, their totality — the returning home of every lost aspect and…


Rest into the center of life’s

current moving through 

and as you. Attuning to this place of


with yourSelf is your only task and

direction in this life. 




soul flight cover

Soulflight: Drumming for the Shamanic Journey

Lauren Sweet is a Shamanic Healer, Astrologer, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Sacred Singer and Artist. She has been creating ritual and ceremony for over 20 years.  Her healing practise began in 1998 and her passion is working with clients to release shame, body hatred and sexual trauma.  She is calm and respectful while being…


sacred songs front

Sacred Songs for Ritual, Ceremony and Personal Power

Lauren Sweet is a Shamanic Healer, Astrologer, EFT & Matrix Reimprining Practitioner, sacred singer and artist. She has been creating ritual and ceremony for 23 years. Her menopause journey is in its 9th year and her serpent power is rising… Her song yani yoni ya hu wey ney has been sung by circles of women…


rocky horry tantra book

The Rocky Horror Tantra Book by Swami Rahasya (Ebook)

“Swami Rahasya is as much a rascally trickster as he is a serious pundit of Tantric Spirituality. He uses tongue-and-cheek, irony, and colourful stories (personal, archetypal, and beyond) to share the high teachings of the Tantric adepts of old.” The Rocky Horror Tantra Book is a deep exploration of Tantric practice and has become a standard…


heart meditation

Heart Meditation by Rahasya

Heart meditation is an absolutely essential technique for Tantrikas. For some, it’s of significant benefit from time to time. For many of us, it’s a favourite regular practice.

It’s useful for handling pain, hurt and other sufferings which weren’t (couldn’t be) felt in fullness at the time of occurrence, though it’s much more than a “medicine”.

We have hurt, suffering that we’ve resisted, that we’ve “put away for later”. Tantra says: now IS later.

It is a truly deep, transcendent and above all practical meditation, practiced in more or less this way for thousands of years.

  1. Intro
  2. Heart Meditation
  3. About Heart Meditation


death meditation

Death Meditation by Rahasya

Awareness of death, knowing and fully accepting its inevitability, is a valuable step for a seeker.

This advanced meditation technique is particularly accessible when you have the feeling called “loneliness”. This technique enables that feeling to be accepted and deepened into aloneness, or all-oneness.

This audio is intended to get you familiar with the practice of Death Meditation, and give you a taste of its gorgeous depths, that you may find it as valuable support on the path as we do.

  1. Introduction
  2. Death Meditation
  3. About Death Meditation



Basic Sexual Shadow Work Ebook

Accessing the luminous power of our sexuality requires the willingness to love our sexual shadows – every aspect of our sexuality which plays out from the subconscious. In this book, Shakti gives a fundamental introduction to how to work with your sexual unconscious.



The Soulmate Within Summit Recording Package

Over the course of four days we had the opportunity to hear some of the most brilliant and cutting­ edge experts in awakening consciousness explore how we can take our inner and outer relationship life to the next level. All of these dynamic dialogues that carry rich transmissions on coming home to ourselves as the first beloved, becoming juicy, soulful lovers in partnership, and collectively living in a way that catalyzes mutual awakening are available to download if you purchase the Summit Package. The Summit Packages includes not only these 10 session recordings, but an additional 8 bonus sessions, a 3-part video series and 2 music downloads.



Ten Tantric Partner Meditations

An audio and video series to provide you step-by-step guidance and initiation into Tantric Lovemaking from the privacy of your bedroom

There comes a time in your life when you realize that nothing – nothing you could ever achieve or possess – is as valuable as the quality of your Love.



Sexual Self Loving – The Tantric Way

An audio and video series in which Shakti provides step-by-step guidance and initiation into Tantric Self-loving practices from the privacy of your own home.

Learning to truly love ourselves in our sexual bodies is an art that reconnects us to the ecstatic joy that is our birthright

  • connecting to the subtle movement of sexual energy through the body, and
  • accessing bliss in your body that is lasting because it is real.



Being Your Own Best Lover

In this audio, I guide you to connect to your inner sensual body through breath, subtle movement, sound and visualization. Experience the bliss that is inherent in your body, waiting to be awakened through loving awareness.

How many of us have ever received guidance on how to make love to ourselves? Masturbation can be exciting, but ultimately not deeply fulfilling. In Meditation for Being your Own Best Lover, I guide you in:

  • truly meeting yourself in love
  • communicating self love into your own body
  • connecting to the subtle movement of sexual energy through the body, and
  • accessing bliss in your body that is lasting because it is real.