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Shakti Shiva Academy has been created as a quantum learning portal enabling You to discover the essence of what You are and to embody That in your life and your sexuality.

Unlike most academies, this one cares deeply about your body and your humanity. It’s intention is to give you access to your pure potential and unique essence as an individual - empowering you to find your wings and fly. Additionally, you get to be part of an open community in ongoing inquiry as to how we can embody Love more fully. Founded by Shakti Malan she has shared her transmissions, wisdom and experience from her deepest vulnerability and humanness, and this ethos continues with the Academy.

We walk alongside each other in this discovery, supporting each other through our mutual openness and availability to listen and respond to life. The Academy is run and managed by Tiffany Stone & Rhianne van der Linde who have been working alongside Shakti for many years and are now honored to have the collaboration of various trusted colleagues and facilitators in this learning space, all of whom have had direct exposure and immersion in Shakti's teachings. There is also a profound level of support from the invisible realms. With the knowing that time and space is our infinite playground, let’s seize the day and make the most of this precious human life - together.





Starting 1 November 2019, a 6-Module (12 week) Online Course to support you in meeting your inner masculine and feminine aspects and learn how these are impacting your relationship life. "As Within So Without". This course is open to men and women.


Starting August 2019, a live 9-month online personal intensive.


A 7-Module Online Course to Initiate Your True Sexual Flowering


Starting 2020, a 9-month deep dive into your sexual unconscious



Shakti Shiva Academy is a quantum learning portal for discovering your unique essence as an expression of Life’s Essence - and cultivating the art of embodying that in your life and your sexuality.

Founded by Shakti Malan, the Academy has two currents. The first is a pathway of learning and facilitation training specifically focused on feminine sexual essence. Based on Shakti's book Sexual Awakening for Women, The Academy provides facilitation training required to become a certified Sexual Awakening for Women facilitator to bring the awareness and focus of reclaiming the feminine, which is much needed in a world that has become hyper-masculine in a painfully distorted way.

The second current is open to all genders and invites you to a radical exploration of your potential through the excavation of your shadow and sexuality. It is radical in that this work invites you to constantly meet the edges of who you perceive yourself to be, both in your sexuality and with your conscious and unconscious creations.

Our work here goes against the direction of much modern Tantric practice which is only interested in having you feel good and having a fantastic sexual experience.

Because we know that sexual energy is the very substance of your vital life force and not just some genital affair, our exploration invites us to open to the entire width and depth of human experience. There will be no full opening to ecstasy without being willing to meet the agony of places that have been left ignored and unloved in the shadows of our being. We are invited to become full and rounded human beings, waking up to our essential nature as Love and Truth, and fully engaged in the wild adventure of learning how to embody That, all the way into our sexuality.

We discover the profound intelligence and sensitivity of our genitals and stop using them in ways that are just not honoring.



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Transforming the Lead of Guilt and Shame to Gold

There was a time in my youth where my innocence was taken from me and I was left with much guilt and shame.   Guilt and shame, although they have their place in healthy doses in the cacophony of our emotional lives… can have a tendency to be overdone and distorted.   When overdone and distorted they can create havoc and chaos in our lives. Collectively guilt and shame are our magic killers, separating us from our capacity to experience bliss, flow and conscious alignment with our wills.   The guilt and shame aspects morph from sweet nymphs, who were merely trying to help guide our developing moral compass, into malevolent underworld prison wardens who feel it is their duty to create pain and suffering in order to pay penance ad-infinitum for all our “wrongdoing”.   These transformed underworld figures create prisons of financial struggle, debt, separation from love, disconnection from self, and prison gates between your body and mind.    The keyholder to these prison cells and gates is…


Being Counterintuitive

To ancient astrologers, the planets represented the will of the gods and their direct influence upon human affairs. To modern astrologers, the planets represent basic drives or urges in the unconscious.   In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods. The one deity who could travel with messages between the upper and lower realms. The planet Mercury is thus associated with day-to-day expression and relationships.    Today the planet Mercury enters the shadow of its retrograde period. The period just before it turns fully retrograde on 31st October in Scorpio and remains until 20th November    Mercury retrogrades are generally regarded as periods NOT to set any deadlines, and are associated with miscommunication and havoc in the technological and internet worlds…..    Really, a period that a “sane” internet business owner would not schedule an email marketing sequence to prepare for the launch of a course!    However…. Sometimes, some things can be counter-intuitive…. And yet…. just make perfect sense…   According to Jamie Miller of Pandora Astrology:  …


Identifying a divided will…

Finding my path to true love was not easy! In fact, before I could manifest the conscious reality I wanted, I needed to first acquaint myself with what was really going on in my unconscious.   It is said that our unconscious is running 90% of our actions and creations, leaving our conscious mind controlling the remaining 10%.   I liken it to a board of directors with voting rights. We may be consciously voting for something in our lives, finding the perfect partner, having a fulfilling vocation, enjoying loving community etc…   But if we are not experiencing this in our lives, then it is time to get really curious about what is actually being voted for at our internal board of directors meeting.   If you are experiencing some sort of other experience, which may in fact be the exact opposite of what you are proclaiming to want, then you can pretty much guarantee that there is a division of will between your unconscious and conscious voters….and unfortunately…….


Rest into the center of life’s

current moving through 

and as you. Attuning to this place of


with yourSelf is your only task and

direction in this life. 

A pioneer in the field of Human consciousness and awakening – Shakti marries her deep knowledge of Anthropology and Human Sexuality towards insights and teachings into the human condition which are forward thinking, innovative and inspiring. Shakti’s teachings have allowed me to come home to a place I always knew existed but lacked the capacity to reach on my own. A Re–Pairing on the deepest level. The teachings and subtle body work practices have set in motion the expanding of a felt sense reality for me – towards a rich and tapestried life of intimacy and love making that I could not have imagined before. 

Paul Abro - Totality Therapy Practitioner & Dentist, Cape Town

Shakti Malan is the embodiment of a great teacher and healer. She utilizes her powerful presence, wisdom, and physical self to enact that which the healer needs to encounter in order to meet and triumph through their conditioning, deprivation and traumatic imprinting. She brings together in-depth knowledge of trauma, the nervous system, somatic processes and a passionate commitment to the evolution of consciousness in her work. I was amazed with her tremendous range of being, from the most soft tender loving nurturer to the most fierce animalistic side. In all the years of my practice and trainings with great teachers in the trauma therapy and somatic psychology field I have not before encountered the special qualities I witnessed with Shakti. 

Serena, Trauma Psychologist, Bali

Shakti is a unique teacher & therapist, deeply gifted & accomplished, an inspired and inspiring fellow human traveler. She embodies the flow, love & compassion of the deep feminine while being fully conscious & strong in her masculine. This is such a rare combination in our unbalanced world… She brings the change the New Earth needs. She will guide you, invite you into a space where you can trust & let go. She will hold you, she will challenge you, she will let you taste unconditional love. I am so grateful to her for my own blossoming into the fullness of who I can be. The journey is ongoing, her support is ever present. If like me you believe and feel there is more to your life than what surrounds you, and you are willing to step into the unknown, look no further, she is the one you’ve been looking for. Kalyani – Totality Therapy Practitioner, England

Kalyani – Totality Therapy Practitioner, England





Basic Sexual Shadow Work Ebook

Accessing the luminous power of our sexuality requires the willingness to love our sexual shadows – every aspect of our sexuality which plays out from the subconscious. In this book, Shakti gives a fundamental introduction to how to work with your sexual unconscious.



The Soulmate Within Summit Recording Package

Over the course of four days we had the opportunity to hear some of the most brilliant and cutting­ edge experts in awakening consciousness explore how we can take our inner and outer relationship life to the next level. All of these dynamic dialogues that carry rich transmissions on coming home to ourselves as the first beloved, becoming juicy, soulful lovers in partnership, and collectively living in a way that catalyzes mutual awakening are available to download if you purchase the Summit Package. The Summit Packages includes not only these 10 session recordings, but an additional 8 bonus sessions, a 3-part video series and 2 music downloads.



Ten Tantric Partner Meditations

An audio and video series to provide you step-by-step guidance and initiation into Tantric Lovemaking from the privacy of your bedroom

There comes a time in your life when you realize that nothing – nothing you could ever achieve or possess – is as valuable as the quality of your Love.



Sexual Self Loving – The Tantric Way

An audio and video series in which Shakti provides step-by-step guidance and initiation into Tantric Self-loving practices from the privacy of your own home.

Learning to truly love ourselves in our sexual bodies is an art that reconnects us to the ecstatic joy that is our birthright

  • connecting to the subtle movement of sexual energy through the body, and
  • accessing bliss in your body that is lasting because it is real.



Being Your Own Best Lover

In this audio, I guide you to connect to your inner sensual body through breath, subtle movement, sound and visualization. Experience the bliss that is inherent in your body, waiting to be awakened through loving awareness.

How many of us have ever received guidance on how to make love to ourselves? Masturbation can be exciting, but ultimately not deeply fulfilling. In Meditation for Being your Own Best Lover, I guide you in:

  • truly meeting yourself in love
  • communicating self love into your own body
  • connecting to the subtle movement of sexual energy through the body, and
  • accessing bliss in your body that is lasting because it is real.



Secret Gateways of Sexual Energy Ebook

In this book, you will develop an understanding of the subtle flow of sexual energy through the body. It provides a background on kundalini and the chakras and gives you practice in four ways of circulating sexual energy.



Sexual Awakening For Women Ebook

This book takes women on an experiential journey to awaken the deep feminine in our sexuality. The practices, case studies and theory create a systematic journey of releasing the main blocks in the flow of women’s sexual energy. Through the softening, the returning to ourselves and the opening to sensual bliss in our bodies, women awaken to the true nature of our sexual ecstasy.