The Shakti Shiva Academy is a quantum learning platform offering a variety of online courses, programs, products and in-person retreats on the topics of sexuality, relationships, consciousness, and awakening to living as Bliss in your beautiful body of love.

Over the years, thousands of students have worked through our programs - many of them under the personal tutelage of our founder, Shakti Malan. We are blessed to have some of these experienced facilitators as members of our faculty team, sharing their wisdom and guidance on the various on-line and in-person offerings created by the Shakti Shiva Academy.

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"As an alchemist of human growth and transformation and dancer of inner worlds, she finds the magic in human lives and enables people to own their own growth and transformation."


Based in South Africa, Tiffany has been managing The Academy since its inception and working side-by-side with Shakti since she took her work into the online and digital world in 2013.

Other than being responsible for the strategic planning, managing and directing the practicalities and operations of the courses and academy, Tiffany is also a trained facilitator, coach and shamanic family systems constellator. She has a passion for psychological processes and shadow work integration specializing in facilitating deep and insightful inner work dialogues using a practice to access our inner relationship dynamics through reflections in our external relating. She takes a no-nonsense approach in the seeking of radical clarity through honesty and often asking uncomfortable questions.

She is a woman of enormous courage, intellect and beauty and is the mother of two beautiful girls.

Specialities: Shadow work, Radical Self-Acceptance, Relationships (Desire for, Dealing with, Recovering from), Couples Counselling, Inner Parts work, Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine Dynamics, Family Systems and Family Constellations.

To enquire about booking a one-on-one personal session you can email her here. You can also view more about the work that she offers on her personal website.




Rhianne has been walking alongside Shakti managing all in-person workshops and retreats since 2010. Participating quietly in the background, being in Shakti’s flight path has been a great gift in her life and she remains totally in-service to the smooth and efficient organisation of all in person retreats and workshops offered by the Academy and being committed to the co-creation of intimate spaces for vulnerable & embodied sharing.

Rhianne is an avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer with a depth of knowledge and experience of transforming the mundane into the magical. Her personal explorations have led her into working with dreams, as a companion to those busy with their journey of dying, exploring the breath as a thread connecting us directly to source & processing and ritual with groups in wild nature. Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment - as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful bodies of is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that Rhianne is most interested in learning and sharing.

Specialities: Breathwork, Dreamwork, Sexual Awakening for Women, Embodiment and Somatic practices, Body De-armouring.

To enquire about booking a one-on-one personal session you can email her here.






Based in the Garden Route of South Africa, Karin is a lover of life, a gentle warrior woman, passionate about growth and well-being. Drawing on her journey of transformation from a traumatic life to one of grace, she seeks to create a conscious authentic life for herself and her clients. She embraces freedom from past patterns that no longer serve. Through gratitude, presence, curiosity and compassion, she witnesses and celebrates the miracles of healing.

Karin is an Indian trained practicing Kundalini yoga teacher and a Trauma Healing Practitioner (SEP), a subtle healing modality that focuses on the science of the nervous system and the unlocking and releasing of trauma held in the body, mind and spirit.

As a life-long student, her studies include sexual trauma, global high, eye of the needle 1 & 2, Authentic Relationships, Conscious Communication, Mind and Meditation and Beyond Addiction. Her extensive travels include assisting in training somatic experiencing practitioners in Hong Kong and assisting a Somatic Experiencing Workshop at Omega Institute in New York with Dr Peter Levine.  She is a mother to three and partner to the man she loves.

In partnership with Shakti Shiva Academy Karin facilitates an experiential retreat, Freedom & The Nervous System, which is an exploration of safe ways for releasing the memory and response to trauma.

Specialities: Trauma including Sexual Trauma, Authentic Relationships, Conscious Communication, Addictions, Somatic Experiencing.

To view more about the work that Karin offers you can view her website and book a session here.



Headshot Claire Rumore 2018

Based in Bay Area, California, Claire has been on a multi-decade journey of reclaiming connection to her feminine essence, which she cut herself off from at a young age, favouring her perception of the privilege and power of masculinity over the seeming weakness of the feminine.  Meeting Shakti Malan in 2010 fortified this reclamation and empowered Claire in ways she could have never anticipated.   Now a decade later Claire is a skilful guide for individuals and couples into understanding their sexuality, gender, and identity through a Tantric lens.  She’s a particularly helpful resource for other women who rejected or never were in touch with their feminine sides.  Claire has a background in human sexuality, Tantric spirituality, and sex education, as well as coaching, counselling, and dance.  She was a senior student of Shakti Malan from 2012-2017, and has been teaching with the Shakti Shiva Academy ever since.

Specialities: Shadow work, Somatic counselling and coaching, mindfulness and meditation, Sexual Awakening for Women, Erotic Blue Prints, Attachment Styles, and explorations in Conscious Hedonism - or the embrace of desire and pleasure as a path for Awakening

To view more about the work that Claire offers you can view her website and book a session here.



lisa grace
Based in the Bay Area, California, Lisa has spent the last two decades gathering tools to support humans in being fully embodied, expressed, and able to stay present with the truth of What Is.
With a degree in Performing Arts and Psychology, she has since traversed BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism otherwise known as "kink"), the extreme non-violence of mindfulness based Hakomi TherapyAdvait Tantra (non-duality and the expansive liberation of sexual energy as universal consciousness), and is a Master Practitioner of Transformational NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Lisa’s work is about getting real with all the internal polarities (such as masculine and feminine identification, desire and fear, guilt and innocence) that motivate pursuits and avoidances, creating grasping, shame, and fear- and finding the full power and authenticity hiding in the shadows. She is especially passionate about furthering conversations around gender and the queering of Tantra.
In 2011 Lisa met Shakti Malan who quickly became a major influence in her life through her Totality Therapy TrainingSoulmate WithinSexual Awakening for Women, and Somatic Healing for Sexual Trauma courses. Lisa was a Senior Student of Shakti from 2014-2017 and is currently in training with Sacred founders, Justin Patrick Pierce and Londin Angel Winters.


Specialities: Shadow work, parts integration, Western Sacred Sexuality, Advait Tantra (non-duality), Transformational NeuroLinguistic Programing, mindfulness and guided meditation, somatic education, kink, polyamory, and other alternative forms of relating

To view more about the work that Lisa offers you can view her website and book a session here.



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