Dates: 25 April 2024 - 2 May 2024

Location: Hidden Paradise, near Orgiva, Southern Spain

BlissDance is a Totality Tantra Movement Practice of Awakening. Awakening to more of everything in life: more love, more pleasure, more you!

BlissDance asks, what do you really, really want out of this beautiful, blessed life? How can you embody your desire, without compulsion or suppression? How can you be the subject of your desire, rather than chasing after objects?

BlissDance also asks, how much bliss can you stand? Bliss is not simply happiness: bliss includes happiness, but bliss is so much more than that! Bliss is really an orientation to the reality of existence, which opens its loving and compassionate heart to all that life brings. The bliss state says, ‘Bring it on!’ It has no preferences or avoidances.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is not. BlissDance as a practice develops in us an ecstatic capacity to be with the actuality of life, like the changing seasons and cycles, including sorrow, joy, pleasure, pain, loss, grief, death, and the unknown.

BlissDance reveals where we may be resisting life, and where we may be limiting ourselves – both in trying to avoid uncomfortable feelings, and also in resisting our joy, spontaneity, creativity, and pleasure.

If you sense:
- there’s so much more to life than simply existing
- you have a lot more to offer than you’re currently giving
- you want to receive more out of life
- you want to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the profound in the profane

why not join us for this adventurous journey of a lifetime?


True blissful awakening is an orientation to life, rather than any emotional state.  

BlissDance is designed to safely support us to shed the layers of illusion obscuring the true-blue view of reality within.  As a Tantric practice of Totality, it leaves nothing out.  And there is no hierarchy or preference for any condition or experience – everything is welcome in embodied consciousness: a very rare invitation indeed!

When we compassionately unravel the old belief systems and unconscious habits, we can tap into our true nature, and embody the blissful space within which everything already arises and falls away, exactly as it is.  This is ecstasy, this is bliss.

Discovering authentic, sustained bliss as a direct experience through embodied consciousness may just be the greatest quality humanity needs to make it through the collapse of the old, polarized paradigm into the next evolution of consciousness: loving unity.

BlissDance invites you to bring your sadness and tears, bring your joy and playfulness, bring your brokenness, and perfect imperfection, bring your shadow, and bring your light – all of you is welcome here.

If movement and music is your medicine, then this retreat might be exactly what you long for right now.  And the movement embodiments are yours to practice for life.  To keep you true to truth, and in your bliss.


"Bliss is the balance that happens
when we fully embrace
both our shadow & our light
and come to rest as Love"

― Shakti Malan


Hidden Paradise is a family run off-grid retreat centre nestled in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountain range in the Granada region of Southern Spain. At over 1000 metres above the Mediterranean Sea, there are fantastic views down to the coast & often as far as Morocco as well as panoramic vistas of the exquisite surrounding mountains…

Hidden Paradise comprises a collection of gorgeous hand-crafted structures – stone and wood buildings, treehouses, cob houses and two gorgeous workshop spaces with spectacular panoramic views across the valley.  It’s completely off-grid, with spring water from the mountains – including the showers and two pools!

And, the whole venue will be ours to explore, learn and play in!




All Meals Included:

  • The food is all fresh, local, seasonal, super nutritious and incredibly delicious! It’s all vegetarian, and Hidden Paradise will cater for your dietary requirements (vegan/gluten-free etc.)
  • If you require a vegan diet or have any other special dietary requirements, please write your clear and complete request on the Participant Information & Consent Form here


Additional luxurious nurturing:

  • Sweat it out in a gorgeous hand built traditional wood-fired sauna, which holds up to eight people.
  • Cool off in two swimming pools - both stylishly covered, fed by natural springs and heated by the sun.
  • Enjoy a treatment with one of Hidden Paradise's professional therapists, (Sessions are arranged by Hidden Paradise, with prior notice)


"A huge thank you for an absolutely magical and transformative experience at the Bliss Dance weekend. Your facilitation was absolutely superb, your guidance was wise, the music epic, and your presence loving. I feel like a new person on the other side of it. I'm breathing differently, feeling differently, and relating more openly. Wow. The work you're doing is such a gift. I hope to join for more in the coming months and years."

 ~ Dave Duarte (Director, Eco Tree Company)


"Thank you again for a deeply nurturing and transformative  week, your holding of a safe vessel is immaculate and done with so much grace, ease and love." 

~ Sonja Hindley (HR Director, Wellness Warehouse)

"The retreat was truly wondrous.  I was particularly transformed by the Death Process.  The practice area looked like a tomb with those to die lying down, and that was very powerful.  Death was my beloved.  I saw my ancestors – my father was waiting for me – and all my aunts and uncles and there was such joy to see them again – my dad said I’m here for you and have always been with you.  I felt my soul returning to source in the form of a lotus flower – I dropped into deep rest.  I had the experience of transcending and melting into the lotus flower and all that is.  During the Rebirth the following day I was resting for millennia in the lotus flower – was embodied back into the body in new incarnation.  Lesson:  I have reincarnated many, many times.  The lotus flower is the womb of souls and God is the feminine – she keeps the soul in the flower until time to rebirth again – sometimes there may be a long rest period before the next reincarnation – maybe into another galaxy or universe.  I didn’t experience the body dying – it was more consciousness moving through different perspectives."

~  Dr Nieman (Medical Doctor, Physician)

"The energy in the "temple" was so very sacred and safe.  I now miss the childlike innocence, playfulness, and curiosity amongst all of you.  These are the elements that I take with me after having danced for 8 days!!  Where in the world does one get such a chance on a regular basis?  And to have an able body to move in!  Thank you, Kali, for sharing your pearls of wisdom, coming from deep within yourself, your expertise, your knowledge, and your dancing body! Your passion is contagious! The offering is sound and well-grounded in psychology, mysticism, and sexuality (the Shakti way!) Your music is the heartbeat!  I feel so grateful to be part of this course!..."

~ Milandre (Teacher)

"I have never experienced such profound human connection, love and heartfelt presence before in a space. Such a crystal clear energy where I felt safe, heard, seen and deeply loved. I am forever grateful for the beautiful, mindful and embodied container that Kali and Rhianne, allowing all the participants to openly weave their magic and essence into the space, further amplifying the journey. The daily dances, movement connection exercises and beautifully curated music were so masterfully structured, taking me on a journey that unlocked many aspects, bringing me ever closer to my truth."

~ Robyne Chadwick (Specialised Kinaesiologist)




7 Nights / 8 days in beautiful Spanish-style eco-friendly accommodation equipped for your comfort.

~ Prices include all accommodation, meals & facilitation ~

~Prices are per person (single, sharing or dorm) ~



Option 1: Single - 1 person

Investment: $2,094 // ZAR39,970

*Note: Single Accommodation is FULLY BOOKED


Option 2: Shared - 2 people (2 x singles sharing or couple)

Investment: $1,932 // ZAR36,880


Option 3: Dorm - 4 - 6 people

Investment: $1,824 // ZAR34,820




A non-refundable deposit due by 31 October 2023 is required to secure your place on this retreat

➺ $250 non-refundable deposit to secure your place (payment link for credit card or PayPal)

➺ ZAR5000 non-refundable deposit to secure your place (payment by EFT)

Please email for banking details or payment links




Payment Plans:

You can make a onetime payment or email us to arrange a payment plan over 2 - 6 consecutive monthly instalments.

* Please note: Once you start your payment plan, instalments are consecutive each month until complete

* Please note: Retreat fees are to be paid in full by 1 April 2024.

Please email us at to arrange a payment plan that best serves your needs.




We can receive payment as follows:

Credit Card, PayPal, International Wire Transfer & EFT



Booking Inquiries + Arrangements

Please email




facilitator kali


Lead Facilitator

Kali was irresistibly seduced by Totality Tantra well over a decade ago, and so began her BlissDance training with Dr Shakti Malan, who developed this conscious dance modality as a profound Tantric Movement Practice of Awakening.

Kali subsequently held weekly BlissDance classes in Cape Town along with closed groups, workshops and retreats throughout Southern Africa, the UK, and the Netherlands. She is renowned for her warm welcome to dancers to bring all of themselves onto the dance floor without judgement, and for enabling a deep dropping safely within a well-held, sacred container.

Kali is also a popular DeeJay, respected for her superb music curation specialising in medicine and world music, as well as organic, downtempo dance grooves. Her stage name is DJ Kali ~ the Dancing Dakini.

She dances, and facilitates dance, to keep expanding deeper into truth, love, pleasure, presence, connection and intimacy.

Read more about Kali here

stephen - facilitator


Support Facilitator

A perfectly orchestrated quarter-life ensemble, leading from the turn of the century, introduced Steph to Shakti's tantric teachings, working with her to become a practitioner and BlissDance facilitator. As an invitation into the fullness of embodiment and present moment awareness, conscious movement forms an essential aspect of his personal journey and offering.

"When I first danced BlissDance with Shakti I was able to face the discomfort of the stigma I had created. It was a safe container in which to do that and doing so dissolved the stigma.

I stepped through fears and limiting self beliefs to express myself in ways I had never previously imagined. Through the guidance of BlissDance I became more present and my self confidence blossomed."

Read more about Stephen here



Breathwork Facilitator + Organiser

An avid alchemist and a dedicated dreamer with a depth of knowledge and experience of transforming the mundane into the magical, my personal explorations have led me into working with dreams, as a companion to those busy with their journey of dying, exploring the breath as a thread connecting us directly to source. & processing and ritual with groups in wild nature.

Truth as emptiness and Truth as embodiment – as consciousness expressing in form, in beautiful breathing bodies of love – it is this language of the heart, this feminine language of embodiment & feeling that she is most interested in learning and sharing.

Read more about Rhianne here