Female Sexuality – A Divine Mystery

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Female Sexuality – A Divine Mystery

It is said that Buddha called the Yoni (Sanskrit for vagina) the gateway to Nirvana. Herein lies a deep truth that is little understood in our day. Tantra is the ancient mystical tradition that honours and reveres female sexuality as a gateway to transcendence. The knowledge and practices of this tradition have remained hidden for thousands of years only to be shared with advanced initiates. In our day, however, it has become imperative that this knowledge be known, and that our relationship to female sexuality be restored to its rightful place.

Tantra is a practice that traditionally has been taught by women. The reason for this is profoundly simple. The essential quality of women’s sexuality in its purest form is receptivity, openness, responsiveness and sensitivity. For a human being to become receptive to the mystery of existence, we need to open to this quality in ourselves. If we remain too attached to our identities, goals and ambitions, the seamless fluid oneness of all things passes us by. Through the opening and receptivity of a woman’s Yoni we get to experience in our cells what it means to merge with all that is. For woman, this happens in our own bodies. For man, this happens through woman.

The reality of our sexuality today is that few women are in touch with the authentically feminine quality of sexuality. We know what the media presents as female sexuality, and we know what our male lovers taught us about sex. But a woman’s body works differently from a man’s. Whereas the Lingam (Sanskrit for penis) is designed to be linear and focused in its movement, the Yoni wants to move round, in an undirected, undulating play of pleasure. When a woman allows this relaxed, expansive flow of sexual energy through her Yoni, ripples of sexual energy start to run up her body. This energy is called Kundalini or vital life force.

As a man opens more to the quality of female sexuality, he too relaxes into this rippling flow of sexual energy that courses up the body. While retaining one pointed focus, he surrenders to the flow of bliss through his entire being. Tantric orgasm is a movement of energy through the entire body, and specifically up to the crown of the head. In this deep allowing, we enter Nirvana – stillness and peace beyond words.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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