What Feminine Sexual Essence Is – and How to Awaken It

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What Feminine Sexual Essence Is – and How to Awaken It


In our culture’s stereotype of the sexually alive woman, she is dripping with desire and ready to have sex on tap. But this is not who the true feminine is. Her sexuality is a profound gateway. To enter her sexually, is to come through the veils into the inner temple of love. No one who enters there is left unchanged. She will not entertain any demand for sexual satisfaction or titillation – not by herself, and not by another. When she makes love, she makes LOVE.


How would it be to live in a world where women hold their sexuality sacred in this way?

What would change in this world if sex was an expression and cultivation of love and not lust?

What would be our experience of sex on the planet if women knew what feminine sexual essence is – and lived from it?


I invite you to ponder the implications of these key elements of feminine sexual essence:

She is an expression of love and not of lust She is receptive and not penetrating She is round, flowing and undulating – not straight, direct and driven She exists in pure sensation and beyond thought.


And how does She – this pure, radiant expression of the feminine awaken in our sexuality as women?

Through opening to feel all of life

Through surrendering control and entering an internal river of deep relaxation

Through allowing our sexuality to be an expression of our soul radiance and not just our personality


I would love to share with you in more depth what I have touched upon here. Please join me for a FREE online virtual workshop:

The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Feminine Sexual Essence.




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