Sexual Awakening For Women Ebook

This book takes women on an experiential journey to awaken the deep feminine in our sexuality. The practices, case studies and theory create a systematic journey of releasing the main blocks in the flow of women’s sexual energy. Through the softening, the returning to ourselves and the opening to sensual bliss in our bodies, women awaken to the true nature of our sexual ecstasy.


The Rocky Horror Tantra Book is a deep exploration of Tantric practice and has become a standard work for modern students of tantra. Written by the founder of the Advait Tantra School known for producing remarkable teachers, it describes the path through stories and discourse.

Be warned: This book strongly challenges many popular ideas about love, relationship and spiritual endeavour. It is also powerfully and unashamedly erotic, as is the journey of tantra itself.

Tantra is the roughest, rockiest and unquestionably the most horrible of spiritual paths.
It is not a journey for the faint-hearted, the weak-minded or the emotionally troubled.
It presents serious difficulties even to the heroic. It is as harsh as the Truths of Life themselves.
Just reading about it though, is probably not all that dangerous …
This product includes the ebook (PDF). To order a print copy of the book you can do so at AMAZON


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