The Pathway to Erotic Pleasure

The Pathway to Erotic Pleasure


We live in a world where erotic pleasure has become cheap and shallow. We are conditioned and trained into looking for the fast-high and the tension-release kick that sexual play brings. This game leaves us often wanting for more, or believing that we are never going to be lucky enough to ‘get the goodies’. Eventually, we get disillusioned and either accept that we have to play the game or lose all interest in it.


But behind the game, there is a luminous truth to Eros that we can so easily overlook – or turn towards. The entire movement of life – the flow of rivers, the growth of grasses, the song of birds, the human dance – all of these are expressions of Eros, the great Eros of Life living itself passionately, through birth and death. This great Eros is calling us to surrender into its wild embrace.


You can only move into – and through – the true gate of Eros if you are willing to surrender your self (your story, your idea of who you are and what you have).


Your beloved approaches, erect, and wanting to penetrate you.

Your beloved looks at you in a way that says she is wet and open for you.


What will your answer be? You can go with the world and turn this erotic encounter into another hungry ghost experience of chasing after what you want while trying to hold on to yourself.


Or you can turn towards the Beloved. And say Yes. Let every moment fall into this moment, and disappear. Give yourself without reserve to the passion, the clash, the devouring hunger, the relentless ecstasy of organs engorging, juices dripping, limbs being stretched and faces disappearing. Let the sounds of this attraction emit from your throat in all their untamed, unashamed splendor. Forget who you are. Forget even that you are a human being. Let this moment – this fire – take you.


And then, watch this miracle. Inside your body, every opening, every yes to presence, tenderness and love, start to ripple through your cells and into the depths of you. The portals of grace and pleasure open inside your inner body. The deeper you fall into that, the more layers of pleasure open inside, and this again invites a deeper release, relaxation and giving to the moment of Eros. Pleasure multiplies, moment by moment, reproducing itself into vaster recesses of your inner body space.


When we enter into this stream of Eros, it becomes obvious that there is nothing to hold on to here, no person or experience I can keep and call them ‘mine’. There is just this falling deeper and deeper into endless love. At the same time, it is absolutely imperative that lovers claim each other, and let themselves be claimed. Without that full giving and receiving, the transpersonal blessing of Eros will not be bestowed.


In the giving of oneself to the Beloved in Sacred Union like this, there can be no holding back. It is a full embrace of the reality that you and the beloved have now become one, in body, in heart, in mind. And the only true response to this happening is unreserved abandon.


Even after the lovemaking has ended, listen. Listen to the ripples of pleasure that keep going deeper. When you look into your lover’s eyes, notice  what you are looking into – your very own self, the soul of the world, eternity.

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